Arkeyn Steel Records brings back to daylight the music of Steel Angel from Bradenton, Florida USA. Their “Inquiete” LP-Tape was released back on 1992 only on a hundred cassette copies for family and friends. By this time the band had already split due to the death of their vocalist Jason Flanders on a car accident. Also included as bonus first unreleased demo from 1990. This masterpiece available first time on CD. Here we got the finest melodic US Power Metal you can imagine, in the vein of Crimson Glory and Heir Apparent, featuring killer vocals and fantastic lead guitar parts. All the songs have been remastered from scratch and will be presented on a great package featuring never before seen photos, detailed interview and info.

Steel Angel was an American Power Metal band from Bradenton, Florida, USA. They had magnificent songs and a line-up consisting of full talented musicians. On their short career, they recorded one demo (back in 1990) and one LP-tape (originally called “Inquiete”, released back in 1992). However, they split up quite fast without completing their mission. There were some facts that really stood in the bands way. Guitarist, Mark “Borgie” Borgmeyer, together with bassist Chuck Reedy tell the band’s story again.   – Ok let’s take a flashback in time! So when and where was the band formed?  Steel Angel, formed in and around Bradenton, Florida (note: some of their members were from Sarasota) in the mid 1980’s, was originally the brain child of childhood friends Jason Loyd Sanders and Rico Antonelli. Jason and Rico decided to split off another local band to do their own thing around 1987.   – Which was the initial line-up of the band and how did you get together? Firstly, an ad for musicians that was answered by drummer Dale Wanting. Soon after a second guitar player was added with Scott Casey. At that point Jason was playing bass and singing because they couldn’t find a singer that fit. At a band’s rehearsal Jason told the rest of the guys that he just wanted to sing and because Jason had become a pretty good singer while making due, they agreed it was the right choice. They didn’t look farther for a bass player because Jason immediately suggested Chuck Reedy, a fan who was coming to their practices to hang out and watch. So the original line-up and founding members included Chuck Reedy (bass), Jason Flanders (vocals), Rico Antonelli (guitar), Scott Casey (guitar) and Dale Wanting (drums).

1. Valley Of The Skulls
2. Eye Of The Storm
3. Steel Angel
4. Dorian Grey
5. Images (Of Self Destruction)
6. Crystal Visions
7. King Of Fools
8. You Can Run
9. Distant Reality
10. What Child Is This?
Bonus Tracks:
11. Steel Angel (Alternate Version)
12. Never Say Never (Demo 1990)
13. Faceless Dreams (Demo 1990)
1-10: “Inquiete” LP-Tape 1992

Jason Flanders – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
Mark Borgmeyer – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Joey Webbe – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Chuck Reedy – Bass Guitar
Rodney Beasley – Drums, Percussion