LEVIATHAN – Leviathan EP/Deepest Secrets Beneath (Remastered) CD


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Colorado-based prog-metal veterans LEVIATHAN have remastered and repackaged their critically acclaimed “Leviathan” EP (1991) and “Deepest Secrets Beneath” album (1993) on a single disc. A previously unreleased instrumental track called “Asylum” — which was originally intended for a bonus import disc from RTN Records — has also been included.

The track listing is as follows:

01. Confidence Not Arrogance
02. Sanctuary
03. The Calling
04. Painful Pursuit of Passion and Purpose
05. Not Always Lost, But Alone
06. The Falling Snow
07. Run Forever
08. Disenchanted Dreams of Conformity
09. Speed Kills
10. Asylum *
11. Fear of Change
12. Degenerating Paradise
13. Two Roads to Nowhere
14. Beast of Burden
15. Leviathan

* previously unreleased

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