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Well this is one of the best US Metal albums for the 2011, it is included already in the list of the top albums …

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Well this is one of the best US Metal albums for the 2011, it is included already in the list of the top albums of the year and it is really a difficult task for me to put the album out of my CD player. It is the returning album of the mighty US Metallers Exxplorer. Their return to action is marked with the album “Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse”. Well it is a fact that the band They haven’t lost anything of their magic sound from the old days: The whole 55 minutes on this brand new album represent the band’s melodic, US-styled Power Metal. Well you got to listen to songs like the catchy opener “Gypsy”, the groovy-straight track “Freight Train To Hell” or “Chasing The High” which is one of the best songs of the record, to understand that the band still got the Power to deliver great Steel.

The reunion in the old line-up also brings the spirit of band’s glory days back. In this album, heaviness and melodic is building a strong union! Well I was in an absolute need for some guitars like the one found on “The Vengeance” song, and yes yes we should not forget the vocals…. for those who do not know Lennie Rizzo is back in the band… and he gives some of his best performance full of passion (listen to “As The Crow Flies”).

Some more guitar attack is waiting for you at the “S.N.O.E.” song and it seems that the band have kept some of their best new riffs for the “Valley Of Doom Song”. What follows is the up tempo “Spirits Of The Wind” and the album closes with the “Freight train To Hell” another little anthem that gits the magic touch of the past, one of my favorite pick ups form the record. “Return Of The Cycle” is the bonus track of the European Edition of the record. Some more killer lead themes in here, an absolute killer Exxplorer tune.

I mostly enjoyed this returning album mainly due to the fact that it captures this magic fire that drives the listener back to the glory days of the past (mainly 80s), Exxplorer are screaming loud that they raise the flag of Metal high remaining to the standards that they have set for their own music. The production does justice to the album making sounding a little bit “old school”.

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