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Arkeyn Steel Records presents DRAGONDEX from Oregon, USA. – Demo 1988 plus unreleased live stuff, for the first time on CD. – A quintessential …

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Arkeyn Steel Records presents DRAGONDEX from Oregon, USA. – Demo 1988 plus unreleased live stuff, for the first time on CD. – A quintessential combination of epic musicianship and progressive intelligence!





Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-069)

Release Date: March 24th, 2023


Official label’s promo clips:

The Troll (Video Edit) HD

Was I Lost? (Video Edit) HD


First review at FORGOTTEN SCROLL webzine


DRAGONDEX was a very special case of a band thanks to their sound that highlighted an almost one of a kind combination of progressive and epic music.

They were founded back in 1985 and in 1988 they produced in just 100 copies their one and only demo tape that included four absolutely perfect songs that let the 80s RUSH vibe to be developed through a mystical, epic musical installment. And those four tunes were just the beginning…

Through the years the band’s sound was evolved into a very special kind of technical, powerful and almost surrealistic Progressive Metal. Songs that can be described as unique pieces of art were presented -and fortunately captured- at the DRAGONDEX live shows. The live versions of those tunes are the only ones existing as the band didn’t return to studio until they split in 1992.

Arkeyn Steel Records team has managed to track down the bassist and founding member Scott Dorris. The goal was to bring back to life the entire DRAGONDEX legacy, not an easy task at all! Lots and lots of sound and video tapes were transferred to digital and a careful selection of the live material was made. A process that brought us in touch with a real treasure: The unreleased songs of DRAGONDEX.

All the music gathered went to the magic hands of Kostas Scandalis at Infinity Studio (Thessaloniki – Greece) for the re-mastering process. The upgraded by Kostas Athanasoglou front cover is based on the original hand drawing of band’s second drummer Mike Peterson. Scott Dorris wrote all the liner notes himself and together with a complete set of photos and lyrics, a very special release is shaped.

This reissue gives everyone the chance to discover the music of a band that was surely ahead of its time. Not only the tracks of the (impossible to be found) demo but all live material is now resurrected as well, saved from oblivion and presented to a new wave of listeners.

DRAGONDEX: A real treasure of Oregon Steel, for the open and brave minds and souls.

For fans of WATCHTOWER (McMaster era), RUSH, TARAMIS & REALM!

1. Feinberg’s Law
2. The Troll
3. Was I Lost?
4. Reality Patio
5. Spanish Caravan (re-revisited)
6. Mental Maze
7. Our Journey w/Drum Solo
8. Protozoa’s Rowboat
9. Mysterious Colours
10. Last Gasp
11. Vikings w/Bass Solo

1-4 Demo 1988
5-11 Live @S.O.S.C. Campus Aug 31st, 1991

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