The Hard Rock Band CRILLSON was formed in Glennallen, Alaska in 1984.

The name CRILLSON was created by founding members: Chris Craig (drums), Dan Miller (guitar) and Todd Wilson (bass) combining parts of their last names. Shortly after we began we asked Steve Heath (guitarist) to join the band. In 1989 we found our singer Jesse Rezendes and current bassist J.R. Dicks in Wasilla, Alaska. There we began writing our first album “Coming of a New Age” and performing all over Alaska. Steve Heath then moved on to other projects. Crillson then went to Surreal Studios in Palmer, Alaska to record “Coming of a New Age”. We went on to become a top rock band in the state of Alaska. While playing at local clubs and arenas promoting our first album we were able to distribute and sell all of the original CDs from the first release. In 2000 we recorded our second album “Mellow To Metal” in Dan Miller’s home studio but it was never officially released.

In 2011 we were contacted by producer and record company owner Kostas Athanasoglou at Arkeyn Steel Records in Greece. It was with his relentless pursuit and deep desire to re-release CRILLSON “Coming of a New Age” CD and combine the songs from our second unreleased album on to one disc. Without Kostas this record would not be possible.

The band is still very tight and when possible we jam and work on new material. New songs are being recorded and new material for our old and new fans will be released soon.