What can I say about Kostas and the staff from Arkeyn Steel Records?
They freaking Rock!!
The time, care and quality put into the production of this CD, which exceeds any and all expectations that I possibly could of thought of!
I was amazed, extremely grateful and truly honored in working with Kostas! He really gave me the impression that he has a deep love for all kinds and styles of music and brings it across, somehow, through his interaction with you. Hindsight has shown me his gift of patience and ability to make a crazy old musician/artist feel comfortable enough to trust him with, what more than likely, is or was something they hold truly dear to their hearts.
Especially after so many years on this spinning ball navigating all its hazards and misdirections, trust/belief is not something to be given out easily.
Through this whole endeavor, which has been a somewhat arduous journey, Kostas and Arkeyn Steel have stayed the course! What with me doubting they would want some obscure Southern Oregon band, to struggles with getting the only recordings I have left into proper formats to the whole Covid debacle slowing things to an almost grinding halt, in the projects ability to come to fruition. For this they have my deepest respect for what they do and the quality they put out to the public, coupled with care and tenacity for the artist!
At the time of writing this I am only five days from the release and its really cool to feel that excitement and anticipation similar to, “those days of old when legends told”.

UPDATE: My copies have arrived!!! I’m so stoked and extremely appreciative to Kostas and crew at Arkeyn Steel Records! They’ve been so awesome and now that I see what they have done for Dragondex and the listeners, is, Thank you!
They have done a truly beautiful job with this production in every aspect! These are the kind of people and label that deserves the support from all of us as listeners, especially as lovers of metal!!
So check them out my friends and make sure to purchase your copy of Dragondex, what are you waiting for???
Thank you my friends!
With all Sincerity,
-William Scott Dorris, Bass, Back Vocals, Dragondex-

I must say, the remastered studio tracks exceeded my expectations greatly!
A very heartfelt thank you for all the hard work to make this happened.
I’ve been anticipating that one day, that I would be able to hear our demo as if it was recorded yesterday. Well…it happened!
The actual finished product of the booklet, sleeve and sound is great!
I’m very satisfied with the live tracks as well (giving the material they had to work with) terrific job and greatly appreciated.
Looking forward to hopefully adding more Legioned Marcher tracks to the library in the future.
“WI’BTHA KAGE” (WEEB THAW HAW KAWGAY) Means: “Thank you my friends” In my native language. Ponca tribe of Oklahoma!
-Chris Packhorse, Drums, Legioned Marcher-

Being approached by Kostas and the Arkeyn Steel team was a thrill and an honor. They brought Ether Breather’s music back from obscurity and breathed new life into the tracks we recorded so long ago. Everyone in the band was impressed with the quality of the sound mastering and CD packaging. Old and new fans have expressed their appreciation regarding the complete professionalism of the final product from Arkeyn Steel. Honestly, I don’t see how this could have come out any better. FANTASTIC JOB!!!
-Josh Ribakove, Guitar, Ether Breather-

Words cannot express enough how much the band Safe Haven and I truly appreciate the impeccable job that Kostas Athanasoglou and his staff at Arkeyn Steel Records did on our “Savage Harvest” CD release. This is an absolutely beautiful tribute to our music using our original recordings, artwork, and band photos. The band members and I are completely blown away by the quality of final product-truly amazing!!!
The whole process to bring our CD to fruition was very easy, transferring everything online was a snap.
You can really appreciate Kostas’s love for Heavy Metal and his keen attention to all of the fine details of our band history, and music really stand out in the final product. Kostas and his staff also did an amazing job with remastering our original recordings restoring the sound to their original luster!!! I had and incredible experience through out and I applaud Kostas and Arkeyn Steel Records for the tireless work that they performed for Safe Haven and it’s music! HORNS UP!!!!!!!! A++++!!!

