Steel Gallery Records with great honor presents: DARK NIGHTMARE, the band’s legendary early years!

Band: Dark Nightmare

Album: The Dark Demo Years

Out: 23rd July 2021

Defenders Of The Borderland HD, (Steel Gallery Records) 2021

Dragonlakes HD, (Steel Gallery Records) 2021

Hawks Of War HD, (Steel Gallery Records) 2021



Steel Gallery Records with great honor presents: DARK NIGHTMARE from Grevena city, Northern Greece: Rising from the Dragonlakes of Pindus Mountains, the mighty warriors of the Greek underground. The band’s legendary early years.

The band’s first three demos for the very first time on one CD, fully remastered, packed with bonus tracks, unreleased photos, lyrics and a complete early years biography.

Without doubt DARK NIGHTMARE is one of the most important active bands of the Greek Epic / Power Metal scene. Their music and their overall attitude are often mentioned as main influences by various bands of our era. Started back in 1999, they released three demos: “Dark Nightmare” (2001), “Earth in Danger” (2003) and “The Blood Land” (2004), all in very small quantities and now impossible to find in their original CD-r format. Throughout those three releases DARK NIGHTMARE evolved their trademark sound, being one of the very first bands from Northern Greece to lead a rising wave of newcomers to the 00s Greek Heavy Metal underground.

It is now time for this legendary material to be reissued officially. Steel Gallery Records team dived into the vaults, giving shape to a release that captures the magic of the band’s early years. The Greek Metal fanatics have been describing “The Blood Land” demo as an “instant classic”, so no more words are needed here.

Kostas Scandalis remastered all the 17 tracks of the CD -including the bonus live tracks which present the band’s raw force on stage-, Kostas Theoharis created the amazing, epic front cover which is based on a real photo of Vourinos mountain (Northern Greece) and Chris Papadakis wrote the liner notes, revealing all the valuable info regarding the band’s first era. Complete lyrics and unreleased photos are included in a 12-page booklet designed by Kostas Athanasoglou.

Get ready for a mighty journey to the dark years of a living legend! The pure Hellenic Heavy Metal spirit will be by your side! Onward to the Dragonlakes!



Track listing:

1. Dragonlakes
2. The Blood Land
3. Defenders Of The Borderland
4. Touch Of Winter (Intro)
5. Hawks Of War
6. Despair And Hope
7. The Quest
8. Procurers
9. Earth In Danger
10. Caught In The Snowly Forest
11. Somewhere Kill A Little Boy
12. Nightmare 13. Come To Reality
14. Destruction Of Nature
15. Despair And Hope (Live)
16. Defenders Of The Borderland (Live)
17. Hawks Of War (Live)

1-3 The Blood Land (Demo CD-R 2004)
4-9 Earth in Danger (Demo CD-R 2003)
10-14 Dark Nightmare (Demo CD-R 2001)
15 Live In Karditsa, Hellas, May 2004
16-17 Live In Athens, Hellas, Jan 2005



Yiannis Papadimitriou: Vocals, Guitars
Jim Printzas: Bass
Dimos Konstantinidis: Drums
George Karagiannis: Keys


Remastered by Kostas Scandalis at Infinity Studio, 2021

Cover Artwork by Kostas Theoharis

Rest Artwork, Layout, Pics Restoration by Kostas Athanasoglou



The Dark Demo Years (Steel Gallery Records, 2021) CD
Tortured Souls (Eat Metal Records, 2016) CD
Despair and Hope (Steel Legacy Records, 2013) 7″ EP
Beneath the Veils of Winter (Iron on Iron Records, 2012) CD
Spirit Nightmares (Steel Gallery Records, 2011) Split DVD
The Human Liberty (Eat Metal Records, 2009) CD
Serpents of the Night (Steel Gallery Records, 2007) Split CDr


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