BLITZKRIEG – The Mists Of Avalon CD


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This is the 4th album of the legendary NWOBHM band BLITZKRIEG, that was originally released on CD in 1998. The original version has long been out of print and nowadays sells for up to three figure prices. So a reissue of this great record was more than necessary given the big fan base of the band.
“This album is the result of a lot of hard work in a very short space of time. It’s good to be working with Glenn again. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Tony J. Liddle the best of luck for the future with his new band.”
Brian Ross, March 1998

Limited to 500 copies.

1. The Legend
2. Tranquil State
3. I Am The Doctor (Who Are You?)
4. Deceiver

5. Princess For The World
6. The Mighty “A” (Instrumental)
7. Smell Of Roses
8. Love’s Too Late
9. Anasazi (Instrumental)
10. Yesterdays (Hope For The Future)
11. Another Interview?
12. Vicious Rumors
13. I Was Having A Great Time And Stayed Longer Than I Should, So When I Got To The Railway Station, The Last Train Had Gone!

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