Label Info

The idea of a label that will bring back to the daylight rare, obscure and high quality Metal stuff was rolling on the heads of Kostas Athanasoglou and Chris “CountRaven” Papadakis since ages. Having finally decided to start this project each one for himself it was a matter of time to finally join forces under a common moniker that is no other than Arkeyn Steel Records.Chris publishes the famous underground fanzine Forgotten Scroll while involved in many other activities in Underground Metal, while Kostas is one of the bigger (if not the biggest) collectors in Greece specialized in Underground Steel & Heavy, Power, Speed, Progressive METAL and since mid 90s he runs his own label Steel Gallery Records.

Friend and partner for many years Socrates Kapetaneas (specialized in Power / Prog Metal) was offered to add his help and support to the founders, as a part of Arkeyn Steel Records crew.

The profile of the label is crystal clear: We would like to bring back in the daylight HIGH QUALITY bands. We would like to share with the people recordings that back in the time of their original appearance were not properly, or never released.

Music is our main focus; if a band’s stuff fits into our specific tastes and criteria then a release is more than sure to happen. We do not care about the mediocre stuff that just happens to be old and unknown to the masses. As serious collectors since ages, we are picking up selected pieces of Steel from the past and still trying to explore the vaults of Metal seeking for musical treasures unknown since today.

We mainly focus into US Power Metal, US Power / Prog Metal (ala early Fates Warning –three first albums-, early Queensryche), selected European Steel that fits into our taste and Epic Doom Metal (as it is presented by Solitude Aeturnus –first two albums- and Candlemass -first record- mainly).

Epic, fantasy and obscure stuff are our favorite lyrical topics as we also paying attention to what a band is referring to on its songs. We are also trying to create an artwork that would fit 100% in each of our releases making it to be a final piece of art, because we strongly believe that the real Steel is a pleasure not for the ears but for the eyes as well.

Having all this in our minds and souls we are marching behind Steel and Starlight offering you the Mystic Jewels of an old glorious age, that would never return.