Dreamstate was born, as are most things, out of a need. In 1992 three musicians were searching for something different. Each were playing in bands and working days at a local musical instrument distributor when they realized the answer was right in from of them.
Initially working on originals and playing those alongside covers from bands such as Racer X, Apocrypha, Helstar, Queensryche and more, Chris Herring, Louis Martinez and Randy Hargis formed Dreamstate and started playing the club circuit in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas.
While Chris Herring’s high vocal range was perfect for the group initially, as things progressed the complex and aggressive instrumental arrangements created the need for a standalone vocalist, and that need was filled by Louis’ brother, Genaro Martinez on lead vocal. With Chris and Louis holding down solid harmonic backing vocals the sound was created…and it was good.
In 1994 Dreamstate released their first and only full length project, “Beyond the Mirrors” which was fairly well received in the USA, but found its best audience overseas. In 1996 Hargis left the group and his position was filled first by John Oca (1996-97; appearing on the local compilation “Six Gun Shootout” with the Dreamstate track “Mind Gallery”) and then lastly after officially changing the name to “Mindgallery” due to a name conflict with another US Act, percussion was handled by member  Rico Gutierrez (1997-2000; featured on the self recorded “Strange Rooms Demo” tracks: “Zero and One”,  “Secrets in the Universe”, and “Strange Rooms”).
Their sound was often viewed as ahead of its time,  and the fact these tracks hold up today and can compete well with many newer bands’ current releases demonstrates that perfectly. Created out of need but bonded by blood, sweat and tears… and it shows.
Ultimately, Dreamstate/Mindgallery disbanded interestingly enough “In 2000” (track 6 on “Beyond the Mirrors”) when the four members moved on to pursue other interests;  Founding member Chris Herring joined legendary hyper technical prog metallers Power of Omens in that same year, and Rico Gutierrez went on to play in numerous popular bands, most notably his current band Generator.

Track Listing:
1. When I Fall
2. Beyond The Mirrors
3. Lies
4. Shadow Dancer
5. Lifestreet
6. In 2000
7. Faces
8. Heroes And Love
9. Mr. Secret
10. Instant Sanity
11. Mind Gallery
12. Zero and One
13. Secrets In The Universe
14. Strange Rooms

1-10 “Beyond The Mirrors” LP-Tape 1994
11 “Mind Gallery” Compilation Track 1996
12-14 “Strange Rooms” Demo 1998

Genaro Martinez – Vocals
Chris Herring – Bass Guitars and Vocals
Randy Hargis – Percussion
Louis Martinez – Guitars and Vocals

Rico Gutierrez – Percussion on bonus tracks: “Zero and One”, “Secrets in the Universe”, and “Strange Rooms”
John Oca – Percussion on bonus track “Mind Gallery”