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Limited Edition 1000 Handnumbered DCDs (ASR DCD-028)

—ONLY the first 400 of the 1000 hand-numbered copies of this double CD, are packed with a book featuring the band’s official biography full of details, information and photos never before available to the public, provided by William J Tsamis himself.—

Release Date: April 25, 2012

Los Angeles, California, Lyrical / Epic / Power Metal masters WARLORD are represented through a double Anthology CD including the band’s entire back catalogue: The “Deliver Us” Mini-LP from 1983, the “And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun” album from 1984 and the “Rising Out of the Ashes” album from 2002. The bonus material consists of “Mrs. Victoria” track from the Japanese edition of “Deliver Us”, the Out Of Print “Lost And Lonely Days / Aliens 12” single, the “Hands And Feet (Thunderchild’s Farewell)” instrumental from the “Thy Kingdom Come” compilation, plus the “Lost and Lonely Days” track from the Japanese edition of “Rising Out of the Ashes”. Everything is fully re-mastered for the very first time and packed with exclusive artwork, photos, lyrics and info. As all the fans know, WARLORD has influenced the entire Epic & Power Metal genres, so this is an absolute must have.

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