Originating from St. Clair Shores, MI, U.S.A., Letching Grey started out as high school friends back in 1982. Sean Kelly and Derek Lavis had the idea and the name. With everyone just starting out on their instruments, the band practiced relentlessly. As a high school band, there wasn’t much they didn’t achieve, winning their high school battle of the bands, playing bars, playing church festivals, and playing many parties. Letching Grey had made a name for itself. Through the years, the band saw many member changes. Eventually, a stable guitarist would be found with Sam McGee.

In 1992, Sam McGee was searching through a local music newspaper, Jam Rag, to try to find a band to join. He came across an ad that read, “Letching Grey seeks lead guitarist for original melodic speed metal band . . .”. The phone number listed on the ad was Derek Lavis’. Sam called, and Derek told Sam about how Letching Grey’s influences were Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and others. Derek also told Sam that the lead vocalist for Letching Grey was really good. Sam thought, “Hmmm . . . I’ll be the judge of that.” So, Sam drove his car to Derek Lavis’ house in nearby Detroit for an audition soon after. During that audition, Sam was told that he was just one of several guitarists who had recently auditioned for the role of guitarist for Letching Grey. Sam also heard practice-session recordings of “Last Rites” and “Signature Of The Dead” for the first time. He and the band jammed a couple of Black Sabbath songs that they all pretty much knew how to play in order to feel each other out. By the time the audition was wrapping up, both Sam and Letching Grey realized they had a lot in common, and it seemed like a special bond was already forming. The guys walked with Sam out the door to his car, but Sam’s car was gone. Only small pieces of broken glass remained where Sam’s car was once parked. Sam immediately turned his head to look at Derek, who had already dialed “911” for the police and had the phone in his hand with his arm extended near Sam’s face.

The police found Sam’s car three days later, and it took a few weeks for his car to be repaired. Meanwhile, Sam was driving a rental car to not only practice with Letching Grey, but also to frequently hang out, drink beer, watch Detroit Red Wings hockey on television, and go out to local bars to check out other bands with Letching Grey. The guys had become a tight-knit family.

Three years after finding Sam, the band had earned enough money from playing gigs to go into the studio. At this time, the band looked to original Letching Grey bassist, Mark Gastmeier, to take on the bass guitar duties for the record. More rigorous practicing took place to get ready for the recording. After all those years, Letching Grey finally put out their first record, “Seraphim”, which put them on the map in the metal world.


1. Internal Darkness

2. Silent Ritual

3. By The Moonlight

4. Last Rites

5. Signature Of The Dead

6. Bloodthirster

7. Internal Darkness (Live)

8. Silent Ritual (Live)

1-6 (Seraphim, Demo 1995)

7 (Live, November 12, 1994)

8 (Live, December 11, 2008)


