Steel Gallery Records presents the comeback album “Deny Reality” of legendary Greek Progressive/Power Metallers SORROWFUL WINDS!

Band: Sorrowful Winds

Album: Deny Reality

Out: April 15th 2022




“Deny Reality” is the band’s fourth full length that marks their return seven years after their previous “Non-Aligned” album. Power, melody, complexity and dark atmosphere are the main features of the band’s current sound portrait that is highlighted through an album that will satisfy all those who are still in search for some first class Progressive Metal.

SORROWFUL WINDS was one of the first bands of the 90s Greek Progressive Metal movement with legendary releases like their same titled “Sorrowful Winds” second demo and their “Imminent Arrival” debut album. From the very first days the band has managed to build its own trademark sound, keeping it as their main starting point, they go through a remarkable sonic evolution offering a new delightful piece of musical art. This is Prog Metal of the new age: Technical, theatrical, strange and beautiful: SORROWFUL WINDS are wisely exploring its dark variation.

If you adore the tech-vision of late era of SYMPHONY X, combined with the KING DIAMOND and CANDLEMASS blessings plus lots of PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, SANCTUARY and CRIMSON GLORY, then you should not miss this sonic masterpiece of dark expressionism. SORROWFUL WINDS are back! For good!

Track listing:
01. Deny Reality 5:16
02. Silence In The Morning 4:37
03. Time Pills 6:04
04. To Slay The Last One 6:30
05. Ocean Drown Me 5:53
06. Satan’s Heart 7:56
07. Quite Evil 5:10
08. 3 Years Old 4:23
09. Gone 6:32

Mike I. – Vocals
Thanasis Hatziagapis – Guitars
Tasos Iosifidis – Bass & Keyboards
Kostas Exarchakos – Drums

Lyric video by Gabriel management.
Music composed by Tasos Iosifidis / Thanasis Hatziagapis
Lyrics written by Mike I.
Music arranged and produced by S.W.
Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Dionisis Christodoulatos
at CFN Recordings studio, Athens – Greece
Drums and bass recorded by Diogenes Kyrantzoglou at Piper Studio, Piraeus – Greece
Original drawings and paintings by Konstantinos Tzalalis Art
Album cover artwork by Tasos Iosifidis

The Imminent Arrival (S7 Records, 1999) CD
The Age Of Dreams (NMC Music, 2001) CD
Non-Aligned (Independent, 2014) CDr
Deny Reality (Steel Gallery Records, 2022) CD

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Heavy/Power Metallers FORBIDDEN SEED return with their third full length! A mysterious, dark and enigmatic concept album!

Band: Forbidden Seed

Album: On Blackest Wings, Shadow Of The Crow Pt. I

Out: February 25th 2022

Paths Of The Shadows HD (LABEL’S PROMO VIDEO)

On Feathered Wings HD (LYRIC VIDEO)

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Steel Gallery Records presents the return of Heavy/Power Metallers FORBIDDEN SEED with their third full length: “On Blackest Wings, Shadow Of The Crow Pt. I” (SGR CD-068)!

Heavy/Power Metallers FORBIDDEN SEED return with their third full length: “On Blackest Wings, Shadow Of The Crow Pt. I”: A mysterious, dark and enigmatic concept album that follows the storyline of “The Crow” movie.

Musically the band presents a unique combination of Heavy and Power Metal with symphonic elements, leaving enough space for the heavy sound of today. If you really miss ICED EARTH’s golden mid 90s era (we sure do), you are going to worship this album!

Amazing songwriting, heavier than ever sound and a dark shaded, cinematic atmosphere are the top elements that are shaping this concept release.

Guitarist Kosta Vreto (WARDRUM) not only appears as guest in three tracks of the record, he also arranges all the orchestral and choir parts of the record, together with Sakis Bandis (HORIZON’S END, HAIL SPIRIT NOIR).

The album is produced by Kosta Vreto and the band’s singer and guitarist Constantin Maris, at LittleBig Studio, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Are you ready to follow the path of the shadows? Are you ready to enter the realm of darkness? Clowns, murderers and victims are waiting for you, upon feathered wings!

