AGNOSIA signed a new worldwide contract with STEEL GALLERY RECORDS

We can now officially announce that the Prog Metallers Agnosia has signed a new worldwide contract with Steel Gallery Records concerning their new release that is entitled ‘A Blot on The Landscape’. Both sides were totally satisfied from the co-operation for the band’s highly acclaimed debut cd ‘Trace Decay’ back in 2009.
The mini album that contains six new songs of approximately 30 minute, featuring band’s amazing new singer Takis Nikolakakis (also Psycrence) is set to be released sometime in the late Autumn 2014. Official release date and pre-order opportunities will be announced soon. The first single of the new release is called ‘Noetic Healing’ and it will be out along with a video clip (directed by Domenik Papaemmanouil, Wastefall) next month!

Agnosia is an active member of the Progressive Metal Scene for more than ten years; having shared the stage with many prog metal titans like Fates Warning, Psychotic Waltz, Soul Cages etc. Their previous album (Trace Decay) was in Metal Hammer’s (GR) list concerning the best Greek Metal albums of the decade 2000-2010.

Cover artwork of the new mini-cd (designed by Jen Anastassopoulou –

Trailer of the band’s new video: