After so many years Kraken come again for all their fans with a rare release! Arkeyn Steel Records found them and made them a really interesting proposal. They thrilled with the idea, so now you can meet them again inside two different CDs in the limited edition of 1000 copies. The first one contains the 1981’s recording, five live songs of 1981-83 and for bonus the 1980’s demo! In the second one all their metalheads can listen to the record that Kraken did with Lips in 1983. Both of the CDs are digital re-master, with lyrics, bio and many unreleased pics all in 12-pages full color booklets!        In 1975 five years prior to Kraken, the spark began when Karm was inspired after seeing Michael Schenker with UFO. Karm & Rome were neighborhood friends who had a common inspiration & goal to play and write heavy rock music.       Once upon a long time ago as one morning Karm was walking to school discovered an electric guitar (Harmony Stratotone) tossed in the trash in front of a house ready for the disposal truck pickup. Karm excited as seeing it, grabbed it and went straight to Rome’s house. Karm figured out how to wire it into the family record player and used that as an amplifier. Rome had borrowed a set of drums from a friend, and they started to jam without realizing that they both just skipped a whole day of school. They were practicing every day after school and sometimes during school. Rocking, playing copy tunes, writing songs. As their creativity began to sprout, they found themselves looking for other musicians to enjoy their passion and vision.       On the other side of town Spike at 13 was already gigging. Playing and promoting his own band for weekend dances and social events. He played with various local musicians in various bands in many styles. In 1975/76, Spike was studying classical bass via correspondence with the University of Miami Music. Later that year he went on the road with a band called TRUTH for a year and half before his calling with Karm & Rome.       In the spring of 1980 in Toronto, Canada, he and Karm Kleaver, Rome Steeler, & Spike Audia formed Kraken. The band practiced day and night, becoming tighter with each practice. Karm and Rome did most of the singing it those days. One day they heard Spike singing “Tush”, a ZZ Top tune. It was mind blowing, so the rest is history. Throughout early 80’s Kraken was one of a handful of original metal bands touring Ontario & Quebec. Rocking out in Bars, Theatres, Arenas, Festivals, M.C. Private Club Parties. At the beginning due were paid. Long frozen white knuckle driving in the Canadian frozen north were common. Rocking out for hard rock miners they were doing 4 sets a night for 7 days a week. When there was no work they wrote and practiced. That’s all Kraken did, practiced & played shows every day honing their respective talents for a solid 6 years. A Kraken’s performance was a must to see. They had power & conviction in lives or on discs. The band was becoming a name in the metal underground and was doing well. Fans & fancies everywhere were letting Kraken know that they rocked their world.       Kraken felt that it was time, to record their first demo tape at Music Media an eight-track studio. The cost and Spike’s 73 Sunburst Les Paul, 6×10″ VT amp and Karm’s burgundy Gibson SG made them be short on cash. When Spike got back from Italy three trax were recorded, The Kraken, Kill The King, & Executioner. They sent the demo around to the record suites, but alas no bites! In 1981 Kraken snuck into Phase One recording studio with the help of Anvil & Chris Tsangarides and recorded the infamous live off the floor tape. It was to be used as Kraken’s Profile Package for record companies. Kraken almost sealed a deal with Warner, but a week later Warner decided “not to go in that direction”. Frustrated with the disillusioned corporate bullshit….to be continued.
Fly Dragon Fly Spike Audia, Karm Kleaver Nov 15, 2009