Track listing:
01 – Awakening
02 – On Feathered Wings
03 – I Am
04 – Murderers Among Us
05 – Clown
06 – Paint Your Face
07 – Victims Aren’t We All
08 – Greed (feat. Dimitris Goutziamanis)
09 – Paths Of The Shadows
10 – Bound
11 – Dancing Shadows (feat. Angelos Gerogiannis)
12 – Beyond The Doors Of Sleep (feat. Ruby Bouzioti)
13 – I Do Care
14 – Death Is Coming
15 – Mother (A Word For God) (feat. Kosta Vreto)
16 – Till Death Do Us Part (Requiem)

Constantin Maris – Vocals & Guitars
Nik Danielos – Bass
Kostas Matis – Drums

From Sand to Eternity (Rock of Angels Records, 2015) CD
The Grand Masquerade (Steel Gallery Records, 2018) CD
On Blackest Wings, Shadow Of The Crow Pt. I (Steel Gallery Records, 2022) CD

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Steel Gallery Records presents “Unbroken Diamond”, the fifth studio album by the Melodic Lyrical Metallers STAR.GATE!

Band: Star.Gate

Album: Unbroken Diamond

Out: January 21st 2022


Christmas Night HD (LABEL’S PROMO VIDEO)



A real shining diamond, that highlights an outstanding mixture of melody and power, under a brand new line up featuring Kostas Domenikiotis on bass, Vassilis Papadopoulos (ex-KONAN) on vocals, Anthimos Manti on guitars, Sakis Bandis (HORIZON’S END) on keyboards and Stergios Kourou (HORIZON’S END, WARDRUM) on drums.

The band’s songwriting is now inclined to new forms of expression. This evolution is possible thanks to the band’s new singer, Vassilis Papadopoulos (ex-KONAN). His warm and powerful voice drives the band’s sound into a new level.

The album is mixed and mastered by Kostas Scandalis (HORIZON’S END, ex-WARDRUM) at Infinity Studios, Thessaloniki, Greece.

If you want to discover a new sonic dimension of epicness, then this is the album for you. The “Unbroken Diamond” is already shining!

01. Unbroken
02. Unbroken Diamond
03. Christmas Night
04. Believe
05. Birth Of A Star
06. Don’t Think About Tomorrow
07. The Tree
08. Sunlight
09. I’ll Wait For You
10. Diamond Dust

Vassilis Papadopoulos: Vocals
Anthimos Manti: Guitars
Kostas Domenikiotis: Bass
Sakis Bandis: Keyboards
Stergios Kourou: Drums

Music: Kostas Domenikiotis
Lyrics: Helen Roumpi/Kostas Domenikiotis
Mixed & Master by Kostas Scandalis at Infinity Studio
Video & Photo by Kostas Athanasoglou
Artwork by Chris Karietis
Layout by Kostas Athanasoglou

Stargate (Steel Gallery Records, 2004)
Reborn (Steel Gallery Records, 2013)
Longing For Light (Steel Gallery Records, 2016)
The Dream (Steel Gallery Records, 2019)
Unbroken Diamond (Steel Gallery Records, 2022)

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Cyclopean Walls is ready to reach our realm! An outstanding album, balancing between European and US Prog Metal of the 90s and 00s!

Band: Cyclopean Walls

Album: Enter the Dreamlands

Out: October 29th 2021

The Doom That Came To Sarnath HD (LABEL’S PROMO VIDEO)

The Dweller In Darkness HD (LABEL’S PROMO VIDEO)



CYCLOPEAN WALLS is an international Progressive Metal project founded back in 2019, in Paris, France, by Greek guitarist Yiannis Tziallas. Back then Yiannis was working on the project’s first songs, composing all the music and recording guitars, bass and keyboards himself. For the vocals he got in touch with Raphael Gazal -from the Colorado based, Progsters LEVIATHAN-, while Sean Lang and Jonas Schütz -both top names on the session drumming world- participated for some preliminary drum tracking.

