Steel Gallery Records announce the return of the Hellenic Power Metal band SCORCHER!

Band: Scorcher

Album: Systems Of Time

Out: November 19th 2018

NightWatch, (Steel Gallery Records) 2018

Words Like Fire (Lyric Video), (Steel Gallery Records) 2018

Remembrance (2018), (Steel Gallery Records) 2018

Scorcher are pleased to announce the release of their third album entitled “Systems Of Time”. Three years after their second album “Steal The Throne”, Scorcher is back and ready to release a louder, heavier and powerful album with serious technical skill!
Nine heavy/power metal tracks full of speed and power!! Memorable choruses melodic vocals and solos that stick in the head!! A must listen for the fans of traditional metal worldwide.
If you search for NWOBHM and traditional US metal, THIS IS for you!
The album was produced/mixed by Kosta Vreto (Wardrum) at LittleBig Studio and mastered by Kostas Scandalis (ex-Wardrum, ex-Horizon’s End) at Infinity Studio.

1. NightWatch
2. War Terror
3. Shadowing
4. Wired Nature
5. Systems Of Time
6. Words Like Fire (feat. Kosta Vreto (Wardrum) on Solo Guitar)
7. Void
8. In The End
9. Remembrance (feat. Stergios Kourou (Wardrum) on Drums)

Vangelis (Tex) Tekas – Guitars, Vox
Chris Tekas – Bass

Recorded at The Pit Studio, Serres, Greece
February 2018 – May 2018 by Vangelis “Tex” Tekas

Produced by Kosta Vreto and Vangelis “Tex” Tekas
Mixed by Kosta Vreto
Mastered by Kostas Scandalis

Cover Artwork by Vojtech MoonRoot
Photography by Kostas Scandalis
Logo and Layout by Kostas Athanasoglou

Armageddon From The Sky (Steel Gallery Records, 2012) CD
Steal The Throne (Steel Gallery Records, 2015) CD
Systems Of Time (Steel Gallery Records, 2018) CD

Official Web:
Scorcher Bandcamp
Steel Gallery Records
Steel Gallery Records Official YouTube Channel
Scorcher Official YouTube Channel

Steel Gallery Records Just Deal & Is Ready To Release BanDemonic’s 2nd Album

Band: BanDemoniC

Album: Against All Odds

Out: May 28th 2018

Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken (Official Videoclip), (Steel Gallery Records) 2018

It is ‘Zero:Hour’ for “Against All Odds”, BanDemoniC’s 2nd album.
”Steel Gallery Records” announces the release of “Against All Odds” on the 28th of May 2018.
“A.A.O.” includes 10 pure heavy metal songs with strong riffing and powerful vocal melodies.
An excellent suggestion for fans of (US) Heavy/Power Metal!
The recording of the album took place at Noisyland Recordings, Ioannina & Valve Studio, Thessaloniki.
Mixing & Mastering is done by Stratos “Strutter” Karagiannidis (Gus G., Wardrum, W.A.N.T.E.D.) at Valve Studio, Thessaloniki.
Dimitar Nikolov is responsible for the Cover artwork, once again.

01 Against All Odds
02 Zero:Hour
03 Saints & Sinners
04 Of Lies And Shadows
05 Ocean Of Tears
06 Wings Of The Night
07 Infernal Contract
08 Reality Of The Naive
09 Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
10 Far Away
12 Sail To Heaven (Originally on ‘Chains’ EP)
11 Bullet [Live]

George Manthos – Vocals
Erik Karamanis – Guitars
C.A. Chairopoulos – Guitars
Panagiotis Bletsos – Bass
Adrian Kyprianos – Drums

Produced by BanDemoniC
Mixed and Mastered: Strutter @ Valve Studio
Cover: Dimitar Nikolov
Booklet Layout: C.A. Chairopoulos
Band Photos: Themis Giannopoulos (Of Steel & Light Photography)

Chains EP (Self-Released, 2012)
Fires Of Redemption (Steel Gallery Records, 2014)
Against All Odds (Steel Gallery Records, 2018)

Official Web:
Steel Gallery Records Official YouTube Channel
BanDemoniC Official YouTube Channel

Steel Gallery Records has inked a deal with Forbidden Seed! Second album “The Grand Masquerade” out now!