Sean Kelly: Vocals

Derek Lavis: Drums

Sam McGee: Guitars

Mark Gastmeier: Bass


The band was created in Dallas, Texas, USA, in 1983 when members of 2 local bands joined forces. Joey Darcangelo was lead vocalist for the band Sabotage. Ru Spearman and Michael Laurence were the guitar players for the band Rokker. Those three guys were the founding members of Bellicose.
The first track that Joey co-wrote with Ru and Michael was “Run for Cover”. Joey remembers: “In the beginning we lived and breathed Bellicose. We would spend endless hours just sitting around playing guitars and humming melodies and scratching down lyric ideas and drinking lots of beer!! It was a lot of fun back then. There was so much creative energy and music pouring out of each of us, it was sometimes hard to keep up with. It didn’t take long to recognize the magic that was the sound of Bellicose that came from this collaborative nucleus.”
Bellicose recorded various demos on different seasons. Those demos were not released to the public. The sole purpose of any demo track was to shop to the major labels. Bellicose stayed very busy in both writing and recording in order to be able to pitch new material to the labels every three months.
A key point to the band’s career was the signing with MKM management. Upon signing with MKM, they proposed that the band record and release their official debut album privately. The idea was to give the band a more professional polished presence as Bellicose were still trying to get signed by a major label. The band’s debut “Love On Ice” was recorded at Sound Logic Studio in Dallas, TX and released on CD in 1989. Joey remembers: “It took about 6 months to put all the tracks together for the CD. It was a matter of track selection, mixing and or re-recording of some of the songs to 24 track to keep the sound of the mixes consistent. Tim “Chopper” Grugle our drummer deserves a lot of the credit for the end result of the tracks and the sonic sounds that made it to the CD. He spent countless nights mixing and re-mixing the songs on that CD to ensure that when it was ready to be packaged, it was the best that it could be.” Some of the best music that the band was working on since 1983 was finally officially recorded and presented to the fans. Joey points: “Those were the songs that a lot of our fans were familiar with and sang along to at our shows. To think of the CD without them was crazy. If anything, to the band, the CD was a gift to our fans. Bellicose fans were true and very loyal… We fed off their love and energy many nights for many years!”
The “Love on Ice” recording line-up consisted of Joey Darcangelo (vocals), Michael Laurence (guitar), Ru Spearman (guitar), Tim “Chopper” Grugle (drums) and Steven Grillo (bass). The band has faced various lineup changes through the years: Starting from the beginning the original line-up consisted of Joey Darcangelo (vocals), Michael Laurence (guitar), Ru Spearman (guitar), Staley Rogers (bass) and Mike Gage (drums) (1984). Staley left the band just after the first demo was recorded (1985). The band recruited Rick Rivera upon Staley’s departure (1985). Rick was with the band for a short stint before Steven Grillo was recruited for the bass slot (1986). It was shortly after that, that Mike Gage left the band. Upon Mike’s leaving the band auditioned a lot of drummers before finally finding the right guy for the job: Tim “Chopper” Grugle (1986). About a year after Tim joined the band, Steven Grillo (bass) left and Staley Rogers returned to the Bellicose fold (1987). Another year went by and Staley departed yet again leaving the spot open for Zak Johnson to fill (1988). The very last personnel change was Chris Vasquez in the guitar spot upon Michael Laurence’s departure (1991).
So the debut album was out, the band’s management team did in fact launch a promotional campaign soon after the album release. They sent the CD to all of the major record labels, college radio stations, local and national magazines but the results were not those expected. Joey remembers: “1989 was the beginning of the end mainly from a musical landscape perspective, as bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice in Chains & Hole had already been out and generating a new buzz. It was only when Pearl Jam came along and kicked in the doors that the rest just poured in to become the new “grunge” scene. When this happened, if you weren’t already signed, you probably weren’t going to be. In short, you missed the boat.” Bellicose did not give up: by the 90’s they were still writing new music and the management was diligently still pitching the new material to the labels for a recording contract. New music was born but new difficulties appeared as well: Michael Laurence and the band parted ways, leaving a pretty big void in the “creative nucleus”. A replacement was found on the face of Chris Vasquez, another local player who was very familiar with the band. Joey points: “For the most part it just didn’t feel the same, and with Michael leaving it just didn’t sound the same either. All the years together working creatively with both Michael and Ru forged a chemistry that was sadly non-existent with the new line up. It wasn’t long before one by one we decided to hang it up and find our own ways again.” So that pretty much was the end of Bellicose. Forever? Well… no.
Most of the band members remained friends and still kept in touch. So in 2013 Bellicose reunited! The current lineup is: Joey Darcangelo (vocals), Ru Spearman (guitar & vocals), Eric Keathley (guitar & vocals), Zak Johnson (bass & vocals), Tim “Chopper” Grugle (drums). Some killer live shows and this re release of their out of print debut are the first pages of a new chapter. We all hope and wait for more music by Bellicose! It seems they are back for good!
Chris Papadakis, March 2014


August was formed in 1988 by Houston Thad Cranford and Mike Moore, former students of Musicians Institute of Hollywood California.

The pair met and played together a few times and decided to form a band. “We wanted to be heavier and a bit more technical than the rest of the bands that were on the scene at the time, and we wanted to look different too” We had just graduated from music school and we wanted to destroy the competition!

The band rehearsed for almost six months after adding drummer Andy Shea and did a lot of auditions before we found our singer Tony. He moved to Hollywood and was living in his van, August was his first audition after moving to town and he joined the band that night. “We would come up with the music and Tony would take a tape home and the next day, he would have the lyrics done” The band went on to play many shows in the Southern California area and built a following through great live performances and hard work. August lead vocalist Tony Russo passed away after an auto accident.


Every once in awhile a band comes along that demands to be heard. One such band is Damien Black. This band delivers music drenched in power, substance and emotion while still retaining melody ­ something rarely found these days. Damien Black has combined the best ingredients from the wide varieties of heavy metal (classic, power, progressive, thrash) and come up with a sound the offers both bone­crushing music and thought­inspiring lyrics. Damien Black will leave your senses assaulted while delivering hooks that stay with you long after the last note is heard.
Damien Black was formed in Orlando, Florida 1991 and continues to this day. Damien Black built its reputation on the strength of a live show that has been described as “relentless.” Throughout the years, the band’s roster has included members of such bands as Rob Rock, Skrape, Parish and Persian Risk. Today, the core of Damien Black consists of founder, bassist and primary songwriter Scott Mire, guitarist David Gandia and vocalist Michael Caruso, while the rest of the line-up consists of contributing members in locations around the world.
The band’s mission today is the same as the day it was formed: to create powerful, melodic metal that remembers the past while looking towards the future. Damien Black remains single-minded and driven in its purpose of forging a new standard in heavy metal.