The result was the EP “Embrace the Mythos” that was released on May 2020, in digital format, including four originals of lyrical and darkly shaded Progressive Metal based on the universe of the mighty H.P. Lovecraft. From the very first listen of this digital EP everyone in Steel Gallery Records was simply left speechless, so we approached Yiannis offering a deal for a complete full length release. This opportunity made Yannis to focus even more on the project. Five new songs were composed, and all the material was orchestrated in order to follow a very specific aesthetic that combines the Prog Metal, the classical and the cinematic vibes of the music. A female singer (Andrea Krux), a saxophonist (Hugo Lee), two more guitarists (Steelianos Amoiridis (ENEMY OF REALITY) & Stelios Anatolitis) and even a string quartet (Esession) were invited to join in and complete specific pieces of the album’s sonic puzzle.

The “Enter the Dreamlands” full length is ready to reach our realm. An outstanding album, balancing between European and US Prog Metal of the 90s and 00s. The classical elements, the dreamy melodies and the amazing vocal performances generate a darkly beautiful musical portrait.

The album was mixed by Yiannis Tziallas and John McRIS at Hell’s Kitchen Studio in Athens and was mastered by Kostas Scandalis (HORIZON’S END, ex-WARDRUM) at Infinity studio, Thessaloniki.

This is a magnificent journey to the land of dreams. Get ready to live it.


1. Polaris
2. Dagon
3. Festival
4. The Rats In The Walls
5. The Doom That Came To Sarnath
6. The Church Of Starry Wisdom
7. Celephais
8. The Dweller In Darkness
9. The Garden

Raphael Gazal – Vocals
Yiannis Tziallas – Guitars, Bass
Jonas Schultz – Drums
Sean Lang – Drums (Track 5)
Hugo Lee – Sax
Andrea Krux – Female Vocals (Track 8)
Esession Strings Quartet – Strings On Polaris

Yiannis Plastiras: Hammond B3 on “Festival”
Steelianos Amirides & Stelios Anatolitis: Guitar solos in “Rats In The Walls”

All music & lyrics written by Yiannis Tziallas
Except: track 1 Fugue composed by Yiannis Plastiras on a theme by Yiannis Tziallas
Tracks 3 and 9, Lyrics by H.P. Lovecraft
Mixed by Yiannis Tziallas & John McRIS @ Hell’s Kitchen Studios
Mastered by Kostas Scandalis @ Infinity Studios, September 2021
Cover Artwork/Layout by Sevi Spanou

Enter The Dreamlands (Steel Gallery Records, 2021)

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Steel Gallery Records with great honor presents: DARK NIGHTMARE, the band’s legendary early years!

Band: Dark Nightmare

Album: The Dark Demo Years

Out: 23rd July 2021

Defenders Of The Borderland HD, (Steel Gallery Records) 2021

Dragonlakes HD, (Steel Gallery Records) 2021

Hawks Of War HD, (Steel Gallery Records) 2021



Steel Gallery Records with great honor presents: DARK NIGHTMARE from Grevena city, Northern Greece: Rising from the Dragonlakes of Pindus Mountains, the mighty warriors of the Greek underground. The band’s legendary early years.

The band’s first three demos for the very first time on one CD, fully remastered, packed with bonus tracks, unreleased photos, lyrics and a complete early years biography.

Without doubt DARK NIGHTMARE is one of the most important active bands of the Greek Epic / Power Metal scene. Their music and their overall attitude are often mentioned as main influences by various bands of our era. Started back in 1999, they released three demos: “Dark Nightmare” (2001), “Earth in Danger” (2003) and “The Blood Land” (2004), all in very small quantities and now impossible to find in their original CD-r format. Throughout those three releases DARK NIGHTMARE evolved their trademark sound, being one of the very first bands from Northern Greece to lead a rising wave of newcomers to the 00s Greek Heavy Metal underground.

It is now time for this legendary material to be reissued officially. Steel Gallery Records team dived into the vaults, giving shape to a release that captures the magic of the band’s early years. The Greek Metal fanatics have been describing “The Blood Land” demo as an “instant classic”, so no more words are needed here.

Kostas Scandalis remastered all the 17 tracks of the CD -including the bonus live tracks which present the band’s raw force on stage-, Kostas Theoharis created the amazing, epic front cover which is based on a real photo of Vourinos mountain (Northern Greece) and Chris Papadakis wrote the liner notes, revealing all the valuable info regarding the band’s first era. Complete lyrics and unreleased photos are included in a 12-page booklet designed by Kostas Athanasoglou.

