Wrathskeller was formed in 1985 when Randy Davis approached guitarist Tom Reade after their former bands broke up. When they advertised for other members, they discovered a drummer, Marc Mitchell, living across the street from Tom. Although they were not a complete band at the time, the trio was approached by Darrell Roberts to play a show with his band, Neon Knights. Singer Bryan Cromer and bassist Mike Craft joined Wrathskeller for the show. After that initial show, there were several singers and bass players.
In an effort to find consistent members, the band decided to record a demo and search nationally. Darrell Roberts stood in as bassist for the promo pack, and eventually singer Dan Turner joined the band. The bassist position continued to be revolving.
The band worked on original material, honed their skills, and recorded a new demo. After focusing on original material and creating a catalog of songs, Tom and Dan left the band.
Vocalist Dwight Bowden, guitarist Joel Borchers and bassist Chris Motter joined the band. They recorded a two song demo and played another show.
Randy decided to leave in order to attend The Recording Workshop where he met drummer Dave Corn. While at the school, Randy and Dave recorded a new song with other students.
When they returned from school, the band was renewed with Randy Davis, Dan Turner, Dave Corn, guitarist Grayson Gilbert and bassist Ken . They decided to record a new four song demo at the Recording Workshop. After some time, Dan moved away and the band broke up.
Chris and Joel were playing with Shadowcast and invited Randy to join them.
Currently, Randy, Chris and Dwight are working together on a new project ‘Online Crime’, Joel is playing with ‘Wreckless’ and Dan is playing with ‘World of Why’.

1. Dancing With The Dead
2. Product Of A Sick Mind
3. Red Man’s Magik
4. Witches Hill
5. Dancing With The Dead
6. Mark Of The Vampire
7. The Flying Dutchmen
8. The Seduction
9. Circuits On Fire
10. Eve Of The End
11. Hail To The Heavy
12. Shoot Out The Stars
13. Dancing With The Dead
14. Hell Born On Earth
15. Withes Hill
16. Bleeding Grounds

1-4: Demo 1989
5-8: Demo 1987
9-12: Demo 1986
13-14: Dwight Bowden’s Audition 1988
15: Rhythm Tracks 1989
16: Live 1989

Demo 1986 – Randy Davis – guitar and bass, Tom Reade – guitar and bass, Mark Mitchell – drums, Dan Turner – vocals
Demo 1987 – Dan Turner – vocals, Randy Davis – guitar and bass, Tom Reade – guitar and bass, Marc Mitchell – drums
Demo 1988 – Dwight Bowden – vocals, Randy Davis – guitar, Joel Borchers – guitar, Chris Motter – bass, Marc Mitchell – drums
Demo 1989 – Dan Turner – vocals, Randy Davis – guitar, Grayson Gilbert – guitar, Ron – bass, Dave Corn – drums