In the late 1988 somewhere in Baltimore, Maryland Jeff Grove, Troy, Dale and Mike form Immortal Reign. From the first moment appears the need for a second guitarist, so in no time Michael Donahoo becomes a member. Three months later having no official composition Mike, Troy and Dale decide to leave the band in February of 1989. Jeff and Michael continue searching for a new band. They both meet Mark Champlin, the original singer and guitarist of a group that do not have a name yet. The first song that they write as a new band is called Immortal Reign (To Reign…). Soon comes the first loss for the band when Chet leaves them in April of 1991. The same time they pick up Rodney McGlothlin (Bass).  Finally, they decide to leave the name Immortal Reign just before the battle of the bands competition in July of 1991. Without losing their guts, they choose the name Omega Point. In October of 1991 Omega Point enter the Falling Sound Studios in Baltimore, Maryland with producer a young man called Drew Mazurek (at the same studio and the same producer three years later Manifest would write their one and only work “Find A New Place”, another release of Arkeyn Steel Records) and they record the 5 tracks of the demo/EP. The demo tape “Infinite Rhyme” releases in 1500 copies in December of 1991. Lastly, in the late 1993 they enter again the studio to record their first album with 13 tracks, titled the same as their demo “Infinite Rhyme”. Omega Point are in the midst of recording a full length album when the bass player they have at this time, Rodney McGlothlin, leaves. With all they have they try to audition people for almost a year but cannot fill his position properly. The sad is that when the work is completed, someone enters the band’s studio and steals. The worst of all is that who committed the theft was a friend of the band that had access to the band’s account. He takes all the money kept for the recordings of the full album and he disappears! Unfortunately, nothing is found, the thief leaves the state. So, with a ‘no found’ bassist and with a whole Omega Point album being missed, they split up in September of 1994.
We searched through land, fire and ice to discover the forever lost signs of this band and finally we are able to offer you an official and legal re-release of this anthem re-mastered from the scratch at Infinity Studio by Kostas Scandalis and packed with a bunch of first time seen photos and an in depth biography and as usual the artwork is brand new made by Kostas Athanasoglou. We got five tracks in total playing time of 25 minutes, no bonus tracks as the band had never recorded anything else apart from this demo tape, so this will be the first Mini CD by Arkeyn Steel Records. Well, leave to dust the cheap and illegal bootlegs and enjoy the dreamy music of this band finally released the way it deserves.