Band: Forbidden Seed

Album: The Grand Masquerade

Out: March 9th 2018

Forbidden Seed are excited to announce the release of their second album entitled: “The Grand Masquerade”. Two years after their debut album “From Sand to Eternity”, Forbidden Seed are ready to release a heavier, darker and more mature album that combines the bands melodic elements with the heaviness of today’s sound. This album is a major step forward from his predecessor both in style and sound that features fourteen new and powerful compositions. “The Grand Masquerade” features guest appearances from the Amazing Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast in Black, ex – Wardrum), Guitar Phenomenon Kosta Vreto (Wardrum, Jaded Star) and the Powerful Sverd T Soth (Among Ruins, Battleroar) and Alexandros Pappandreou (Desert Near The End). The drums have been recorded at Prassein Aloga Studio by Kosta Vreto, all rhythm guitars at Eventide Studio by Constantin Maris, all bass guitars at Groovy Charm by Nik Danielos and all vocals at Eventide Studio by Akis Prasinikas. All lead guitars and re-amps recorded at LittleBig and Wardrum studios by Kosta Vreto. The album was produced/mixed and mastered by Kosta Vreto at LittleBig Studio.  The cover artwork and inlays has been designed by Jim Evgenidis at “Icon Filmworx”.


1. Intro
2. The Grand Masquerade
3. Into Nevermore
4. Labyrinth of Scars
5. Stealer of Dreams
6. The Gathering
7. Dreamspace
8. Crushade
9. Of Wrath and Blood
10. Night of Changes
11. Jester of Light
12. Siege of the Fallen
13. Heretic
14. The Wanderer


Constantin Maris – Vocals & Guitars
George Matikas – Guitars
Nik Danielos – Bass
Kostas Matis – Drums

From Sand to Eternity (Rock of Angels Records, 2015) CD

The Grand Masquerade (Steel Gallery Records, 2018) CD

Official Page:



Steel Gallery Records Deal With AngelMora To Release Their Debut Album

Band: AngelMora
Album: Mask of Treason
Out: December 11th 2017

AngelMora Coming Soon Trailer
Angelmora – Silent Hero HD (Steel Gallery Records) 2017

ANGELMORA is a Power/Heavy Metal band which created by Dyan Mair (Cyanide 4, ex- Dragon’s Lair, Crimson Fire, Dark Nightmare, Tidal Dreams). In July 2014 Dyan along with Johnny, Liam and Alexi started the recordings of their debut full length album “Mask of Treason”. During the recordings had the chance to participate in important Athens festivals such as Wreck Athens Festival, Rock You to Hell Festival and the GBOB (Global Battle of the Bands) competition in which taken the 4th place between 12 estimable bands! The band has delivered 11 tracks of U.S. Power/Heavy Metal culture, having a unique vampire dress Styling, combining classic and modern schemes (Queensryche, Crimson glory, Savatage, Riot, A7X and more). “Mask of Treason” is going to be released by Steel Gallery Records.

1. The Nightmare Just Begun
2. Free Like an Eagle
3. GodFaith
4. Flaming Trial
5. AngelMora
6. Etherial Life
7. Silent Hero
8. Taming the Waves
9. Cloak of Treason
10. Believe in Love
11. 11:11

Dyan Mair – Vocals, Lead Guitars
Johnny Morris – Bass, Backing Vocals
Liam Fox – Drums
Alexi Lacroix – Rhythm Guitars

Produced by Dyan Mair & Stelios Stelth Koslidis
Mixed and Mastered by Stelios Stelth Koslidis at Stelth Studios, Thessaloniki, Greece
All Instruments recorded at Modern Music Studios, Athens, Greece
Sound Engineering by nun (Constantine Theodorou)
Vocals recorded by George Priniotakis at Artracks Studios, Athens, Greece
Cover Artwork by Giorgos Goussis
Photography by Dimitris Marinis
Logo and Layout by Angel Priest

Mask of Treason (Steel Gallery Records, 2017) CD

Official Web:
Email Band:

Steel Gallery Records Sign With Rage Of Romance For 2nd Album

Band: Rage Of Romance

Album: Thunderborn

Out: September 25th 2017

Rage of Romance – A Winter’s Sail (Official Lyric Video)

“Three years after their successful debut, RAGE OF ROMANCE return with their second full length album entitled THUNDERBORN! With Maxi Nil (Jaded Star, ex- Visions Of Atlantis) featuring as guest vocalist, the band has delivered 10 tracks of heavy/power metal, combining modern schemes (Kamelot, Nightwish) and classic metal influences (Blind Guardian, Running Wild). In the album also feature Tery Naso (Μisconception, Windfall) and Kostis Tsiligiris (Wild Souls) in solo guitars, while all drums were played by Nick Tsiligoudis. THUNDERBORN is going to be released once again by Steel Gallery Records.