1. The Sky Is Falling
2. When Darkness Falls
3. One Night In Babylon
4. Dead Of Winter
5. Pray For Me
6. One Voice
7. Psycho Drama
8. Run With The Night BONUS MATERIAL
9. The Sky Is Falling (Demo)
10. Dead Of Winter (Demo)
11. One Voice (Demo)
12. Psycho Drama (Demo)

David Gandia – Guitar
Michael Caruso – Vocals
Raymond Varner – Drums
Scott Mire – Bass


It was in 1988 that drummer Jay Stueve and guitarist Joel Borchers first set out to form a new progressive metal band in Dayton, Ohio. While the line-up went through a few changes early on, the band finally solidified with the additions of bassist Chris Motter, vocalist Nathan Vai and guitarist Randy Davis. In 1989, the band Shadowcast was born.
Influenced by progressive bands such as Fates Warning and Queensryche, and the thrash bands of the time, Shadowcast began to create their own brand of aggressive, progressive music. Over the next year, the band enjoyed local success, playing gigs at bars, festival and union halls in and around the Dayton area. Their popularity with the local crowd won them airplay and interviews with local radio stations and some victories in local “Battle of the Bands”. Shadowcast used the funds they earned to pay for recording, producing original material and demos. With a catalogue of progressive heavy metal original music and achieving local notoriety, Shadowcast disbanded in 1990 to pursue other projects and personal lives.
Chris, Nathan and Jay joined local band Paragon. Randy joined Theropera, with Hillary Blaze (currently with Judas Priestess) and Joel continued his education and pursued career plans.
Today, Jay has a family. He is currently involved with the recording of his second solo album, Just AfterYesterday, and a new project called Gravity of Anger.
Nathan is a father and works as a detective with the city of Dayton.
Joel enjoys spending time with his family and playing with the band Wreckless. He has also been involved with some cyber writing of new material with Chris.
Randy also has a family, and has stayed active in the local band scene, working with bands Rat Bastard, MugsyCroftshire, and collaborating with Chris and Dwight Bowden Music for a new project, Online Crime.
Chris is now the bassist for San Francisco band Clinchfist, recording with and opening shows for Armored Saint and Exodus, as well as his work with Online Crime.

1. Black Trinity
2. Necropolis
3. Deception Game
4. Prelude
5. Private Reality
6. Word Void
7. Puppets Of Destiny
8. Hell Born On Earth
9. WCWT Interview
1-4 “Demo 1990”, 5-8 “Demo 1989”, 9 “Interview 1989”

Nathan Vai – Vocals
Joel Borchers – Guitar
Randy Davis – Guitar
Jay Stueve – Drums
Chris Motter – Bass


Arkeyn Steel Records brings back to daylight the music of Steel Angel from Bradenton, Florida USA. Their “Inquiete” LP-Tape was released back on 1992 only on a hundred cassette copies for family and friends. By this time the band had already split due to the death of their vocalist Jason Flanders on a car accident. Also included as bonus first unreleased demo from 1990. This masterpiece available first time on CD. Here we got the finest melodic US Power Metal you can imagine, in the vein of Crimson Glory and Heir Apparent, featuring killer vocals and fantastic lead guitar parts. All the songs have been remastered from scratch and will be presented on a great package featuring never before seen photos, detailed interview and info.

Steel Angel was an American Power Metal band from Bradenton, Florida, USA. They had magnificent songs and a line-up consisting of full talented musicians. On their short career, they recorded one demo (back in 1990) and one LP-tape (originally called “Inquiete”, released back in 1992). However, they split up quite fast without completing their mission. There were some facts that really stood in the bands way. Guitarist, Mark “Borgie” Borgmeyer, together with bassist Chuck Reedy tell the band’s story again.   – Ok let’s take a flashback in time! So when and where was the band formed?  Steel Angel, formed in and around Bradenton, Florida (note: some of their members were from Sarasota) in the mid 1980’s, was originally the brain child of childhood friends Jason Loyd Sanders and Rico Antonelli. Jason and Rico decided to split off another local band to do their own thing around 1987.   – Which was the initial line-up of the band and how did you get together? Firstly, an ad for musicians that was answered by drummer Dale Wanting. Soon after a second guitar player was added with Scott Casey. At that point Jason was playing bass and singing because they couldn’t find a singer that fit. At a band’s rehearsal Jason told the rest of the guys that he just wanted to sing and because Jason had become a pretty good singer while making due, they agreed it was the right choice. They didn’t look farther for a bass player because Jason immediately suggested Chuck Reedy, a fan who was coming to their practices to hang out and watch. So the original line-up and founding members included Chuck Reedy (bass), Jason Flanders (vocals), Rico Antonelli (guitar), Scott Casey (guitar) and Dale Wanting (drums).