-Chris Allen, Lead Vocalist, Safe Haven-

I was contacted by Kostas in September of 2019 through Facebook. Somehow he found me as had a few others. This always amazed me since Hedstone was basically a Chicago bar band that had one studio recording which appeared on a local compilation album for Silver Fin Records called Chicago Metalworks Battalion 2. We were supposed to receive 50 copies for our participation and a multi-band show at the Gateway Theater in Chicago. We played the show and received exactly ONE copy of the LP. I’m telling this story so you will understand my reluctance when being approached by someone claiming to be from a recording company on the other side of the world.

Kostas wanted nothing from me except his trust that he would try to do something special with our music if we would allow him. So with still a little skepticism but also some optimism, I talked to my brother Scott and we agreed that we really had nothing to lose.

Hedstone had recorded almost all our music in the basement of guitarist Clay Yoksas on his Fostex 4-track cassette recorder.  The only track that was recorded in a professional studio was “Air Raid”, which appeared on the Metalworks album.

I sent Kostas everything I could find; our music, lyrics, photos, buttons, fliers and a biography. He and his production staff turned out a package that we could not believe!

They remastered all the songs and did a fantastic job! The booklet that’s included with the CD is done so professionally. We never dreamed that our music would be represented in a package that we could be so proud of. We finally have all our memories in one awesome package.

We cannot thank Kostas and Arkeyn Steel Records enough for this unbelievable CD package they created. We thank them for keeping Metal alive and reviving the interest in bands like ours who otherwise would never have their music heard around the world. Arkeyn Steel Records is the real deal!!!

-Kurt Slavik, Lead Vocalist, Hedstone-

In all my years of creating music with intent to uplift the hearts of my brothers and sisters on the planet, those who keep Fighting the Good Fight, those who Keep on Trying, who get right back up when the cruelty and unfairness of our world knocks them down, and never giving up on their goals and dreams..

Many of my musician brothers and sisters struggled for untold years to master their instuments to perfection, worked so very hard to progress to a point of creating Magnificent Musical Works of Art, the likes of which the world has never before experienced!

We all know how hard the work has been just to get an inkling of highly deserved respect and love from the very few we have been able to reach,  giving year after year Everything We’ve Got and More!

Eventually we must per force, sacrifice Our Higher Purpose Efforts and join the day to day working world to support our beloved families, that they might all have a shot at happy and productive lives..

We thought it was All Over, nothing but memories of what we believed was Just Around The Corner, that Record Company who Somehow would find us and our excellent Art in the mire and stretch their hand out to us to aid us in uplifting the world.  But No..

When out of Nowhere, from the far away land of the Ancient Philosophers, the Ancesters of those who Created, No, INVENTED Democracy itself, the Odyssey, the Latin language, Athens, the Isle of Patmos, Kostas Athanasoglou, a native of the Beloved Nation of Greece reached out to our rock band WYRED to humbly ask if we were willing to join his record company Steel Gallery Records in a Long Overdue revitlaization of WYRED music, on the company’s subsidiary lable, Arkeyn Steel Records.

Somewhere in this world there WAS someone with a Great Passion for the Wonderful Art of Music, and he has been determined to bring forth those lost or never found Works of Wonder to a world music market of listeners, hungry for the excellent music Steel Gallery through Arkeyn Steel Records work very hard to bring to the world. And ironically, their production work with these Songs Of The Ages are expertly mastered, phenominally packaged, marketed and promoted in the most modern and sophisticated ways possible!  Thank you Kostas Athanasoglou for believing in the Possibilities!

…And Of course these gentlemen are from Wonderful Mysterious and Glorius Greece, and I am Forever Grateful to them..

-Don Crosby, Vocalist, Wyred-

METAL WILL NEVER DIE! Thanks to people like Kostas and Arkeyn Steel/Steel Gallery. We had Z-Lot-Z distribution with them in the 90’s, so when the time came to re-issue the issue the albums, we were happy to do it with them. Kostas was easy to work with and took care that the band was happy with product. His team did a great job with re-mastering and creating a layout that captured the history of the band. We really appreciate it!

-Eric Halpern, Guitar, Z-Lot-Z-

Deeler broke up in late 1994.
For nearly 26 years I kept boxes of old Deeler stuff – flyers, artwork, newsletters, newspaper articles, cassette tapes – because I knew instinctively that one day I was going to be very relieved that I had.

