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Arkeyn Steel Records is reissuing the RUFF JUSTICE – Wings of Desire CD limited to 500 copies. Texas Steel at its best. An out …

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Arkeyn Steel Records is reissuing the RUFF JUSTICE – Wings of Desire CD limited to 500 copies.
Texas Steel at its best. An out of print debut, available again!

Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-084)
Release Date: January 12th, 2024

Official label’s promo clips:
Wings Of Desire HD
Give ’em Hell HD

First review at FORGOTTEN SCROLL webzine

This is the second and final RUFF JUSTICE reissue on our label. It consists of the “Wings of Desire” debut album plus exclusive bonus tracks. It captures the first era of one of the finest Heavy Metal bands from Dallas, Texas, US.

After the reissue of the band’s second “No Justice, No Piece” full length, which included all the studio recordings from the band’s 00s reunion era plus 90s unreleased material as bonus, Arkeyn Steel Records reissues the band’s debut album, adding even more exclusive content.

“Wings of Desire” CD was released by the band on 200 copies back in 1993 and it quickly became an impossible find item. Prior to the debut’s release, the band produced the “Just Us” official bootleg cassette and released it on just 150 copies (1993).

Those two releases actually mark the band’s first period: Lots of live shows, lots of line-up changes and some of the finest melodic Heavy Metal songs that someone could ask for.

The reissue contains the entire “Wings of Desire” full length plus selected songs from the “Just Us” cassette that were restored from the band’s only existing copy. There are also two unreleased songs from the band’s 00s reunion era that have been added on their existing live recorded versions as the band never recorded them in the studio.

Everything has been remastered by Kostas Scandalis at Infinity Studio (Thessaloniki, Greece) for the best possible audio experience.

Chris Papadakis (Forgotten Scroll Zine) wrote the liner notes, focusing on this particular first era of the band, sharing some remarkable and previously unknown information.

The complete lyrics set, lots of never before seen photos from that era are also included. The artwork of the reissue -featuring the original front cover- has been developed by Kostas Athanasoglou.

The reissue of “Wings of Desire” debut of RUFF JUSTICE, completes a project that aims for the presentation of the band’s complete works. Nothing is in the vaults anymore. Everything is brought back to light through the two Arkeyn Steel Records reissues, waiting for you to discover the music of this great band!

Fly to the lands of steel upon the wings of justice! For fans of LEATHERWOLF, FIFTH ANGEL, VIRGIN STEELE, Q5, RIOT & MALICE!

1. Just Us
2. Rock Of Love
3. Fall In Line
4. Mother Freedom
5. Know Where To Run
6. Can’t Get Enough Of You
7. Wings Of Desire
8. Give ’em Hell
9. Wings Of Desire (Live)
10. Trouble In Paradise (Live)
11. Comin’ Home (Live)
12. Can’t Get Enough Of You (Live)
13. Sanctuary (Live)
14. Mother Freedom (Live)
15. Victory (Live)
16. Hold The Fire (Live)

1-8 Wings Of Desire (LP Tape 1993)
9-14 Just Us – Live (Live Tape 1993)
15 Live @Tomcats West, Fort Worth, TX 26th Nov. 2015
16 Live @Gas Monkey, Dallas, TX 5th Mar. 2016

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