IMPLOSION: Lucidity In Quietus

SGR CD-017 | Ⓒ + Ⓟ 2008

Implosion started as a band in 2002. After giving several shows in Thessaloniki, decided to record a demo of 3 songs. At that time band members were the same as now, with Pericles Hamalides as the bass player and Chris Fotiades as the lead singer. In 2006, Pericles left the band due to military obligations, and was replaced by Argiris Tsangalidis. Influences of the band are progressive metal monsters, like Symphony X, Shadow Gallery, Dream Theater and Fates Warning. Band Members are: Tasos Korkovelos – Vocals & Keyboards, Alex Papoulidis – Guitars, Kostas Anagnostou – Drums and Argiris Tsangalidis – Bass. Implosion are currently recording their debut album, with a guest appearance on “Temptation” bass solo by the great Kristoffer Gildenlow (Dial, ex-Pain of Salvation). Due to personal reasons, in 2007 Chris Fotiades left the band so the band’s debut album vocals were recorded by the band’s keyboard player and producer, Tasos Korkovelos. Implosion finally signed a record deal with Steel Gallery records.

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