On December 31st, 2018 I was contacted by Kostas Athanasoglou through the Deeler Facebook page. I spent 9 months working with him after that, combing meticulously through those old boxes. I even went to my mother’s house and raided her shelves full of photographs! The crapload of stuff I already had was apparently not enough! Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty skeptical. I spent the whole 3 fourths of a year “waiting for the other shoe to drop”, as they say. Yet I went at it blazing with both barrels, typing up tons of lyrics, submitting different recordings as possible extras to Kostas for his “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. I’m not even kidding, I wrote 3 different versions of the band bio (the briefest one ended up in the booklet). I don’t know, maybe I was crazy, but even through my doubts something told me to keep going.

September came and I was sent the final drafts of the parts of the booklet for my approval. What I saw blew me away! I couldn’t have asked for better! For Arkeyn Steel Records to give the music of a band that broke up decades ago such a royal treatment was just unheard of, and frankly very unexpected! Then the CD was released, and I remember thinking I was never going to hear anything more ever again. Then Kostas started sending me the reviews, and all of them were tremendous! The idea that someone out there saw what I had always seen in the music of Deeler for the first time ever just knocked the breath out of me.

Let me tell you all a little something: the music industry in The United States of America is in very sad shape. While there are one or two acts out of hundreds that are respectable none of them have that spark of coolness that rock stars back in the day had. Where did the swagger go? I guess there’s a good reason that Jimi Hendrix had to go to the UK to get famous. Everything in the music biz here is all about singing and contests, and record companies are stealing from the musicians to the point that they aren’t making enough money and their albums are coming out years and sometimes more years apart. It’s like the evidence that Led Zeppelin once flew their jumbo jet over here and strutted across our stages was wiped away, and now all we have left is mp3’s with no cool artwork (at least not that you can see, it’s so tiny!). I’m going on and on here, but the point is this: the music business is dying here in the land of the free and the home of the prissy pop vocalist. I thank Kostas and Arkeyn Steel Records for showing me though that rock and metal and all of its shredding guitars and its crazy beautiful artwork and its ridiculous swagger is still alive and well on the other side of the world!

When I think of Deeler I see memories both wonderful and terrible. But mostly I see a whole bunch of people who worked very hard for that name. That goes for the musicians and the road crews and the patient partners. The other day when I received the finished CD set in the mail and I witnessed the fruits of my Deeler hoarding habits I felt vindicated for the first time. Together Kostas and his crew and I put together a lasting reward to all those involved with Deeler over the years.

I’ve now spoken to and shared pictures of the set with a bunch of past Deeler folks. On behalf of them all, we couldn’t be more thankful for this wonderful gift!

-Joe “Keeper Of The Flame” Weir, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Deeler-
October 30, 2019

First off I would like to say, this has been one of the coolest things to ever happen.
The staff at Arkeyn Steel Records is top notch. Very professional. Involved in every step of process. In most cases going above and beyond.

Kostas Athanasoglou was a major player in getting this together. Tracking down original tapes from the 1990s. When even I had no idea where they might be.

The remastering job of these was a daunting task I’m sure. But they made them sound GREAT! Hearing them redone was an awesome experience! The quality of the sound, the layout of the disc, and BADASS art work.

I can’t thank you all enough for rereleasing this, it may have rusted away and died if it weren’t for you guys!So again, THANKS! If any of you reading this has the opportunity to do this? DO IT! You will not be disappointed! I would do it all over again!

-John Farley, Guitars, Saint Chaos-

Wow. We never thought there was still interest in this album we made way back when. Kostas and his team did a wonderful job. The layout and booklet are exceptional and the remaster sounds great. We couldn’t have asked for anything better in helping people rediscover this album. Hail!

