SGR CD-033 | Ⓒ + Ⓟ 2013

Star.gate was formed back in 2003 by Kostas Domenikiotis (bass), Anthimos Manti (guitars), Dimitris Tiktopoulos (vocals) and Sakis Bandis on keyboards with the initial idea being the creation of a project that would in 2004 see the official release of their debut album “Stargate” from Steel Gallery Records. Now, eight years since the original plan, the purpose of this project has been redefined and transformed into a full-on band featuring Dimitris Tiktopoulos (vocals), Anthimos Manti (guitars), Kostas Domenikiotis (bass), Andreas Paraponiaris (keyboards) and Stelios Sioulas (drums). The band’s sophomore album entitled “Reborn” is due in Mai 2013. The group’s style is mainly melodic hard rock with neoclassical leanings.

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