1. Valley Of The Skulls
2. Eye Of The Storm
3. Steel Angel
4. Dorian Grey
5. Images (Of Self Destruction)
6. Crystal Visions
7. King Of Fools
8. You Can Run
9. Distant Reality
10. What Child Is This?
Bonus Tracks:
11. Steel Angel (Alternate Version)
12. Never Say Never (Demo 1990)
13. Faceless Dreams (Demo 1990)
1-10: “Inquiete” LP-Tape 1992

Jason Flanders – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
Mark Borgmeyer – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Joey Webbe – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Chuck Reedy – Bass Guitar
Rodney Beasley – Drums, Percussion


Beyond Reason is a New York based, four piece power metal band that was formed in 1989.  The band was founded by Peter Milo (Guitar), Dave Kramer (Bass) and John Grasso (Drums) who began playing together in 1986.  During their pursuit of a vocalist, who would complement their highly potent brand of music, the band met and auditioned Todd Giornesto, former front man for Chilling Vision.  Todd was immediately invited to join the band and within weeks of the audition he relocated from Pennsylvania to New York.

With the lineup complete, Beyond Reason went to work writing music and playing gigs throughout the New York Metro area.  On several occasions, the band hit the road travelling to Todd’s home State to play shows in front of packed crowds.  The foursome also gained exposure to new audiences by opening for acts such as WWIII (Mandy Lion, Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain), Vicious Rumors, Non-Fiction, Gothic Slam and Mean Streak.  Beyond Reason quickly developed a loyal following and became well known for their high-energy live performances.

In 1990 the band began recording their first self-released EP titled “…Distant From Reality”.  The recording took place at TKO Studios in New Rochelle, NY and after several weeks of perfecting their sound and capturing the energy of their live shows, it was mixed and mastered at Clockwork Sound in Mamaroneck, NY.  The EP featured six tracks including a cover of the Beatles “Day Tripper” and received excellent reviews from publications including Metal Forces, East Coast Rocker, Foundations, Pennsylvania Musician and a host of popular Fanzines.  One reviewer described the EP as “display[ing] unbridled power, detailed instrumentation and intelligent lyrics”.  Another review defined Beyond Reason’s sound as a “stampeding assault of brutalizing rhythms and intense playing”.  The second track of the EP, “Prophet’s Dilemma”, was featured on the compilation album “A Mountain of Metal” released by Mountain Records in 1991.

Armed with a loyal following, an intense live show and well received EP, the band began to attract interest from several record companies.  Although this did not lead to a contract for the band, the interest remained and Beyond Reason was asked to continue to provide new material, which they would do with their follow-up recording.  In 1991 the guys made a live studio recording of three new songs.  This demo was primarily used to give record companies a taste of what Beyond Reason was up to and was not widely available to fans.  The three prime cuts “For The Dollar”, “Scorned Are The Guised” and “Life Within” will finally see the light of day by appearing as bonus tracks on the Arkeyn Steel CD!

The bands second studio EP, “Beast of Change”, was completed in 1992 and reflected the transformative climate of the music scene at the time.  With this four song offering, Beyond Reason captured the power and heaviness of their previous EP through dynamics and laid back tempos; a clear departure from the non-stop, high-energy-tempo they brandished on “…Distant From Reality”.  Although “Beast of Change” differed stylistically from their first EP, it also received positive feedback from reviewers and fans.

“Beast of Change” would be the last recording that the band would make.  In 1993 they disbanded with some of the members moving on to other projects.  It wasn’t until 2012 that ¾ of the band reunited.  Todd, Dave and John reemerged to play a benefit concert in Todd’s hometown of Altoona, PA.  This was a new project and without Pete in the lineup the band simply played under Todd’s name, “Giornesto”.