-Wayne Stokely, Drums, TYR-

Well, what can I say, how f’ing amazing is it that the Latent Fury 1991 demo finally has a proper release (plus several unreleased songs in live form), and the long out-of-print Ion Vein debut album, Beyond Tomorrow, finally sees the light of day again, all on one CD!! We have waited for a long time, and several offers, for the right situation to present itself to release the Latent Fury material, so “hats off” to Kostas and Arkeyn Steel Records for the brilliant idea of combining the releases to showcase the progression from the early beginnings into what ultimately became Ion Vein.

I have known, and worked with, Kostas, over many years in distributing the first two Ion Vein records through Steel Gallery Records, and also Chris through his work at Forgotten Scroll, so I had the utmost trust that their new venture in re-issuing rare and obscure metal releases, Arkeyn Steel Records, would be nothing less than the best care and quality that this album deserved! Needless to say, the entire process of putting this release together was an absolute blast, digging through cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and boxes of old memorabilia, getting proofs of the graphic designs and masters to approve, and ultimately seeing the fabulous quality of the final release was quite an amazing experience!

Arkeyn Steel Records is the real deal, and if Kostas and Chris feel your old material is worth releasing, then it’s worth your heavy consideration to take them up on this venture to take your old masters and turn them into something magical for today….top notch layout, mastering, and support, 100% recommended, you won’t be disappointed!!

-Chris Lotesto, Guitars, Latent Fury/Ion Vein-

How cool to know someone still remembers my group Apocalypse? Kostas has brought me back to life with his remaster edition of our music. To have played most of my life knowing someone appreciates what I’ve created is oh so cool. You folks in Greece are truly amazing. Thank you.

-John Luepnitz, Guitars, Apocalypse-

I received a Facebook message one afternoon, from a name I didn’t recognize. A Greek fellow by the name of Kostas, told me he purchased a demo tape from 1991 and just wanted to know if I was the same “Chuck” listed in the liner notes. After a few friendly messages back-and-forth, he asked if I had any other music available. I told him our band self-produced a full length album, in addition to the five song demo, but it was only ever released on cassette. He asked if I would like to have our music preserved digitally, and what my thoughts were on releasing it through his record company, Arkeyn Steel Records. I was intrigued.
After sharing some examples of his previous work, I was on totally on board.
I mailed him some cassettes and some images, and started digging to find flyers, photos and notes to scan and email. He sent back preliminary images in days, and started remastering the demo and album right away. In no time at all, he was sending me files of our music, sounding better than it ever did!
When I received the final product, I was blown away! I would put his work up against any corporate record company. The packaging is simply amazing, and the sound quality is top notch. The promo video he put together was a nice touch, too.
Just knowing something we took great pride in almost 30 years ago is still out there, getting to new fans worldwide, is simply amazing. Thanks to Kostas and Arkeyn Steel Records for making this happen!

-Chuck McMenamin, Guitars, Mind’s Eye-

One typical morning in the Spring of 2017, I logged into Facebook, and had a message from a man named Kostas Athanasoglou. He told me he owned Steel Gallery and Arkeyn Steel Records, and was interested in re-releasing my band’s 1989 demo album, Forest of Dreams. I’d never interacted with him before. I was, at once, thrilled and skeptical. Many of my friends’ bands had been taken in by offers, and this one seemed too good to be true.

Over the next couple of weeks, I continued correspondence with Kostas, and he won my confidence. He came across as a true fan of the music from that period, the kind of music my band wrote and recorded, but never had been released by a record label. Kostas forwarded me a copy of our contract, and patiently waited while an old friend of mine, a law professor, reviewed it. Without having any legal background, skimming it over greatly allayed my fears. It addressed them all, and I felt relieved when my friend gave me a good report on the contract. I was impressed that he appeared to have anticipated any concerns that a band would have, and addressed them all.

