Steel Gallery Records presents the fourth strike of the Hellenic Metal Force. DARK NIGHTMARE is back with “Beyond The Realms Of Sorrow”

Band: Dark Nightmare

Album: Beyond The Realms Of Sorrow

Out: November 4th 2022



Six long years have passed since the release of “Tortured Souls”, the third full length album by DARK NIGHTMARE, the Epic / Power Metallers from Grevena City, Northern Greece.

Now they are back opening another chapter in their legendary saga: Their new full length album entitled “Beyond The Realms Of Sorrow”.

The spirit of classic Heavy / Power Metal meets the Epic Metal legacy, through a realm of darkly shaded melodies. A one-of-a-kind combination that strikes the perfect balance between inspiration and diversity. The result is the best album that the band has released so far.

This record includes some huge songs like “Timerider” -a US Metal anthem in the vein of RIOT-, “Fighting in a Flow of Time” -an Epic Metal hymn that stands among the band’s classics- and “Hold Me In The Light” -one of the album’s most emotional moments-. A single listen to each and every song of this release is enough to make you realize that DARK NIGHTMARE have taken their songwriting to the very next level, reaching a sky-high top.

From the faster Heavy / Power Metal moments, to the slower epic parts, this album includes first class Heavy Metal for everyone. Heavy Metal that is played with heart and soul by one of the very last bands that keeps the faith alive!


Track listing:
1. Tears From The Sky
2. Hold Me In The Light
3. Timerider
4. Haunted Life
5. The Fields Of Screaming Souls
6. The Pain Of Our Soul
7. Fighting In A Flow Of Time
8. Old Man Tales In The Woods

Yiannis Papadimitriou – Vocals/Guitars
Chris Tolis – Guitars
Nick Michalakakos – Bass
Dimos Konstantinidis – Drums/Percussions
George Karagiannis – Keyboards


All music and lyrics by Yiannis Papadimitriou
Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by George Stournaras at “Infected Studios” (Livadeia and Thessaloniki/GR)
Keyboards recorded by Antonis Hatziparasidis at “Caravan studios” (Grevena/GR)
Kahon and percussions recorded by Antonis Hatziparasidis at “Caravan studios” (Grevena/GR)
Recording period: June 2021 – May 2022

Artwork by Anastasio Karapapazoglou (Kavala/GR April 2020)
Layout and design by Angel Priest
Logo by Nick Tsapalianas
Logo digital editing by Angel Pryest
Pictures by Panagiota Karagiorgou
Executive producer: Kostas Athanasoglou

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