It was in 1988 that drummer Jay Stueve and guitarist Joel Borchers first set out to form a new progressive metal band in Dayton, Ohio. While the line-up went through a few changes early on, the band finally solidified with the additions of bassist Chris Motter, vocalist Nathan Vai and guitarist Randy Davis. In 1989, the band Shadowcast was born.
Influenced by progressive bands such as Fates Warning and Queensryche, and the thrash bands of the time, Shadowcast began to create their own brand of aggressive, progressive music. Over the next year, the band enjoyed local success, playing gigs at bars, festival and union halls in and around the Dayton area. Their popularity with the local crowd won them airplay and interviews with local radio stations and some victories in local “Battle of the Bands”. Shadowcast used the funds they earned to pay for recording, producing original material and demos. With a catalogue of progressive heavy metal original music and achieving local notoriety, Shadowcast disbanded in 1990 to pursue other projects and personal lives.
Chris, Nathan and Jay joined local band Paragon. Randy joined Theropera, with Hillary Blaze (currently with Judas Priestess) and Joel continued his education and pursued career plans.
Today, Jay has a family. He is currently involved with the recording of his second solo album, Just AfterYesterday, and a new project called Gravity of Anger.
Nathan is a father and works as a detective with the city of Dayton.
Joel enjoys spending time with his family and playing with the band Wreckless. He has also been involved with some cyber writing of new material with Chris.
Randy also has a family, and has stayed active in the local band scene, working with bands Rat Bastard, MugsyCroftshire, and collaborating with Chris and Dwight Bowden Music for a new project, Online Crime.
Chris is now the bassist for San Francisco band Clinchfist, recording with and opening shows for Armored Saint and Exodus, as well as his work with Online Crime.

1. Black Trinity
2. Necropolis
3. Deception Game
4. Prelude
5. Private Reality
6. Word Void
7. Puppets Of Destiny
8. Hell Born On Earth
9. WCWT Interview
1-4 “Demo 1990”, 5-8 “Demo 1989”, 9 “Interview 1989”

Nathan Vai – Vocals
Joel Borchers – Guitar
Randy Davis – Guitar
Jay Stueve – Drums
Chris Motter – Bass