I worked with Kostas over the next few weeks, scanning pictures and sending him an original copy of our demo tape. Arkeyn Steel worked feverishly on the album artwork, re-mastering the tape to digital format, and producing a video for our song, Welcome to New Ideas

My band, Damascus, had discussed working on a re-release, in CD format, of our own, but dismissed the idea as too expensive. What Kostas and the crew at Arkeyn Steel Records did with the material we sent was pure magic! We were blown away when our band got together to open the shipment of brand new Damascus CD’s. The re-mastering of our tape was unbelievable! Kostas Scandalis was the engineer extraordinaire, and understood the importance of powerful bass for our sound. He came through tremendously, bringing the vocals, and all the instruments, to the forefront, capturing our sound perfectly. They somehow managed to turn the 30-year-old pictures I sent them into a beautiful twelve-page glossy insert, complete with album art. Seeing our album cover on a high-quality picture disc CD, complete with the cool Arkeyn Steel Viking-with-battle-axe logo, was an absolute dream come true. I cannot stress enough what a spectacular job they did with the entire project. There is absolutely no way on Earth we could have achieved the same level of quality that Arkeyn Steel produced. Not even close.

Working with Arkeyn Steel Records on the re-release of Forest of Dreams has been one of the best experiences of my life. It was, without a doubt, the highlight of my 2017. The thrill of having our album released by a record label after 28 years has been enduring and incredible, and brought a touch of validation. Kostas is a true fan of the genre. He has a HUGE collection of original recordings of the era, and loves the music with great passion. I appreciate his honesty in dealing with us, and I count him as a true friend. My only regret is that we never recorded our second album, and could work with Arkeyn Steel for another re-release! I’ll have to be content, flying through the forest of my dreams.

-Fred Ruzicka, Lead Vocals, Damascus-

Randy Davis and Wrathskeller want to thank Kostas for supporting this project. Working on this brought back exciting memories of great times and to bring back music that had been sitting for 30 years into an awesome inspiring package is incredible! This has been a pleasure!

-Randy Davis, Guitars, Wrathskeller-

Shadowcast are very grateful to Arkeyn Steel Records for the release of ‘The Premonition’ making a dream come true. The album cover, design and layout are works of art in themselves! We were excited that the radio interview was included as it gave an insight to were we were musically at the time. Many thanks to Kostas Athanasoglou for believing in us!

-Randy Davis, Guitars, Shadowcast-

Kostas, The band members of Alloy Czar and I want to thank you and Arkeyn Steel Records for the excellent work you’ve done on “Awaken the Metal King”. You’ve done an amazing job in the re mastering and packaging of our music and it was about time for this release to finally happen. We hold Arkeyn Steel in our highest regards. Thanks,

-Bob Parduba, Lead Vocals, Alloy Czar-

Getting to know Kostas Athanasoglou and Chris Papadakis over the past couple of years has been amazing. They are both individuals that I wished we would have had in our camp from day one and I would love to have them on any project going forward. They are enthusiastic about what they do and their talent in the production of their product blew the whole band away. After Chris wrote such a wonderful article about Xcel, the band has gained some really great friends. Although Xcel had thought about redoing our album for some time, we were a bit skeptical when approached about it by Arkeyn Steel Records. I would have to say it was mainly because of all the promises the band had been made year after year by other individuals around the world, which never panned out or were legit. I’ll just say this, committing to a release with these guys was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Although Arkeyn Steel has a great sound engineer, Kostas and Chris agreed to let the band oversee the process here in the USA. That alone gained our trust because we were not too keen on just handing our original master away. They were supportive and worked with us throughout the entire project. When we were told we would have a booklet with the pictures/lyrics, and bio with the Deliver This Dream re-release, we were again skeptical at first because we didn’t know what to expect. When we saw the finished product that Kostas has created, our mouths dropped. It is far more professional than the original release ever was and as William Tsamis from Warlord put it, comparable to any product release by a major label. The one difference between Arkeyn Steel and say a major label is this: these guys put their heart and soul into what they do. And the outcome shows it. The band has been treated like royalty and we are honored to be a part of the Arkeyn Steel Records catalog. If you ever have the chance to work with these guys……..take it. Their product speaks for itself and you will get to work with guys as passionate about their product as you are about the music you’ve created as a band. Classy guys with a class act.

