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EMERALD – Reckoning Day CD


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Since their 2007 release „Hymns To Steel“, EMERALD have been part of the Pure Steel family. Within this productive collaboration two more excellent albums („Re-Forged“ (2010) and „Unleashed“ (2012)) were released.

The Swiss band has been around for more than 20 years now and is finally ready to present its long-awaited 7th studio album, in a whole new line up.

After the departure of singer Thomas L. Winkler it became really quiet around the band since the long-distance collaboration with the new American singer George Call (Aska, ex-Omen) turned out to be very difficult. After two years, EMERALD and George parted ways as friends. This collaboration still resulted in two songs that are now included on the new album “Reckoning Day” (plus one bonus track on the limited-edition version).

A more than worthy replacement on vocals was finally found in the great Swiss singer Mace Mitchell, who refined the remaining songs with his powerful voice and finally finished the record.

Those who know EMERALD, know what they will get with „Reckoning Day“: Pounding drums, heavy riffs and melodic leads, reinforced with vigorous Power Metal vocals with balls and a transparent but also very powerful production by V.O. Pulver (Gurd, Poltergeist, Destruction).

On the second half of the album, EMERALD integrated a concept called “The Burgundian Wars” which is based on the historical novel “Der Löwe von Burgund” by the band’s keyboarder Thomas Vaucher.

On “Reckoning Day” EMERALD celebrate more than 60 minutes of Heavy Metal in its purest form, which will leave no real fan disappointed. Superb!


1 Only The Reaper Wins

2 Black Pyramid

3 Evolution In Reverse

4 Horns Up

5 Beyond Forever

6 Through The Storm

7 Ridden By Fear

8 Mist Of The Past

9 Trees Full Of Tears

10 Lament Of The Fallen

11 Reckoning Day

12 Reign Of Steel

13 Signum Dei

14 Fading History

Total playtime: 62:08

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