Then, Arkeyn Steel contacted the band about a rerelease of their earlier recordings. Pete, Dave, John and Todd gladly dusted off the archived tapes and are thrilled that they will be available to their faithful and potential new listeners.  A reunion has not been planned, but you never know…

Line Up
Todd Giornesto – Vocals
Pete Milo – Guitar
Dave Kramer – Bass
John Grasso – Drums

1. The New Book
2. Prophet’s Dilemma
3. Wrench In The Works
4. Enlightened Years Away
5. The Cause
6. Day Tripper
7. Empty Cups
8. Fine Line
9. Beast Of Change
10. Ill God
11. For The Dollar
12. Life Within
13. Scorned Are The Guised

1-6: “…Distant From Reality” Demo 1990
7-10: “Beast Of Change” Demo 1992
11-13: Unreleased Demo – 1991


Dreamstate was born, as are most things, out of a need. In 1992 three musicians were searching for something different. Each were playing in bands and working days at a local musical instrument distributor when they realized the answer was right in from of them.
Initially working on originals and playing those alongside covers from bands such as Racer X, Apocrypha, Helstar, Queensryche and more, Chris Herring, Louis Martinez and Randy Hargis formed Dreamstate and started playing the club circuit in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas.
While Chris Herring’s high vocal range was perfect for the group initially, as things progressed the complex and aggressive instrumental arrangements created the need for a standalone vocalist, and that need was filled by Louis’ brother, Genaro Martinez on lead vocal. With Chris and Louis holding down solid harmonic backing vocals the sound was created…and it was good.
In 1994 Dreamstate released their first and only full length project, “Beyond the Mirrors” which was fairly well received in the USA, but found its best audience overseas. In 1996 Hargis left the group and his position was filled first by John Oca (1996-97; appearing on the local compilation “Six Gun Shootout” with the Dreamstate track “Mind Gallery”) and then lastly after officially changing the name to “Mindgallery” due to a name conflict with another US Act, percussion was handled by member  Rico Gutierrez (1997-2000; featured on the self recorded “Strange Rooms Demo” tracks: “Zero and One”,  “Secrets in the Universe”, and “Strange Rooms”).
Their sound was often viewed as ahead of its time,  and the fact these tracks hold up today and can compete well with many newer bands’ current releases demonstrates that perfectly. Created out of need but bonded by blood, sweat and tears… and it shows.
Ultimately, Dreamstate/Mindgallery disbanded interestingly enough “In 2000” (track 6 on “Beyond the Mirrors”) when the four members moved on to pursue other interests;  Founding member Chris Herring joined legendary hyper technical prog metallers Power of Omens in that same year, and Rico Gutierrez went on to play in numerous popular bands, most notably his current band Generator.

Track Listing:
1. When I Fall
2. Beyond The Mirrors
3. Lies
4. Shadow Dancer
5. Lifestreet
6. In 2000
7. Faces
8. Heroes And Love
9. Mr. Secret
10. Instant Sanity
11. Mind Gallery
12. Zero and One
13. Secrets In The Universe
14. Strange Rooms

1-10 “Beyond The Mirrors” LP-Tape 1994
11 “Mind Gallery” Compilation Track 1996
12-14 “Strange Rooms” Demo 1998

Genaro Martinez – Vocals
Chris Herring – Bass Guitars and Vocals
Randy Hargis – Percussion
Louis Martinez – Guitars and Vocals

Rico Gutierrez – Percussion on bonus tracks: “Zero and One”, “Secrets in the Universe”, and “Strange Rooms”
John Oca – Percussion on bonus track “Mind Gallery”


My name is Gregory James Tucker, Uncertain Future was born in 1989 I was 19. I came from working as a guitar tech for a rising star band Banshee in Kansas City Missouri. I was a co-writer on the Atlantic Records release “Race Against Time”. I have been building some sort of band and writing original music starting at 14. Uncertain Future is a product of growing up in the 70’s and 80’s in the era of true rock, metal, and progressive metal. Kansas City was thriving with talent.  When UF started to form Marshall Strong and I were friends and writing songs on the side of other projects. I was working on UF he was in a band called Mooncalf. We found Deric Spear playing bass and singing in a band called Hemisphere. Both of their bands were very creative and progressive. I was very blessed to work with them our music came together like it was meant to be. Our first drummer was Troy Roberts he was a great drummer. I put together the first logo for the band, Troy took a canvas and hand painted the logo for our back drop.  We had a practice hall decked out with cool rock style. The band played 5 days a week hundreds of hours, the music became so tight and we have been friends for a lifetime. 1991 the UF “Peace By Piece” demo tape was recorded. The song Uncertain Future was a master piece as well as the rest of the tracks. Color copies just became a useful medium. I designed a unique double fold J card that folded out into a mini poster. We made 250 copies of the demo. We were playing shows with top talent in our circle. We put together “Shock The System” in late 1992. We tried to put all our money into the recording and pressing. Deric and I worked together on the album cover art. I created the rest of the layout, I chose to go with color copy’s for cost. Every CD was cut out, folded, and stuffed by hand. We pressed 500 CDs only. 100 had a secret double side tray card, they all were going to have it but cost hindered that.  The band played industry showcases and high energy shows. Brad Shepard recorded with us on the UF “Shock The System” album. Brad and I grew up and went to school together, he is multi talented also and a great addition to the band. We were poised to run with the big dogs. As we all know when Nirvana hit in 1993 progressive metal was hit also. We tried to tough it out but the market changed. Looking back I would not have changed a thing. Great times and we were there. We were true to our roots. We never got signed but we have made it into the rare metal treasure market.  We would like the Good Lord above for making anything and everything possible. Thank you to our fans worldwide, you are the fuel to our fire. The guys in the band have been very important to me and we all remain friends. If we have anything to say about it you haven’t seen the last of us.

