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SABOTAGE were formed in Portland, Oregon featuring Keith Flax on vocals and Kevin James – Guitar, John Hastrich – Guitar, Gary Lee – bass, Rikki Baggett – drums. The band relocated to Hollywood, California in 1987 and they recorded a 3 song session of which this sound extract is taken from. This is the original master tape reel and it gets the usual high quality treatment by VU Productions mastering studio. These three songs will be featured in the upcoming Cult Metal Classics reissue, which is a compilation of all songs that SABOTAGE ever wrote.

Limited to 500 copies.

1. Mental Anguish
2. Need You Tonight
3. Your Eminence
4. Waiting For The Kill (Live)
5. Ammo (Live)
6. Steeler (Live)
7. Mental Anguish (Alternate Version)

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