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p+c 2013, Private Release (Indie)

SOUL CAGES is a progressive metal band from Hemer, Germany consisting of Thorsten STAROSKE (vocals, guitar), Joerg NITSCHKE (guitar), Stephan TIGGES (bass), Beate KUHBIER (keyboards) and Knut NITSCHKE (drums).

14 years after their last release, ”Craft”, SOUL CAGES return to discography with their fourth release ”Moon” in August 2013. ”Moon” is self-produced and released by the band’s own label, Soundcage Music. Joerg BODE has replaced TIGGES on bass and played on the album, but since April 2012, long-time partner of the group Ingo VIETEN has taken up the bass duties. The band is promoting the album with several shows.

SOUL CAGES employ twin guitars but they both play different harmonies. This combined with lead and backing vocals lead to untypical melodies. They can be called melodic art rock combined with progressive metal influences. They were approved by the Prog Metal Team and are highly recommended.

FOR FANS OF: Fates Warning, Paynes Gray, Secrecy, Psychotic Waltz, Xerxes!

1. Always Meet Twice
2. Darkness
3. The Moon
4. The Curse
5. Tomorrow
6. Waiting
7. Beautiful
8. Point One (Instrumental)

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