SCRATCH – Before The Rain LP (Black Vinyl)


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SCRATCH from Sweden, made quite an impact back in 1985 with their only official release, the legendary “Metalbreaker / Before the Rain” 7” single. With the passing of the years, the single became extremely rare and often misled for a NWOBHM release, making it almost impossible to find.

After years of searching for the original members, we managed to locate the singer of the band Nic O’Noon who helped us put together a great compilation featuring the 2 classic songs of the single, plus 3 more songs, previously unreleased.

This is the black vinyl edition, which features remastered sound and all the songs transferred at the highest quality from the original master tapes. Comes with story of the band, lyrics to all songs, great 80’s photos and you should expect nothing less than the known high quality of Cult Metal Classics.

One of the most anticipated reissues of 2017. Swedish metal rules! HAIL! Limited to 200 copies.


Side A:

1. Metalbreaker 04:20

2. Before The Rain 02:55

Total side time: 07:15

Side B:

1. Crazy Love 03:54

2. People 02:58

3. Angel Of The Night 03:30

Total side time: 10:22

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