01. The Burning Sea Of Galilee
02. Heart Of A Mountain
03. Sky Will Burn
04. A Winter’s Sail
05. Fight Fire With Fire
06. Somehow
07. Thunderborn
08. The Deepest Of Dreams
09. Imperiled Love
10. Raintears

Maxi Nil – Guest Vocals
Leonidas Deligiorgis – Guitars
Iraklis Deligiorgis – Bass
Kostas Giannikopoulos – Keyboards

Recorded and mixed by Iraklis Deligiorgis in Haunted Studios, Kavala, Greece
Vocals recorded by Michalis Skarakis in 133 Studios, Athens, Greece
Mastered by Nasos Nomikos in VU Productions Mastering Studio, Athens, Greece
Cover Artwork by Periklis Georgiou (Perix and Christ Photography)

Rage Of Romance (Steel Gallery Records, 2014) CD
Thunderborn (Steel Gallery Records, 2017) CD

Official Web:
Steel Gallery Records Official YouTube Channel

Announcement the new album of the Epic Doom Metal Masters Doomocracy!

Band: Doomocracy

Album: Visions And Creatures Of Imagination

Out: March 2017

“DOOMOCRACY is thrilled to announce the completion of the recording of their new album entitled: “VISIONS AND CREATURES OF IMAGINATION”! After a successful collaboration for their debut album “The End Is Written”, Doomocracy will once again partner up with “Steel Gallery Records”, for the release of “VISIONS AND CREATURES OF IMAGINATION”, in March 2017. The new album is a mature step forward for Doomocracy, featuring eight original compositions of pure Epic Doom greatness. “VISIONS AND CREATURES OF IMAGINATION” will feature former “MEMENTO MORI” keyboardist and classical composer, Miguel Robaina on four songs. All the recordings for the album have been completed. The drums were recorded in “Devasoundz Studios” in Athens Greece, with Fotis Benardo. All other instruments were recorded at “Mad Hat Music Studio” in Heraklion, Crete with the valuable help of Nikos Vogiatzakis. Keyboards were recorded by Miguel Robaina in Tyresö, Sweden DOOMOCRACY, will collaborate with Jim Morris and “Morrisound Recording” (Iced Earth, Death, Crimson Glory), at Tampa Florida, USA, for the Mix and Mastering of “VISIONS AND CREATURES OF IMAGINATION”. The cover artwork has been designed by Sonnet Jean-Philippe at “THREADBARE ARTWORK”.

1. Ghosts Of The Past
2. Lucid Plains Of Ra
3. My Bane
4. One With Pain
5. Guardian Within
6. Visions And Creatures Of Imagination
7. Trinity Of Fates
8. A Taste Of Absinthe

Michael Stavrakakis – Vocals
Angelos Tzanis – Guitar
Harry Dokos – Guitar
Manolis Sx – Bass
Minas Vasilakis – Drums

Recorded, Drums in Devasoundz Studios, Athens, Greece
Bass, Guitars, Vocals in Mad Hat Music Studios, Heraklion, Crete
Keyboards by Miguel Robaina in Tyresö, Sweden
Mixed and mastered by Jim Morris on Morrisound Recording, Tampa, Florida, USA
Cover artwork/Layout by Sonnet Jean-Philippe at “Threadbare Artwork”

The End Is Written (Steel Gallery Records, 2014) CD, LP+DVD
Visions And Creatures Of Imagination (Steel Gallery Records, 2017)

Official Web:
Steel Gallery Records Official YouTube Channel
Doomocracy Official YouTube Channel


Band: Wardrum

Album: Awakening

Out: October 25th 2016



“FINALLY!! The time has come…”Steel Gallery Records” announces the release of WARDRUM’s 4th studio album AWAKENING on the 25th of October 2016. AWAKENING is a pure metal album in the already known technical, yet straight forward music style of the band, with 12 songs that take the band a huge step forward in terms of songwriting and performance. WARDRUM proudly announce their collaboration with “The Grid Studios” and Chris Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY), who took over the mixing and mastering of the album. The album’s artwork and layout is done once again by Piotr Szafraniec.

