EQUAL VECTOR: Aspectations

SGR CD-020 | Ⓒ + Ⓟ 2009

Equal Vector is a progressive metal band based in Athens/Greece with influences from artists like: Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Conception, Rush, King Crimson. Formed at October of 2002, the members were Theodore Pegousis (Drums), Mpampis Antonatos (Guitars), John Katsiafliakas (Bass) and Vangelis Kakarougas (Keyboards), they begun as an instrumental progressive band. Late this year the first two songs were written, which were concluded in the first Demo-CD. In March of 2003 one more member joined in. Leonidas Hatzhmichalis, one of the most charismatic singers in Greece, was the singer of Equal Vector. Later while the rehearsals continued, Equal Vector took part in some gigs as the Rock Festival in Lesvos which took place in July of 2003. At April of 2004 they completed the recordings of the second Demo-CD “Chronicle and a Presence” which concluded three songs and they acclaimed the “Demo of the month” title in Hellenic “Metal Hammer” magazine and generally received positive reviews. After the arrival of the new guitarist at September of the same year, Equal Vector prepared for the opening Pain of Salvation’s live in Athens at November of 2004. From 2005 until 2008 Equal Vector were composing new songs, combined with re-recorded older stuff, for their debut album “Aspectations” which was recorded, mixed and mastered at “Subaerial” Studios by Vangelis Kakarougas.

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