Darren Godfrey (drums) and Noah King (guitar) met through a mutual friend in 1988, but another year would pass before they came together to make music. They immediately saw in each other the uncompromising partner that both had been searching for. They slowly began to forge the principles and direction of a new band as yet unrealized.    The first talented soul to join this vision (once again recommended by a mutual friend) was Doug St. John. As soon as he began to sing Darren and Noah exchanged excited glances, knowing that they had found the voice to front their fledgling project. And what a voice, strong and true, clear and passionate, a man who could sing far beyond his years. It was a good day.    The Bass player for this particular project? Not so easy….. after trying out many, many bass players they still had no one. It was then that they turned to a young guitar student of Noah’s.     John Freeman had only been playing for a few years, and had only recently decided to switch to bass. What he lacked in ability, he made up for with sheer will, and dedication. It was only a matter of months before he was a complete “monster” on the bass. And his approach and contributions became an enormous part of the “Moriah Sound”.    Thus solidified, the rest is history……    Moriah released their self titled demo in 1990. It was recorded and produced by the members themselves in their practice space.    In 1991 they released “Speak”. This MCD somehow found it’s way around the globe. And is probably why you’re reading this today.    1993 brought the release of “Moriah Live” a stellar showcase of the band at the height of it’s powers.    And in 1994, Moriah recorded the unreleased and untitled “last demo” just before disbanding.