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Janne Stark needs no special introduction. Having penned the three volumes of Swedish Hard Rock and Metal Encyclopedia and being active in the music scene of Sweden since the 70’s through various bands (PARADIZE, OVERDRIVE, OVERHEAT, LOCOMOTIVE BREATH, GRAND DESIGN, MOUNTAIN OF POWER etc etc), the reissue of his best 80’s works on vinyl and CD is a reason for every dedicated metalhead to start celebrating.
Reissue on limited vinyl edition, the heavily NWOBHM influenced masterpiece first EP of OVERDRIVE “Reflexions” (originally released in 1981), featuring 5 bonus tracks. Features remastered sound from the original master tapes, detailed band story, lyrics, bonus songs and killer 80’s photos.
Amazing hard rock/heavy metal music, with elements from both British heavy metal and Swedish heavy metal coupled with unique elements that derive from Janne’s rich musical background.
This is major news for any dedicated heavy metal freak, so be prepared for a blast from the past. ETERNAL HAIL!

Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.

Side A:
1. Lady Luck 4:23
2. Girls Will Be Girls 3:47
3. High Infidelity 3:44
4. You (Give Me Hell) 2:37
5. Reflexions 1:14

Side B:
1. Armed And Ready 3:13
2. Delucive Heroes 2:40
3. Music For Pleasure 3:31
4. Sign On The Line 2:53
5. Lost In Time 5:17

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