…Frustrated with the disillusioned corporate bullshit, KRAKEN in early 1982 decided to record their first LP With $5,000.00 from a government grant and another $5,000.00 from Phase One recording studios. Kraken also had another alley to make this LP a reality. It was Lips of Anvil himself. It was a big boost for Kraken. Kraken is doing an Album with Lips. They had toured together for close to a year and really enjoyed the Anvil experience. Lips understood and believed in the KRAKEN dream and it was great having him as their producer, mentor. There was a great vibe and spirit that Lips captured on the two-inch with the help of Joe Premeau. It felt as though the Gods were granting up new life.         We were all pleased with the project. It took us three weeks to record and get a rough mix. We would love to get a hold of the original masters but they were destroyed many years later. Fortunately, Spike had an original tape that was never played and was kept in a very safe place. Transferred to a CD, the quality still sounds great.        From 1984 to 1986 Kraken kept rocking and recording new material. It felt like the KRAKEN was cursed. We had great energy from fans in Europe, North America and even Japan but it failed to be recognized by the record companies. Frustrated Kraken decides to go their separate ways for a while till a fan in Europe took it upon himself to make a limited edition coloured Vinyl Album of the Kraken. It started to appear in Magazines, Metal Festivals and websites. Band members were hearing from hard-core metal fans worldwide via letters and now e-mails. The boys could not believe that a demo tape has created such a buzz on KRAKEN.        Then in 2006, one day Robbo said, “Kleave why don’t you call Spike?” We talked about the old days and how cool it would be if Kraken were put together again. Rome had other commitments and could not participate. Karm & Spike were excited and called Remy Cincinatto, a powerful drummer and pal to join in. Karm also at the time was working with Scott X, a great singer and friend and also asked him to join. The KRAKEN was ready to take flight and record again.       From 2006 to 2009, Kraken have been active in searching for a record company to release/distribute all 3 Kraken CD’s: Kraken Bootleg, Kraken Underground & Kraken I. Kraken has finished recording Kraken II at Powerlines Studio. Mixed, mastered and overdubbed at K.H.O.S. studios. KRAKEN is presently writing, recording new material and doing selective local shows. It’s been 30 years since their un-released debut album and with Kraken III scheduled to record in 2010 THE KRAKEN will be active for years to come…         After so many years Kraken come again for all their fans with a rare release! Arkeyn Steel Records found them and made them a really interesting proposal. They thrilled with the idea, so now you can meet them again inside two different CDs in the limited edition of 1000 copies. The first one contains the 1981’s recording, five live songs of 1981-83 and for bonus the 1980’s demo! In the second one all their metalheads can listen to the record that Kraken did with Lips in 1983. Both of the CDs are digital re-master, with lyrics, bio and many unreleased pics all in 12-pages full color booklets!
Fly Dragon Fly Spike Audia, Karm Kleaver Nov 15, 2009