KOSTA VRETO: Skin On Strings

SGR CD-018 | Ⓒ + Ⓟ 2008

“This is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in my life.Amazing player, one of the best I know.” ROB MARCELLO (Danger Danger) “My name is Kostas Anastasiadis. I am a drummer and have performed worldwide. I have performed with Kim Stone, Belly, Jimmy Mahlis, Alex Acunia, Trilok Gurtu, Tim Landers, Brett Garsed, T.J. Hellmerich, Dino Dourand, Tars Lootens, Manhattan Vibes, Andreas Hepp, David Lynch, Doug Webb, Thomas Siffling, Efrain Toro, Carlos Dias, John Depatie, Deborah Mayers, Haig Yazdjian, Theodossi Spassov, Ahmet Misirli, Hanif Khan, Tam Tam d’Afrique, e.t.c I have had the pleasure of performing with Kosta Vreto. I can say without hesitation that Kostas possesses a special talent that must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. Perhaps more importantly, Kosta is a man who responds to life from the heart, shows a lot of compassion for his fellow man, and remains ever helpful to those who desire to know what his music is all about. He represents a rare combination of artist, student of life and music, and teacher, all with a kind, humanitarian demeanor. I highly recommend Kostas to your program, playing opportunity, or teaching position.” KOSTAS ANASTASIADIS “Melody, chops and great feel. Why try something else…..? Kosta Vreto is the real deal.” THEODORE ZIRAS “An excellent, melodic player with a unique touch on the instrument, seamlessly combining the best rhythmic & melodic elements of rock, metal and fusion guitar.” IOANNIS ANASTASSAKIS “Beautiful playing,great writing,rock lives in Greece!!!” KAT DYSON “GREAT guitar playing! Greece is also the land of talented players like you!” FRANCESCO FARRERI

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