01 The Unrepentant
02 Right Within Your Heart
03 Let The Flames Grow
04 Virtues Of Humanity
05 Sometimes
06 Medusa
07 Time Is The Enemy
08 On Skies Of Grey
09 Baptised In Fire
10 Shade Of Hope
11 Dreams In The Dark
12 The Awakening

Yannis Papadopoulos – Vocals
Kosta Vreto – Guitars
J. Demian – Guitars
Kostas Scandalis – Bass
Stergios Kourou – Drums

Produced, Mixed and Mastered: Chris Donaldson @ The Grid Studios
Cover/Layout: Piotr Szafraniec
Band Photos: Kostas Scandalis

Spadework (Steel Gallery Records, 2011)
Desolation (Steel Gallery Records, 2012)
Messenger (Steel Gallery Records, 2013)
Awakening (Steel Gallery Records, 2016)

Official Web:
Steel Gallery Records Official YouTube Channel
Wardrum Official YouTube Channel

Steel Gallery Records Deal With False Coda For 2nd Album

Band: False Coda

Album: Secrets And Sins

Out: December 19th 2016

Monolith (feat. Jeff Loomis) (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

“FINALLY! Two years after releasing their first album “Closer to the Edge”, the Greek prog metallers False Coda return their long awaited second full length album ”Secrets and Sins”, with a new vocalist, fresh material and really progressive attitude! Thrilling compositions and no place for a filler song through these 9 awesome tracks. ”Secrets and Sins” takes you on a journey of complex arrangements, crazy solos, odd time signatures, clean melodic vocals, growling vocals….all these tied together with a strong catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head from the first time you listen to it! The album was mixed and mastered by Lambros Kritsimas at Soundgarden studios and the artwork was created by French artist Nihil (Leprous, etc.). The band released a lyric video for the song “Monolith” featuring a mind blowing solo by special guest Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, ex-Nevermore).

01. Throne of Blood
02. Moral Compass
03. New Paradigm
04. Secrets and Sins
05. Flickering Lights
06. Monolith (feat. Jeff Loomis)
07. Moment
08. The Truth Lies
09. California

Stefanos Zafeiropoulos : Vocals
Bill Milios : Guitars
Andreas Milios : Drums
Nikos Pogkas : Bass
Lefteris Kapetanios : Keyboards

Recorded in Prism studios in Athens, Greece
Mixed and mastered by Lambros Kritsimas on Soundgarden Studios in Athens, Greece
Cover: Nihil
Band Photos: Pavlos Mavridis Photography

Closer to the Edge (Steel Gallery Records, 2014)
Secrets and Sins (Steel Gallery Records, 2016)

Official Web:
Steel Gallery Records Official YouTube Channel
False Coda Official YouTube Channel

Star.Gate 3rd album coming soon from Steel Gallery Records

Band: Star.Gate

Album: Longing For Light

Out: 5th September 2016

Album’s Intro:

Some words for the band:
“FINALLY! Greek Melodic Metal masters Star.gate return with their third album “Longing For Light”. Three years after their “Reborn” release Star.gate are back in full action presenting their best record so far. Amazing compositions, melody and passion and absolutely NO fillers in this one! New line featuring the legendary guitarist Sotos Gogos (surely one of the top class musicians from Thessaloniki – Greece) plus the mastermind of legendary Greek Progsters Horizon’s End on keyboards. Yes Sakis Bandis is back in action and his performance on the new Star. gate will blow your mind away. On vocals? You will hear THE voice of John Jeff Touch (ex-Vision). Album’s artwork is done by Caio Caldas and yes it couldn’t be better. If you still in the quest for some exciting music that combines Melodic and Neoclassical Metal, if the performance of excellent musicians really matters to you and if bands like Royal Hunt, Rainbow, Magnum, Rising Force, Talisman. and Ten are on the top of your favourites-list then you NEED this record.

John Jeff Touch: Lead and Backing Vocals
Sotos Gogos: Guitars
Kostas Domenikiotis: Bass
Sakis Bandis: Keyboards
Stelios Sioulas: Drums

01 – Overture
02 – Don’t Lose Your Pride
03 – I Can’t Go On
04 – Crystal Light
05 – Dark Poet
06 – Winter Morning
07 – Answers
08 – Give Me Your Wings
09 – Brave Intro
10 – Brave
11 – Light My Way

Recorded (Vox, Guitar, Bass): WA Record Studios,
Produced, Mixed: John Jeff Touch,
Mastered: Mutant Bit Mastering
Cover: Caio Caldas (Dragonforce, Doro etc)
Layout: Kostas Athanasoglou
Band Photos: Kostas Athanasoglou


