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KNIGHT FURY is great US metal from Arizona/Seattle! This is classic metal. Members from LIZZY BORDEN, FIFTH ANGEL, MEGADETH! For all Crimson Glory, Queensryche, Heir Apparent fans!

The Heavy Metal band Knight Fury was created by guitarist Chris Sanders. He joined with fellow musicians and vocalist William King, David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Ken Mary, (Alice Cooper, Impelliteri, Fifth Angel)  to record and deliver the sound of what Knight Fury is.  Knight Fury released their debut “Time to Rock” CD and is available now~!

Sanders is an American rock guitarist and songwriter. Chris Sanders became known amongst Rock and Metal fans all over the world for playing numerous headlining tours in North America and Europe, and playing some of the most notable Festivals on the circuit; Sweden Rock Festival (Sweden) Bang Your Head (Germany) Keep it True (Germany) Kobeta Sonik (Spain) Rocklahoma (USA).

He is also known as the lead guitarist for the heavy-metal band Lizzy Borden 2007-2010 and work with Nadir D’Priest of the 80’s rock band London.   He toured with Lizzy Borden on their U.S./U.K. tours which included billings at some of the largest rock & heavy-metal music festivals.

Sanders joined forces with former London frontman Nadir D’Priest. Critics compared Sanders playing style to the late Randy Rhodes saying “I was reminded of another young guitarist I once had the pleasure of seeing … The guitarist was none other than Randy Rhoads”.

In 2009 Sanders joined other musicians to record with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra inspired Northern Light Orchestra from which he once again worked with David Ellefson and Ken Mary.

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