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Arkeyn Steel Records is back with an amazing US Prog/Power Metal with a serious Epic touch. First class songwriting, complex still magnificent riffing and heavenly vocal melodies! Get ready to face…. the Deeler!


Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-059)

Release Date: October 11th, 2019

Official label’s promo clip: Voice In The Desert HD  


First review at FORGOTTEN SCROLL webzine:


It is time for this Prog Metal jewel to face daylight. Deeler from St. Louis, Missouri USA.

Amazing Prog/Power Metal with a serious, Epic touch. Deeler actually follow the mystical vibe of early Fates Warning, Gargoyle, Mystic Force and Longings Past. Complex yet magnificent riffing, heavenly vocal melodies and fantastic lead guitar parts, all this combined with first class songwriting.

Their two LP tapes from 89 and 94 for the first time on a double CD, remastered from scratch with bonus tracks.

Their debut LP tape “Deeler” was released back in 1989 only in 700 copies. “Awakening In Me”, the second LP tape followed five years later (1994) and only 600 copies were made. The extensive talent, the brilliant ideas and the band’s very special vibe are captured through the music of both releases that were completely sold out and actually disappeared. Until now…

Arkeyn Steel Records presents the complete Deeler catalogue on a double-CD limited to 500 copies, including not only the original releases remastered from scratch but lots of unreleased material as bonus. 20-pages glossy booklet is also included featuring tons of unreleased photos, complete bio and lyrics. A great package that finally does justice to this amazing band!

This is epic, magical Prog/Power Steel. Get ready to face…. the Deeler.


Disc I

  1. The Dreaming
  2. Awakening In Me
  3. Voice In The Desert
  4. T.P.E.
  5. Transgressions
  6. One Small Voice
  7. Wild Cards 2
  8. Darkfall 2022
  9. Alien Veterinarian
  10. R.I.P.
  11. Secret Exodus
  12. Robbery On The High Seas


1-8 Awakening In Me (LP-Tape 1993)

9 Alternate Darkfall Intro

10 Pre-Drum Acoustic Scratch Mix

11 Early Scratch Mix

10-12 From the album “Negotio Infecto” by Joe Weir,

           which is all Deeler songs


Disc II

  1. Back From The Storm/Deeler
  2. Burning Horizons
  3. 227/Jay’s Drum Solo
  4. Persecution!
  5. Take Command
  6. The Pain Of Looking Back
  7. Wild Cards 1
  8. Angel Of Death
  9. Deeler (Original Version)
  10. Ghosts At Creighton Abbey (Live)
  11. The Reaper Of Time (Live)


1-7 Deeler (LP-Tape 1989)

  1. Demo (Early 1987)
  2. Demo (Late 1987)
  3. Live at the Bridgeton Soccer Club, Bridgeton, Missouri.

       Also performing that night: “Mak’er” and “Anacrusis”. 08-29-87

  1. Live at Club 367, St. Louis, Missouri.

       Also performing that night: “Eleventh Commandment” and “Attica”. 03-27-92

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