Dragonsclaw was conceptualised in 2007 by guitarist, Ben Thomas and inspired by the epic compositions and raw technicality of bands such as Symphony X, Adagio and Kamelot. Dragonsclaw remained an idea until Thomas could find a line up of like-minded metal virtuosos to bring his compositions to life. During this time Ben built up a local reputation as an up and coming six-string shredder, playing guitar with Sydney thrash metal band, Paindivision. Thomas was also featured as a guest guitar soloist on the Empires of Eden album’s, “Reborn In Fire” and “Songs Of War And Vengeance”.

New Zealand born vocalist, Giles Lavery, joined Dragonsclaw in 2010. He brings to Dragonsclaw an immense vocal range and a fine ear for catchy choruses and vocal melodies. Giles’ influences run deep in the ether of metal & hard rock music, from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest , Manowar and King Diamond to A.O.R groups such as Survivor, Journey and Foreigner. Lavery fronted NZ metal group, Bloodwych, through the late 90’s and has most recently been singing with the Australian Ronnie James Dio Tribute Show.

Giles’ faithful renditions of Dio classics lead to him being invited to sing on several local and international projects. Lavery has recently recorded with New Zealand metal band, Beltane, on their album, “Auld Toby” and with the Australian traditional metal band, Doomed Beast, which has drawn acclaim from legendary Darkthrone drummer, Fenriz.

Keyboardist, Ray Martens, has a long history in Australian rock and heavy metal having played in bands such as Paindivision, Shock Therapy, Scoundrel and Mr Scary. A reformed Mr Scary supported Danger Danger frontman, Ted Poley on his 2010 Australian Tour. Martens has most recently been playing alongside Giles in the Australian Ronnie James Dio Tribute Show to packed venues and audience acclaim.

The band is rounded out by Ben’s brother, Aaron Bryn Thomas, on bass and orchestration. Aaron recently graduated from the Australian Institute of Music, and runs Llewellyn studios where Dragonsclaw’s debut album “PROPHECY” was tracked.