Every once in awhile a band comes along that demands to be heard. One such band is Damien Black. This band delivers music drenched in power, substance and emotion while still retaining melody ­ something rarely found these days. Damien Black has combined the best ingredients from the wide varieties of heavy metal (classic, power, progressive, thrash) and come up with a sound the offers both bone­crushing music and thought­inspiring lyrics. Damien Black will leave your senses assaulted while delivering hooks that stay with you long after the last note is heard.
Damien Black was formed in Orlando, Florida 1991 and continues to this day. Damien Black built its reputation on the strength of a live show that has been described as “relentless.” Throughout the years, the band’s roster has included members of such bands as Rob Rock, Skrape, Parish and Persian Risk. Today, the core of Damien Black consists of founder, bassist and primary songwriter Scott Mire, guitarist David Gandia and vocalist Michael Caruso, while the rest of the line-up consists of contributing members in locations around the world.
The band’s mission today is the same as the day it was formed: to create powerful, melodic metal that remembers the past while looking towards the future. Damien Black remains single-minded and driven in its purpose of forging a new standard in heavy metal.

1. The Sky Is Falling
2. When Darkness Falls
3. One Night In Babylon
4. Dead Of Winter
5. Pray For Me
6. One Voice
7. Psycho Drama
8. Run With The Night BONUS MATERIAL
9. The Sky Is Falling (Demo)
10. Dead Of Winter (Demo)
11. One Voice (Demo)
12. Psycho Drama (Demo)

David Gandia – Guitar
Michael Caruso – Vocals
Raymond Varner – Drums
Scott Mire – Bass