Beyond Reason is a New York based, four piece power metal band that was formed in 1989.  The band was founded by Peter Milo (Guitar), Dave Kramer (Bass) and John Grasso (Drums) who began playing together in 1986.  During their pursuit of a vocalist, who would complement their highly potent brand of music, the band met and auditioned Todd Giornesto, former front man for Chilling Vision.  Todd was immediately invited to join the band and within weeks of the audition he relocated from Pennsylvania to New York.

With the lineup complete, Beyond Reason went to work writing music and playing gigs throughout the New York Metro area.  On several occasions, the band hit the road travelling to Todd’s home State to play shows in front of packed crowds.  The foursome also gained exposure to new audiences by opening for acts such as WWIII (Mandy Lion, Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain), Vicious Rumors, Non-Fiction, Gothic Slam and Mean Streak.  Beyond Reason quickly developed a loyal following and became well known for their high-energy live performances.

In 1990 the band began recording their first self-released EP titled “…Distant From Reality”.  The recording took place at TKO Studios in New Rochelle, NY and after several weeks of perfecting their sound and capturing the energy of their live shows, it was mixed and mastered at Clockwork Sound in Mamaroneck, NY.  The EP featured six tracks including a cover of the Beatles “Day Tripper” and received excellent reviews from publications including Metal Forces, East Coast Rocker, Foundations, Pennsylvania Musician and a host of popular Fanzines.  One reviewer described the EP as “display[ing] unbridled power, detailed instrumentation and intelligent lyrics”.  Another review defined Beyond Reason’s sound as a “stampeding assault of brutalizing rhythms and intense playing”.  The second track of the EP, “Prophet’s Dilemma”, was featured on the compilation album “A Mountain of Metal” released by Mountain Records in 1991.

Armed with a loyal following, an intense live show and well received EP, the band began to attract interest from several record companies.  Although this did not lead to a contract for the band, the interest remained and Beyond Reason was asked to continue to provide new material, which they would do with their follow-up recording.  In 1991 the guys made a live studio recording of three new songs.  This demo was primarily used to give record companies a taste of what Beyond Reason was up to and was not widely available to fans.  The three prime cuts “For The Dollar”, “Scorned Are The Guised” and “Life Within” will finally see the light of day by appearing as bonus tracks on the Arkeyn Steel CD!

The bands second studio EP, “Beast of Change”, was completed in 1992 and reflected the transformative climate of the music scene at the time.  With this four song offering, Beyond Reason captured the power and heaviness of their previous EP through dynamics and laid back tempos; a clear departure from the non-stop, high-energy-tempo they brandished on “…Distant From Reality”.  Although “Beast of Change” differed stylistically from their first EP, it also received positive feedback from reviewers and fans.

“Beast of Change” would be the last recording that the band would make.  In 1993 they disbanded with some of the members moving on to other projects.  It wasn’t until 2012 that ¾ of the band reunited.  Todd, Dave and John reemerged to play a benefit concert in Todd’s hometown of Altoona, PA.  This was a new project and without Pete in the lineup the band simply played under Todd’s name, “Giornesto”.

Then, Arkeyn Steel contacted the band about a rerelease of their earlier recordings. Pete, Dave, John and Todd gladly dusted off the archived tapes and are thrilled that they will be available to their faithful and potential new listeners.  A reunion has not been planned, but you never know…

Line Up
Todd Giornesto – Vocals
Pete Milo – Guitar
Dave Kramer – Bass
John Grasso – Drums

1. The New Book
2. Prophet’s Dilemma
3. Wrench In The Works
4. Enlightened Years Away
5. The Cause
6. Day Tripper
7. Empty Cups
8. Fine Line
9. Beast Of Change
10. Ill God
11. For The Dollar
12. Life Within
13. Scorned Are The Guised

1-6: “…Distant From Reality” Demo 1990
7-10: “Beast Of Change” Demo 1992
11-13: Unreleased Demo – 1991