Deep in the bowels of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, the early 1990’s gave birth to a group of dreamers. Inside the brick and cement walls of an old dilapidated building, an aspiring drummer answered the call of Hal Dolliver, Chris Brush, and Gary Goldsmith, a threesome of unique musical axmen who deemed themselves Mercury Rising. Grounded in the footsteps and the influence of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Queensryche, they aspired to create a new sound – not to satisfy the masses, but to do justice to the music, and satisfy their own craving for something just a little more mature; a “thinking man’s metal”, if you will. In the years to come they would discover such bands as Fates Warning and Dream Theater, and pursue their desire to create more complex music accordingly. Beforehand, and in the wake of discovering this new “progressive metal”, Mercury Rising recorded their first 2 songs, “Slowly Killing Me” and “Under A Big Sky” in Falling Sound Studios – the basement of a budding, now well recognized engineer named Drew Mazurek. The 2 song demo featured their original singer Joe Nichols. After acquiring vocalist Clarence Osborne, the band continued writing and soon released a 5 song demo recorded in Oz Studios, again with the irreplaceable talent of Drew Mazurek, simply titled “Mercury Rising”. The help of producer Brad Divens, best known for his membership in the band Wrathchild America, gave the release an additional boost. This 5 song demonstration of a raw, uninhibited love for power metal was soon overshadowed by the release of their first full length CD “Upon Deaf Ears”, but the pure desire and determination of that first demo release was, and always will, remain the anchor of all that was yet to come. With that said, all thanks go out to Kostas Athanasoglou from Arkeyn Steel Records for reviving this release and offering it to those who care to listen. God bless you all.
Jeff Moos, 2010