1. The Green
2. Someday
3. Shock The System
4. Paradise And The Nobel Savage
5. Innerpeace
6. Open Windows (Of Opportunity)
7. Victims Of Outrage
8. The Armada
9. Uncertain Future
10. The Visionary
11. Decade
12. In Dreams (We Stand As One)
13. Moments in Time
14. The Ride
15. Consequences
16. Floodgate

Gregory James Tucker: Guitars
Deric Spear: Vocals
Marshall Strong: Bass
Brad Shepard: Drums


Osiris was formed in the summer of 1986 by drummer Karl Watt, guitarist Steve Roberts and bassist Alan Roberts. The trio had jammed together in the past and Steve kept contacting Karl Asking him to put together a band. The trio got together in 1986 and started writing songs and soon recruited second guitarist Dean Caviglia. Karl had played with Dean in another project and thought Dean a good fit. The band needed a singer and Les Sherart showed up for the audition. They were blown away, the line-up was now complete. It turned out Les and Steve were in high school together at the time but didn’t know each other.
Osiris originally drew its influences from bands such as Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Rush and Dio to mention a few. The band quickly built up a repertoire of original material and was soon playing the Vancouver area. The band went into the studio in early 1987 with engineer Steve Wayne to record their debut demo entitled “Osiris the first edition” The recording was done in a short time as money was tight but the outcome was received very favourably.
It didn’t take long and the band built up a loyal following winning every competition they entered. It was a battle of the bands that landed them a record deal with Notorious Records. The band was garnering industry attention and it seemed as though things were moving very quickly when internal pressures caused Les and Dean to leave the project in 1988.
Osiris was now left to decide what to do. The deal with the record company fell through while the remaining trio auditioned what seemed hundreds of singers until recruiting singer Gary Woods in 1988. Gary brought a new style and musicality to the band and it seemed the direction was changing. It was at this time that an audition tape arrived from a recording engineer named Blair Calibaba.
Blair’s demo rendition of Fates Warnings “Quietus” blew the guys away and in 1989 Blair was soon recruited to regrettably replace Gary on vocals. Gary would still remain close to the band and soon formed his own project that played with Osiris regularly.
Blair brought with him a cerebralism and introspective style that seemed to fit the direction the band was looking for. Thoughtful intelligent lyrics and lyrical themes would dominate the song writing for the next couple of years. It was at this time that Karl discovered a talent for writing and soon wrote lyrics for Witches, By reason of Insanity and The Hand Of Fate. Originally called “The Wall” The name was changed to “The Hand Of Fate”. The Hand of Fate seemed to take on a life of its own and became one of the bands most popular songs, even at 12 minutes in length it was a crowd favourite. Blair thought it would be fun to record the song on his cheap 4-track recorder in his bedroom. The process took a little time and the outcome was so surprisingly good the band decided to release the recording as a demo. The demo was called “The Hand Of Fate” and included the songs Lone Quest, By Reason Of Insanity, Sights Unseen along with The Hand Of Fate.
Osiris became known as the biggest original unsigned band in Vancouver. They played with most major acts that came through Vancouver and could always be relied on to draw a crowd wherever they played.
The band was now being managed and booked through a local Vancouver agency when it became involved in the “Seattle Scene” of the early 90’s. The exposure and experience it received was invaluable. They were playing with many of the upcoming bands of the time while keeping their unique style intact. Appearing on TV and various compilations.
In 1991 Blair made the decision to pursue his recording career and left the band. It was soon after that Karl left to pursue other projects. Steve and Al were now left to pick up the pieces and decide what to do. Steve searched for a new singer and recruited Phil Leite to fill the position. The three were soon writing new material and trying to put together the band. They decided to seek the assistance of Blair and Mushroom Studio and record the demo “Osiris” in 1992. They hired Studio drummer Thomas Deshutter and brought onboard keyboardist Don Krabben for the project. While Don stayed onboard Thomas had other obligations and was soon replaced by drummer Joe Wadden, Joes jazz style did not last long and was replaced by Dons friend Barney Bertagnoli. It seemed the band had the most talented lineup so far and the sky was the limit. The band signed on with TKO entertainment in 1992 (Annihilator, Bif Naked, Annette Ducharme). TKO and Jeff Waters of Annihilator fame took the band into Fiasco Bros studio to record a demo for the upcoming Midem conference in France. The recording was done in record time and engineered by Paul Blake and produced by Jeff Waters and Steve Roberts. The recording received great reviews and it was at this time drummer Barney left the project and Karl rejoined the band. It seemed things were gaining momentum until suddenly Al called it quits in 1993.
This was a major blow. The band tried to recruit a new bass player but it seemed a momentous step backward and Steve decided at that time to dissolve the band.
Karl and Steve reunited a couple times to work on other projects but none came to fruition. There was talk of reuniting but due to other commitments it sadly never happened. Perhaps one day it will.
Sadly in 2010 Karl passed away after a 5 year battle with ALS.
It was always Karls dream to see his beloved Osiris in the spotlight and we believe his dream will come true.
Since Karls death there has been a rebirth and renewed interest in Osiris. After years of hibernation it seems Osiris is back and garnering fans around the world. We can only hope one day to see the resurrection of Osiris and hear new material from the band.
Osiris is now proud to be in partnership with Arkeyn Steel Records and looks forward to all Arkeyn Steel can bring to the rebirth of Osiris.

