Blackkout started at St. Petersburg, Florida in 1984 and with the first line-up (Richard W. Elliott IV: Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Gale P. Morse: Rhythm Guitar, Triad: Bass, Jeff Patton: Drums) released a 7” vinyl EP with the songs Black & Blue/Fallout. This came out in 1000 copies without cover and today someone can find it in a very high price!

After some changes in the line-up there are three members (Richard Elliott IV: Vocals, guitar, flute, bagpipes, Jeffery Klaus: Drums, Triad: Bass) who enter in Graveyard Studio, St. Petersburg, Florida from October 1988 till February 1989 to record the amazing and for that time pioneer “Ignorance Of Man” with 17 songs of 70’mins duration. Their “in your face” strong power style, together with their technique and the addition of the violin and flute made them be one of the most odd and promising bands in many mags of that era. They were also nominated as the “Best Metal Band” (beating Savatage and Iced Earth) at 1990 Tampa Bay Music Awards. That album was pressed only in tape and in 1000 copies, so today is considered to be precious for many collectors want lists as it is very rare!

After the “Ignorance Of Man” release they change once again the line-up (Richard Elliott IV: Vocals, guitar, flute, bagpipes, Jerry Outlaw: Vocals, lead guitar, Darren McFarland: Bass, Lee Gibson: Drums) and in 1990 the band records another 3-songs demo that unfortunately never saw the light. Although the split-up came, the leader Richard Elliot IV together with Blackkout bass Darren McFarland formed the also pioneer band The Last Things that in1993 released the real good “Circles and Butterflies”.
Kostas Athanasoglou