-Kevin Cox, Guitars, Xcel-

The Warlord Anthology came as a surprise to me and Mark Zonder.  I thought, “Why would any Warlord fan want an Anthology when they already have all the songs?”  Well, Arkeyn Steel Records (Kostas Athanasoglou and his team) convinced us that there was a demand for such a project including an extensive Biography (limited copies) by Chris Papadakis.  So, I proposed a fantastic art piece given to me by Kostas Tsiakos and gave Arkeyn Steel Records the “go ahead,” not really expecting anything that remarkable.  After all, Warlord is a dinosaur.  Instead, the remastered version I heard from Kostas Scandalis (engineer) all of a sudden brought to life the feeling that I haven’t experienced in years – the old, badly engineered Warlord albums had come to life with a new vibrancy – a phenomenal sound.  Arkeyn  Steel Records was delivering everything to me for my approval and “little by little” they produced a masterpiece Warlord Anthology that Warner Bros. couldn’t dream of.  It is a beautiful 2 CD set with a wonderfully designed Lyric insert and Special Thanks page by Kostas Athanasoglou.  The cover art is a masterpiece incorporating all of Warlord’s history.  The quality of the CD set is as good as any major metal label could produce.  Most importantly, however, is the sound.  The sound of the songs is once again new and refreshing to my ears.  After years and years of not even listening to my older compositions and instead looking on to new horizons, I am once again entrenched in the magic of classic Warlord.  I cannot emphasize enough how carefully and wonderfully this whole Anthology was planned out by Arkeyn Steel Records.  It literally blew me (and others) away.  All I have received is huge compliments from fans.  The craftsmanship from visual to audio (to biography) is impeccable.  As I said, no other major metal label would have treated this project the way Kostas Athanasolglou did.  He cared for it as if were a very, very special release and I thank him profusely for the phenomenal  hard work he put into this project.  I simply can’t imagine how many hours he put into this (with his team at Arkeyn Steel Records) . . . the result – a phenomenal remastering of Warlord’s entire back catalog with excellent visuals, product quality, and sound.  The entire Warlord Anthology in a beautiful double CD set . . . no wonder it sold out.  My special thanks to all involved in giving back to me my music in premium sound and with astonishing visuals.  I am forever indebted.

-William J Tsamis, Guitars, Warlord-

Just got them today! Very nice. Love the layout. Love the sound quality. Couldn’t ask for more. Great job!!! Nice touch with the newspaper article on the inserts!

Everything looks great, thought the artwork was good, mastering was ok.
Anyhow, it’s been a real pleasure, and we’re all real happy that this is out.

All looks great, you really did a good job, we love it man!!

-Spike Audia, Bass, Vocals, Kraken-

I received it. I just want to say thank you so much for all you have done. And thank you for selecting an excellent cover.
Everyone I talk to thinks its fucking awesome! I look forward to meeting you one day and having a drink or 4.

-Richard W. Elliott IV, Vocals, Guitars, Blackkout-

I received the Cd’s just a few minutes ago. They look great! Everything looks beautiful my friend & well done!
I was listening to your version of saharra’s Listen and I do hear a better sound quality on your version.
I am happy that I decided to allow you to release Saharra times because you are very professional and easy to work togther with.
I will always feel comfortable to work with you again if ever you wish to release
something lese such as anything solo of me or other saharra music.
First we did not know you, so we were concerened for the band,
but after long review and seeing that your intensions were great, we will most likely work with you anytime!
I finally read the Saharra bio last evening before I went to sleep. I was surprised to read all new BIO of Saharra.
I do not know how you got so much information about the history.
I myself did not know anything about saharra before I sang for them or anything after I left.
It was very well arranged by you. I am waiting for Nick to call me today to talk about some things.
I will also be mailing out his cd’s as well as to the other members. I was talking to Nick this evening and
he was very pleased to see the cd as he recieved it today from me. He was very impressed with your remaster of this cd!

-Jeff Kimpland, Vocals, Saharra-

The CD is excellent. Thank you so much.
All Blackstorm members are excited about the CD release.

-Greg Sablan, Drums, Blackstorm-

I did indeed and opened the parcel this weekend. The packaging and artwork was really well done
especially considering the small amount of art you had to work with.
The re-mastering sounds great… only so much that can be done to early cassette recordings.
All in all I was very surprised and happy by the final product.

