This is the “One Small Voice” album with the added bonus of “Two Hearts” (featured only on the original Japanese issue), “The Haunting” (never released before!) and a different version of “Alone Again” that will see the light of day from Terry Gorle’s archives for the very first time!!! But what is the biggest surprise is the extra bonus DVD. Inside the disc you’ll find a live show from 1988 in Riviera clocking in at about 60 minutes! This recently discovered 1988 video footage is the only complete Heir Apparent concert with this legendary line-up. The show took place about 3 months after they recorded the “live in studio” demo that was released by Hellion in 2000 as the Triad CD. It’s the ONLY video with Steve Benito on vocals and it has never ever been released. Audiovisual quality is fantastic and as you will hear Steve’s voice was near always perfect!

DVD tracklist:
Crossing the Border
Just Imagine
Two Hearts
Young Forever
Tomorrow Night
Alone Again
Cry For Rome
The Fifth Season
The Sound of Silence
Another Candle
Keeper of the Reign
We, The People