My name is Gregory James Tucker, Uncertain Future was born in 1989 I was 19. I came from working as a guitar tech for a rising star band Banshee in Kansas City Missouri. I was a co-writer on the Atlantic Records release “Race Against Time”. I have been building some sort of band and writing original music starting at 14. Uncertain Future is a product of growing up in the 70’s and 80’s in the era of true rock, metal, and progressive metal. Kansas City was thriving with talent.  When UF started to form Marshall Strong and I were friends and writing songs on the side of other projects. I was working on UF he was in a band called Mooncalf. We found Deric Spear playing bass and singing in a band called Hemisphere. Both of their bands were very creative and progressive. I was very blessed to work with them our music came together like it was meant to be. Our first drummer was Troy Roberts he was a great drummer. I put together the first logo for the band, Troy took a canvas and hand painted the logo for our back drop.  We had a practice hall decked out with cool rock style. The band played 5 days a week hundreds of hours, the music became so tight and we have been friends for a lifetime. 1991 the UF “Peace By Piece” demo tape was recorded. The song Uncertain Future was a master piece as well as the rest of the tracks. Color copies just became a useful medium. I designed a unique double fold J card that folded out into a mini poster. We made 250 copies of the demo. We were playing shows with top talent in our circle. We put together “Shock The System” in late 1992. We tried to put all our money into the recording and pressing. Deric and I worked together on the album cover art. I created the rest of the layout, I chose to go with color copy’s for cost. Every CD was cut out, folded, and stuffed by hand. We pressed 500 CDs only. 100 had a secret double side tray card, they all were going to have it but cost hindered that.  The band played industry showcases and high energy shows. Brad Shepard recorded with us on the UF “Shock The System” album. Brad and I grew up and went to school together, he is multi talented also and a great addition to the band. We were poised to run with the big dogs. As we all know when Nirvana hit in 1993 progressive metal was hit also. We tried to tough it out but the market changed. Looking back I would not have changed a thing. Great times and we were there. We were true to our roots. We never got signed but we have made it into the rare metal treasure market.  We would like the Good Lord above for making anything and everything possible. Thank you to our fans worldwide, you are the fuel to our fire. The guys in the band have been very important to me and we all remain friends. If we have anything to say about it you haven’t seen the last of us.

1. The Green
2. Someday
3. Shock The System
4. Paradise And The Nobel Savage
5. Innerpeace
6. Open Windows (Of Opportunity)
7. Victims Of Outrage
8. The Armada
9. Uncertain Future
10. The Visionary
11. Decade
12. In Dreams (We Stand As One)
13. Moments in Time
14. The Ride
15. Consequences
16. Floodgate

Gregory James Tucker: Guitars
Deric Spear: Vocals
Marshall Strong: Bass
Brad Shepard: Drums