1. As The Story Is Told
2. Just Me And You
3. Mystery
4. All The Way
5. Another Lost Soul
6. Holy Lightning
7. Rhesus In Dimension
8. The Witches Are Burning
9. So Evil
10. Mystery
11. Fugitive Will
12. Visionary
13. Seasons Of Change
14. What In Carnation

1-4: “Osiris The First Edition” Demo 1986 5-10: “Live At Profile” Live Demo 1987 11: Bullfrog Studio Demo 1990 12: Unreleased Demo 1989 13-14: Rehearsal 1993

1. Sights Unseen
2. Lone Quest
3. Exercise In Futility
4. By Reason Of Insanity
5. The Hand Of Fate
6. The Witches
7. Men Of Steel
8. Sail Away
9. In Custody
10. Dead Poets
11. Dreamstate
12. Battle Cry
13. Lone Quest (Vancouver Rocks!)

1-6: “Hand Of Fate” Demo 1989 7-8: “Osiris 1992” Demo 1992 9-11: “Osiris 2nd Edition” Demo 1993 12: Outtake from “Hand Of Fate” Demo 1989 13: From “Vancouver Rocks” Compilation 1990

Produced By: Osiris Jeff Waters (2nd Edition Demo)

“Osiris The First Edition” Demo 1986 “Live At Profile” Live Demo 1987
Les Sherart – Vocals
Steve Roberts – Guitars
Dean Caviglia – Guitars
Karl Watt – Drums
Alan Roberts – Bass

“Hand Of Fate” Demo 1989
Blair Calibaba – Vocals
Steve Roberts – Guitars
Alan Roberts – Bass
Karl Watt – Drums

“Osiris 1992” Demo 1992
Phil Leiter – Vocals
Steve Roberts – Guitar
Alan Roberts – Bass
Don Krabben – Keyboards
Thomas DeShutter – Drums

“Osiris 2nd Edition” Demo 1993
Phil Leiter – Vocals
Steve Roberts – Guitar
Alan Roberts – Bass
Don Krabben – Keyboards
Barney Bertagnoli – Drums


