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FINAL HEIRESS is a band that started back in the mid-80’s in Holland and after disbanding many years ago, they’re back in action since 2012. Collectors and demo hounds are already familiar with them mainly through their classic ’84 demo and the hard to find ’84 single “You’re in my heart”.

After many years, with the assistance of the EMERALD guitar player Paul Van Rijswijk who is also a member of the reunited FINAL HEIRESS, we were able to come to an agreement with the band and offer you all their missing recordings including their unreleased mini album, their demo and of course their classic two song single.

Everything will be available in a deluxe CD will be entitiled “In The Shadows Of Pain” and as usual the CD will come with lyrics, remastered sound, band story and tons of great band photos from the 80’s until now. Fans of 80’s dutch steel should not miss this one!

Limited to 500 copies. 

1. Burning Brains
2. Flags Of Convenience
3. Cry From The Undertow
4. Look Around
5. Mystery
6. The Omen (Version 1)
7. The Omen (Version 2)
8. Twisted By Rules
9. Watchful Parasites
10. You’re In My Heart

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