Cyclopean Walls is ready to reach our realm! An outstanding album, balancing between European and US Prog Metal of the 90s and 00s!

Band: Cyclopean Walls

Album: Enter the Dreamlands

Out: October 29th 2021

The Doom That Came To Sarnath HD (LABEL’S PROMO VIDEO)

The Dweller In Darkness HD (LABEL’S PROMO VIDEO)



CYCLOPEAN WALLS is an international Progressive Metal project founded back in 2019, in Paris, France, by Greek guitarist Yiannis Tziallas. Back then Yiannis was working on the project’s first songs, composing all the music and recording guitars, bass and keyboards himself. For the vocals he got in touch with Raphael Gazal -from the Colorado based, Progsters LEVIATHAN-, while Sean Lang and Jonas Schütz -both top names on the session drumming world- participated for some preliminary drum tracking.

The result was the EP “Embrace the Mythos” that was released on May 2020, in digital format, including four originals of lyrical and darkly shaded Progressive Metal based on the universe of the mighty H.P. Lovecraft. From the very first listen of this digital EP everyone in Steel Gallery Records was simply left speechless, so we approached Yiannis offering a deal for a complete full length release. This opportunity made Yannis to focus even more on the project. Five new songs were composed, and all the material was orchestrated in order to follow a very specific aesthetic that combines the Prog Metal, the classical and the cinematic vibes of the music. A female singer (Andrea Krux), a saxophonist (Hugo Lee), two more guitarists (Steelianos Amoiridis (ENEMY OF REALITY) & Stelios Anatolitis) and even a string quartet (Esession) were invited to join in and complete specific pieces of the album’s sonic puzzle.

The “Enter the Dreamlands” full length is ready to reach our realm. An outstanding album, balancing between European and US Prog Metal of the 90s and 00s. The classical elements, the dreamy melodies and the amazing vocal performances generate a darkly beautiful musical portrait.

The album was mixed by Yiannis Tziallas and John McRIS at Hell’s Kitchen Studio in Athens and was mastered by Kostas Scandalis (HORIZON’S END, ex-WARDRUM) at Infinity studio, Thessaloniki.

This is a magnificent journey to the land of dreams. Get ready to live it.


1. Polaris
2. Dagon
3. Festival
4. The Rats In The Walls
5. The Doom That Came To Sarnath
6. The Church Of Starry Wisdom
7. Celephais
8. The Dweller In Darkness
9. The Garden

Raphael Gazal – Vocals
Yiannis Tziallas – Guitars, Bass
Jonas Schultz – Drums
Sean Lang – Drums (Track 5)
Hugo Lee – Sax
Andrea Krux – Female Vocals (Track 8)
Esession Strings Quartet – Strings On Polaris

Yiannis Plastiras: Hammond B3 on “Festival”
Steelianos Amirides & Stelios Anatolitis: Guitar solos in “Rats In The Walls”

All music & lyrics written by Yiannis Tziallas
Except: track 1 Fugue composed by Yiannis Plastiras on a theme by Yiannis Tziallas
Tracks 3 and 9, Lyrics by H.P. Lovecraft
Mixed by Yiannis Tziallas & John McRIS @ Hell’s Kitchen Studios
Mastered by Kostas Scandalis @ Infinity Studios, September 2021
Cover Artwork/Layout by Sevi Spanou

Enter The Dreamlands (Steel Gallery Records, 2021)

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