Wrathskeller was formed in 1985 when Randy Davis approached guitarist Tom Reade after their former bands broke up. When they advertised for other members, they discovered a drummer, Marc Mitchell, living across the street from Tom. Although they were not a complete band at the time, the trio was approached by Darrell Roberts to play a show with his band, Neon Knights. Singer Bryan Cromer and bassist Mike Craft joined Wrathskeller for the show. After that initial show, there were several singers and bass players.
In an effort to find consistent members, the band decided to record a demo and search nationally. Darrell Roberts stood in as bassist for the promo pack, and eventually singer Dan Turner joined the band. The bassist position continued to be revolving.
The band worked on original material, honed their skills, and recorded a new demo. After focusing on original material and creating a catalog of songs, Tom and Dan left the band.
Vocalist Dwight Bowden, guitarist Joel Borchers and bassist Chris Motter joined the band. They recorded a two song demo and played another show.
Randy decided to leave in order to attend The Recording Workshop where he met drummer Dave Corn. While at the school, Randy and Dave recorded a new song with other students.
When they returned from school, the band was renewed with Randy Davis, Dan Turner, Dave Corn, guitarist Grayson Gilbert and bassist Ken . They decided to record a new four song demo at the Recording Workshop. After some time, Dan moved away and the band broke up.
Chris and Joel were playing with Shadowcast and invited Randy to join them.
Currently, Randy, Chris and Dwight are working together on a new project ‘Online Crime’, Joel is playing with ‘Wreckless’ and Dan is playing with ‘World of Why’.

1. Dancing With The Dead
2. Product Of A Sick Mind
3. Red Man’s Magik
4. Witches Hill
5. Dancing With The Dead
6. Mark Of The Vampire
7. The Flying Dutchmen
8. The Seduction
9. Circuits On Fire
10. Eve Of The End
11. Hail To The Heavy
12. Shoot Out The Stars
13. Dancing With The Dead
14. Hell Born On Earth
15. Withes Hill
16. Bleeding Grounds

1-4: Demo 1989
5-8: Demo 1987
9-12: Demo 1986
13-14: Dwight Bowden’s Audition 1988
15: Rhythm Tracks 1989
16: Live 1989

Demo 1986 – Randy Davis – guitar and bass, Tom Reade – guitar and bass, Mark Mitchell – drums, Dan Turner – vocals
Demo 1987 – Dan Turner – vocals, Randy Davis – guitar and bass, Tom Reade – guitar and bass, Marc Mitchell – drums
Demo 1988 – Dwight Bowden – vocals, Randy Davis – guitar, Joel Borchers – guitar, Chris Motter – bass, Marc Mitchell – drums
Demo 1989 – Dan Turner – vocals, Randy Davis – guitar, Grayson Gilbert – guitar, Ron – bass, Dave Corn – drums


Rising from the developing Melbourne metal underground in 1983, Nothing Sacred were one of the mainstays of the Australian Metal scene during the mid 1980’s. With a sound that blended the speed of bands like Anthrax with the melody and twin leads of bands like Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden, Sacred brought a powerful live presence to the stage.  Countless gigs through out Melbourne’s network of metal venues, multiple tours of Adelaide and Sydney, appearances at the legendary Metal For Melbourne shows in 83 and 84/85, and a headlining performance at Metal For Melbourne 86 cemented the band’s reputation as a hard working, high energy live act.
The core of Nothing Sacred was the trio of vocalist Mick Burnham, bassist Karl lean and drummer Sham Hughes.  Guitarists Mark Woolley and Buddy Snape formed the initial lineup, with Snape replaced in 86 by George Larin, followed by Terry Campbell and Richard Bubica replacing Woolley and Larin in 88.
In 1985 the band released its debut recording, the 4 track “Deathwish” EP featuring the tracks “Deathwish” and “No Rest” -iconic songs from the band’s live repertoire.
In 1988 the 12 track album “Let Us Prey” was released.  The album featured cover art by Danish Artist Joe Petagno, the man behind Motorhead’s album covers.
In 1989 the band as booked to open for Megadeth on the Melbourne leg of their Australian tour, but the gig was cancelled when Megadeth abandoned the tour.  The band returned to the studio to record the second album, “Nemesis”, but internal pressures within the band at the time lead to the recording sessions being abandoned and the album was never completed.
In 1993 the band returned for a 10th anniversary performance, headlining the “Metal Foundry” gig.


Mick Burnham – Vocals
Sham Hughes    – Drums
Karl Lean – Bass
Mark Woolley – Guitars
Buddy Snape – Guitars

Mick Burnham – Vocals
Dave Browne    – Drums
Karl Lean – Bass
Mark Woolley – Guitars
Buddy Snape – Guitars

Mick Burnham – Vocals
Sham Hughes    – Drums
Karl Lean – Bass
Mark Woolley – Guitars
George Larin – Guitars

Mick Burnham – Vocals
Sham Hughes    – Drums
Karl Lean – Bass
Terry Campbell – Guitars
Richard Bubica – Guitars

Mick Burnham – Vocals
Sham Hughes – Drums
Karl Lean – Bass
George Larin – Guitars
Ross Percy – Guitars