KOSTA VRETO: Pictures Of A Broken Heart


SGR CD-028 | Ⓒ Ⓟ 2013 His characteristic nail-picking style, as well as his natural talent and hard work, put Kosta Vreto high on …

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SGR CD-028 | Ⓒ Ⓟ 2013

His characteristic nail-picking style, as well as his natural talent and hard work, put Kosta Vreto high on the list of the up and coming guitar heroes. Almost ready to release his second personal album, Kosta has a pretty busy background that starts since the age of 18. The auditions he’s been through up to now, gave him the guitarists job for legends such as Paul DiAnno, Uli Jon Roth and local heroes like Wardrum, Horizon’s End, Vavel, Long Live that granted a huge experience on live performances and studio recordings. His debut “Skin On Strings” released in 2008, unfolded clearly his compositional abilities along with his already known technical skills and gave him the opportunity to work with/for companies such as Lace Music Products, Telegun Amps, Bulk strings and do some jam/signing sessions for Lace in the Francfurt Musik messe 2008. “Kosta is a great player, but also gets what I’m trying to put across with the more punk and hardcore element. So, he’s easy to work with and hope to do more with him. A great guy as well, not sure about the purple though(inside joke)!” PAUL DIANNO “A great player with all the right ingredients – tone, phrasing, melody, technique. A talented well-rounded player.” RON THAL (Bumblefoot-Guns N’ Roses) ” This is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in my life.Amazing player, one of the best I know.” ROB MARCELLO (Danger Danger) “A great player who masters every style from Metal to Jazz with a great sense for rhythm and melodies” CORVIN BAHN (Gamma Ray, Uli Jon Roth) “Beautiful playing,great writing,rock lives in Greece!!!” KAT DYSON ( Prince ) “Love the technique, but most of all, great feeling” ROLAND GRAPOW (Masterplan) “Great playing. Love the finger technique” PRASHANT ASWANI “I have had the pleasure of performing with Kosta Vreto. I can say without hesitation that Kostas possesses a special talent that must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. Perhaps more importantly, Kosta is a man who responds to life from the heart, shows a lot of compassion for his fellow man, and remains ever helpful to those who desire to know what his music is all about. He represents a rare combination of artist, student of life and music, and teacher, all with a kind, humanitarian demeanor. I highly recommend Kosta to your program, playing opportunity, or teaching position.” KOSTAS ANASTASIADIS

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