Get ready for a mighty journey to the dark years of a living legend! The pure Hellenic Heavy Metal spirit will be by your side! Onward to the Dragonlakes!



Track listing:

1. Dragonlakes
2. The Blood Land
3. Defenders Of The Borderland
4. Touch Of Winter (Intro)
5. Hawks Of War
6. Despair And Hope
7. The Quest
8. Procurers
9. Earth In Danger
10. Caught In The Snowly Forest
11. Somewhere Kill A Little Boy
12. Nightmare 13. Come To Reality
14. Destruction Of Nature
15. Despair And Hope (Live)
16. Defenders Of The Borderland (Live)
17. Hawks Of War (Live)

1-3 The Blood Land (Demo CD-R 2004)
4-9 Earth in Danger (Demo CD-R 2003)
10-14 Dark Nightmare (Demo CD-R 2001)
15 Live In Karditsa, Hellas, May 2004
16-17 Live In Athens, Hellas, Jan 2005



Yiannis Papadimitriou: Vocals, Guitars
Jim Printzas: Bass
Dimos Konstantinidis: Drums
George Karagiannis: Keys


Remastered by Kostas Scandalis at Infinity Studio, 2021

Cover Artwork by Kostas Theoharis

Rest Artwork, Layout, Pics Restoration by Kostas Athanasoglou



The Dark Demo Years (Steel Gallery Records, 2021) CD
Tortured Souls (Eat Metal Records, 2016) CD
Despair and Hope (Steel Legacy Records, 2013) 7″ EP
Beneath the Veils of Winter (Iron on Iron Records, 2012) CD
Spirit Nightmares (Steel Gallery Records, 2011) Split DVD
The Human Liberty (Eat Metal Records, 2009) CD
Serpents of the Night (Steel Gallery Records, 2007) Split CDr


Connect with Dark Nightmare:

>Facebook: Dark Nightmare



Connect with Steel Gallery Records:

>Official Website:





Wardrum are back with one of the best albums of 2021!

Band: Wardrum

Album: Mavericks

Out: May 28th 2021






Thessaloniki’s, Hellas Lyrical Power/Prog Metalers strike back! After 5 years, they are back with one of the best albums of 2021!
Wardrum is here delivering 11 outstanding Epic, Heavy, Power, Melodic, Technical Metal songs. Amazing songwriting, fantastic vocals, heavy riffing, brilliant lead guitar parts and progressive drumming are the key features of this top album.

Founded in 2010 in Thessaloniki Greece, Wardrum play their own style of Metal music, by taking the direction they believe Heavy music should have taken, after its golden era. Having also a slightly epic Greek melodic touch, their music has been described as “Greek composer Chatzidakis meets Judas Priest”!

Wardrum have been determined, not only to work hard and keep doing what they love; but with their music and lyrics, to hopefully become a positive influence in the lives of those who want to become better versions of themselves.

They are most well-known for up-tempo songs like “Travel Far Away”, “The Messenger” and “After Forever”, mid-tempo melodic choruses like “Lady Jane Grey” and “Parental”, as well as for more gloomy ones like “Sometimes” and “Skies Of Grey”. Wardrum music has been described as a cross between Heavy Metal and Prog Power, influenced by among others, Riot, Crimson Glory, and Symphony X.

1. Hunt For Survival
2. Best Of Times
3. Mavericks
4. Sands Of Time
5. Rise
6. Broken Pieces
7. Mavro (Ulreh’s Song)
8. No One Believes
9. Raven Days
10. Promised Land
11. Sliver Of Eternity

George Margaritopoulos – Vocals
Kosta Vreto – Guitars
J. Demian – Guitars
Strutter – Bass
Stergios Kourou – Drums

Produced, Mixed: Kosta Vteto @ LittleBig Studios
Mastered: Strutter @ Valve Studios
Cover/Layout: Piotr Szafraniec
Band Photos: Strutter

Spadework (Steel Gallery Records, 2011)
Desolation (Steel Gallery Records, 2012)
Messenger (Steel Gallery Records, 2013)
Awakening (Steel Gallery Records, 2016)
Mavericks (Steel Gallery Records, 2021)

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