Stargate (Steel Gallery Records, 2004)
Reborn (Steel Gallery Records, 2013)
Longing For Light (Steel Gallery Records, 2016)

Steel Gallery Records sign Exile Of Heaven to release 1st album

Band: Exile Of Heaven

Album: The Illusion of Randomity

Out: 5th September 2016


Some words for the band:
“THE TIME HAS COME! Greek Heavy Metallers Exile of Heaven present their long awaited debut album, entitled “The Illusion of Randomity”! After nearly two years of preparations, get ready for an awesome album, full of great compositions, melody, passion and overall epicness! With a 4-man standard line up as a core, the metallers from Kozani bring a fresh, yet familiar, sound to the table, including melodic heavy riffs, beautiful vocal lines and an overwhelming atmosphere. Their lyrics are deep, powerful and emotional and always work on many layers for the listener to discover. The album’s artwork is designed by Mark Eskine and is a state of the art by itself. If you are looking for some exhilarating but also meaningful music that combines Heavy and Power metal elements with full melody into catchy songs, look no further. Exile of Heaven are HERE and they are kicking major ass!

Ilias Kytidis – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Pantelis Gkatziaris – Lead guitars
Anthimos Fliagkas – Bass
Thanasis Pliatsios – Drums

1. Marching for the moon
2. Even Warriors Fall
3. Bloodstorm
4. Sky’s Embrace
5. Path of Heaven
6. Graveyard of Dreams
7. Infernal Maze
8. Candlewish
9. Venomous Stream

Recorded at Vault Studios, Kozani, Hellas
Produced, Mixed and Mastered: Kostas Theoharis
Cover: Mark Eskine (Gravedealer Art)
Layout: Angel Priest
Band Photos: Thanasis Vranos

Official Web:
Steel Gallery Records Official YouTube Channel
Exile Of Heaven YouTube Channel

Steel Gallery Records sign Persona non Grata and presents 3rd album

Band: Persona Non Grata

Album: Confirm your Humanity

Out: 10th March 2016

Album’s Teaser:

Some words from the band:
“We are more than excited to release “Confirm your Humanity” into the world. We started writing new songs long before we got into the studio to record. The worldwide situation, the economical crisis and the wars taking places globally are the main motives for our compositions. Man nowadays should confirm that he is a human toward others … As a band, we’ve never been closer working to our strengths, despite the hard times that have passed. Chris Tsangarides, our producer, made his best to finally give us a solid, natural performance, which what exactly what we wanted.” Mix and produced by Chris Tsangarides – Dover, UK

– In Contrast
– Razor
– Hope
– Memory Lane
– Absent
– Burning Bridges
– Confirm Your Humanity
– Fives 5


Wild Rose – New Album Hellenic Edition with 2 Bonus Tracks!

Band: Wild Rose

Album: 4

Label: Steel Gallery Records

Promotion: C.S.Management & Promotions

Out: 13 May 2016

Promo Video Sampler:


1. Desperate Heart, 2. Love Can Change You, 3. Summer Girl, 4. Time After Time, 5. Love Games, 6. Hot Wired, 7. Save The Night, 8. Broken Hearted, 9. Waiting For You, 10. Don’t Let Me Down, 11. Sleepless Night (Bonus Track), 12. When It Comes To You (Bonus Track).

Wild Rose has been rockin’ for over a decade. The original idea was sprung in 2004 by Andy Rock. A lot of soul-searching was required initially, as it was essential to find a suitable line up to harness the stylish and polished mellow sound of a quality A.O.R. band. Finally, after two years and several line up changes Wild Rose settled on the line up today, introduced to an unsuspecting public back in 2006, with quality songs composed by Andy Rock.

2007 Wild Rose released their first promo single CD entitled “It’s All About Love” which contained the hard hitting title track and “Too Late”, tracks that rapidly became accepted and loved by the A.O.R. audience. During the same period Wild Rose were picked up as support on Talisman’s Farewell Tour in Hellas.

Wild Rose returned in mid 2009 and recorded a 10 track demo CD with tracks written by Andy Rock and Dirty Haris. These songs matured through the rehearsal process and ended up in professionally recorded versions on the band’s debut album “Half Past Midnight” which was finally released on 10 October 2011 on the “Retrospect Records” label and received great results in the A.O.R. specialized press. The band also performed two successful live shows in Athens and Thessaloniki to support “Half Past Midnight” and also participated in “Rosewood Festival” and received a great response and applause from the Hellenic audience. December 2011 and “Half Past Midnight” hits the Best Debut Release / Newcomer of 2011 on Heavy Paradise.

