In March of 1991, Nick Proscia, former member of Prophecy (dream28) was looking to get into a serious project. A friend and also former member of Prophecy (dream28) Dave Thomas, was jamming with a drummer, Dean Volaro. Nick got a call to jam with them. Dave, Dean and Nick were soon joined by guitarist Chris Rifkin. Nick had a ton of music as so did Chris. Within two sessions together, the band began collaborating in their styles. A month into their creation, Nick got in touch with an old friend to record a 4 song demo. Need of a singer, the search was easy and ironic. Jeff Kimpland had moved to Long Island to peruse his singing career. Jeff jammed with a friend of Nicks, Will Angeloro. Will mentioned to Jeff about Nick and that he and the project he is in were looking for a serious singer. The meeting between Jeff and Nick happened and both had the same musical interests. Jeff came down to the studio and recorded vocals for Hands across the void, Circles, Fading away, and Piracy.
The next step was to set up local gigs and they also needed a name. One of the recorded jams session got into the hands of Chris Rifkin’s friends. He sent to MCA records with a title that said SAHARAH Music. MCA responded and said they wanted a real recording with a singer and had some interest. So hence the name SAHARRA was born and by that time we had found our frontman Jeff Kimpland. Just before their first show and finished recording, Dave Thomas left the project to peruse other interests. Nicks good friend Dan Weiner was a bass player and quickly filled the slot. The band began playing the local clubs. At this point, Dean Volaro left the project which halted playing out for a bit. Saharra began drummer auditions. The first audition, Jeff Stelmok, and the last. Jeff fit the slot without question. Within a few weeks, Saharra was back playing out and began working on their next recording, Times Forgotten Sands. Dan Weiner left the band. Mike Pusculli played bass on the recording. During this recording, tensions were high. Chris Rifkin left the project to follow other musical interests and a solo career. Eric Zimmerman stepped in to replace Chris but only stayed with Saharra through the recording of Times Forgotten Sands. The agonizing search for a guitarist and bass player began. Eddy Kernz a local bass player came and auditioned and became part of Saharra. After about 28 guitar player auditions, Dennis Fermin stepped into light. Dennis was our missing link. The final line up was complete. Saharra began its journey. Playing all over the New York circuit and began writing new material for their next recording….”The Final Voyage”.
Jeff Kimpland -Saharra-