I wanted to let you know that we did receive the discs and they look and sound great!
Thanks again for a good looking and sounding release and I hope all is well with you guys.

I got the CD’s in the mail yesterday…Yeah they look and sound great!!
You did an excellent job!!…I’m really impressed…They turned out better then I thought…Its a great package
I like the logo behind the lyrics. The pics layout very professional. It looks like you spent a lot of time on it.
I think you do great work…I can’t say enough on how much I like them…I hope to work again in the future on another project.

-John “JR3” Remesnik, Guitars, Commandment-

Excellent job, looks good, sounds good, the press release looks good!

I received the CD’s of An Angel’s Tale this week they look great fantastic job!
It has been a pleasure working with you and your company, you guys are top shelve.
The layout looks fantastic great job. The back cover man thats a killer job blending everything together.

-James Shellberg, Guitars, Longings Past-

Mark Champlin (guitarist) showed me today the work that you guys have done and I wanted to thank you.
It brought back a lot of memories.
I was curious, though, how did you come about all of this information and where did you first here our demo?
I don’t think I even have a copy of that music anymore.
The photos you have, I don’t think I ever saw. You guys made everything look great. Again, thank you.
I have directed a couple of our former stage crew members to your site, and they can’t believe it.
Again, I appreciate the work you have done.
-Criss Mayfield, Drums, Omega Point-

I have gotten the CDs and they are great. You did a very good job on them thank you.
To all you would be metalheads who want a professionally done CD or a remastering of
what you have or what you have from the past. My recommendation Arkeyn Steel Records!
I recently did business with Kostas Athanasoglou at Arkeyn Steel Records and although it was hard to remember all I needed to,
it was a very pleasant experience. Kostas was nothing but professional and patient with me,
even with a language barrier. The old cassette I had was magically transformed into something
I thought was truly wonderful, along with others who have seen and herd it.
The sound is better then I thought it could be and the artwork was nothing less then spectacular.
He did exactly what he said he would do and judging form the product result I’m sure he went that extra mile
to make me look and sound better then I could have done myself. If I need any of his talent in the future
I will definitely will call on him to help. He is defiantly a true metalhead superman. Thank you Kostas!
-Jeff Grove – Leal Vocals, Omega Point-

I received the package yesterday.
All I have to say is WOW…I am very impressed with the package.
I never doubted you but you did some incredible work with everything.
It really shows the amount of work and time that you put in this package.
The mastering is great, volume, crisp, clean and excellent evenness from song to song.
The album cover turned out very nice. I like how you used the original logo throughout the package, very classic looking.
Great idea and concept with our photos in the tombstones. Looks very sharp.
You did an amazing job with the bio, history of the band in the booklet…the info is extremely accurate.
Too bad there weren’t more guys like you back in the day to help out young bands with direction.
I send much respect to you and everyone else that works with you!
I sincerely wish you success and great sells with this project.

I listened to the CD and it sounds great and the art work is fantastic. Great job!

-Robert Koehler, Drums, Manifest-

I got the package today and man you guys did a GREAT job two thumbs way up.
The photos and the backgrounds the entire layout is super cool.
I just wanted to let you and all the guys involved know that myself
and the rest of the band really appreciate it.

-James Shellberg, Guitars, Enchanter-

The CD sounds great! The artwork is great too!
The LP’s Are amazing! I love them.

Some famous metalheads said:

“I admire your releases. Keep up the good work.
Have I told you that the BLACKKOUT CD reissue was awesome?
One of my favorite CD reissues from the last 10 years. Great job.”
-Denis Gumbley (Sentinel Steel)-

“Omega Point’s “Infinite Rhyme” are packed with power, emotion and amazing melodies.
A must-have for every fan of thinking man’s Metal!”
-Michael Kohsiek (Sacred Metal/Rock Hard)-

“False Witness is one of the best demos of all time. Power-Progressive-Metal brilliancy.”
-Michael Kohsiek (Sacred Metal/Rock Hard)-