January 2012 and Wild Rose took part at “Brave New Love: A Tribute To Alien” project covering Alien’s well known track “Feel My Love”. March 2012 and Wild Rose performed at “Rosewood Festival II” along with bands like Newman, Work Of Art, Konkurent to name a few, taking rave reviews from the music press. Later on 2012, the band has worked on new songs and recorded their second album “Dangerous” which was released on 22 February 2013 on the “AOR Heaven” label. Wild Rose “Dangerous” receives rave reviews worldwide from the press and in June 2013 hits No.1 on import sales in Japan (BURRN Magazine).

August 2013 and Wild Rose debut album Half Past Midnight hits SOLD OUT of it’s press at “Retrospect Records” label. “CEO Retrospect Records / Sam McCaslin: I’m very happy to announce that the Wild Rose ‘Half Past Midnight ‘ CD is Officially Sold Out. Congratulations guys for being one of the Top Sellers ever in Retrospect’s vast catalog. Great band , great music. Much respect to Andy Rock and crew for a job well done!” March 2014 and Wild Rose sign with “AOR Blvd Records” and are celebrating their Ten Years Of Existence with the release of their third album “Hit ‘N’ Run” along with a tour to support it. October 2014 first single “Through The Night” from the album “Hit ‘N’ Run” hits #1 on Classic Rock Chart Week #40 and weeks #43- #44- #45 / 2014! (Week #40 as first week appearence on the charts) of Melodic Net (Sweden).

February 2015 and Wild Rose’s second album “Dangerous” hits SOLD OUT of it’s press at “AOR Heaven Records” label. March 2015 Wild Rose sign a deal with “Nevermore Production Films LLC” for the track “Too Late” taken from their debut album “Half Past Midnight” to take part as a soundtrack on the upcoming movie “The Barn”. April 2015 George and John Bitzios reunite with the band and Wild Rose release the acoustic version of the track “I Want Your Love” as a single. In the meanwhile Wild Rose start writing and recording new songs for their upcoming fourth album and also complete their “Hit ‘N’ Run Tour” in October with more than 5 successful shows in Hellas taking the applause of the crowds.

November 2015 and Wild Rose sign with “Lions Pride Music” for it’s worldwide release in May 2016; with “Avalon / Marquee Inc.” for it’s Japanese release and also with “Steel Gallery Records” for an exclusive Hellenic Press release. “Wild Rose – 4” has been recorded at EVO Studios, Evosmos, Hellas except drums recorded at Stone House Studio, Evosmos, Hellas between May 2015 and August 2015. “4” was mixed by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground, Vasteras, Sweden and mastered by Dan Backman and Produced by Andy Rock and co-Produced by Wild Rose. December 2015 and the new album was ready and three different front covers were taken care by C.S.M&P Designs for the triple release of it.

“Wild Rose – 4” was critically acclaimed by the press: “Like a glorious page ripped from the book of ‘Consummate 80s American Melodic Rock’, Wild Rose’s fourth release is a monumental achievement that will have fans of Survivor and Night Ranger begging for more. Simply amazing! – Bruce Mee/Fireworks Magazine UK” “A major step up for Wild Rose in every aspect. Much bigger production, terrific performances and above all else – some truly catchy old school AOR songs that will help these guys gain a lot of new fans. – Andrew McNeice/” And the Wild Rose story keeps on rocking’…

Andy Rock – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Additional Keyboards
George Bitzios – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dirty Haris – Keyboards
John Bitzios – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dimos Thomaidis – Drums, Percussion
Panos Barkoutsos – Bass
Chris Siloma – Backing Vocals & Choirs

Produced: Andy Rock
Co-Produced: Wild Rose
Mixed: Pelle Saether
Mastered: Dan Backman
Cover & Layout: C.S.M&P Designs
Artwork Concept: Chris Siloma & Andy Rock
Model: Maria Daravigka
Make Up Artist: Fotini Komianou
Photographer: Aimon Moumouris
Band Photos: Stelio Alevropoulos

Connect with Wild Rose:
Official Website:

Wild Rose Discography:
4 (Studio Album) – 2016
Hit ‘N’ Run (Studio Album) – 2014
Dangerous (Studio Album) – 2013
Half Past Midnight (Studio Album) – 2011
It’s All About Love (Single) – 2007
Edge Of Your Dreams (Demo) – 2005