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MANILLA ROAD – The Courts Of Chaos


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During this time period for Manilla Road, this is their last album to really have any 80’s Thrash influence. This album had some atmospheric keyboards and thrash elements to it. It’s one of their more unique sounding albums, but definitely a progression from their “Out Of The Abyss” album which was basically a full blown off beat Slayer styled Thrash album. This album features their best Epic Metal song “The Book Of Skelos”; it’s an incredible beast of a song with a lot of surprises and direction you might not see coming.

1. Road To Chaos

2. Dig Me No Grave

3. D.O.A.

4. Into The Courts Of Chaos

5. From Beyond

6. A Touch Of Madness

7. (Vlad) The Impaler

8. The Prophecy

9. The Book Of Skelos

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