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Syrus, original power metal from San Antonio, Texas was formed in 1984 by AL Berlanga and John Castilleja. Along with Mike Vasquez, Ken Ortiz, and Julio Paz, Syrus became one of the regions top original metal bands. A handful of bands during that time including Watchtower, Wyzard, Karion, Juggernaut, Syrus and Militia (others to be sure) forged what was a dominant power/speed metal scene.
Classic 80’s San Antonio metal band Syrus has now reformed and is kicking ass just like the old days. Stronger than ever, Syrus has re-recorded a CD of their classic material with new vocalist Geoff Dee at the helm. This CD was recorded, mixed, & produced by guitarist Al Berlanga.

For all fans of classic US metal!!
This special edition version has better mastered sound and a never released demo track with original Syrus singer Ray Alder (Fates Warning) on vocals.
Complete with all new graphic design and professional six panel digipack.

1. Blitzkrieg 05:21
2. The Hunt 07:00
3. Unbroken Rhymes 05:08
4. City of the Sky 04:50
5. Thru Knights Eyes 05:10
6. Midnight Chimes 05:10
7. Tales of War 06:34
8. Demonracer 03:11
9. Mirror Mirror 04:54
10. Nightstalker 08:21 (Bonus with Ray Alder (Fates Warning) on vocals)

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