A Shattered Dream (ASD) was a progressive heavy metal band that was formed in North Andover, Massachusetts during the summer of 1988. Over the next four years, the band toured the nightclub circuit of the New England states, bringing their unique sound and style to thousands of progressive metal fans. In the process, ASD gained a large, loyal fan base that included many of the bands with whom they toured.  For all the fans, both old and new, here is the story of how the band became “A Shattered Dream”.    In the fall of 1986, drummer Cameron Deane, guitarist Peter Turpin, and bassist Jason Berube, all just 13 years of age, began playing music together in the basement of Peter’s house. Cameron and Peter, influenced by the music of legendary bands such as Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and Van Halen, had been learning songs and writing music together since they first met a year earlier. With the addition of Jason, who was heavily influenced by the late Cliff Burton (former bass player of Metallica), the band was exposed to a new playing style and energy level that soon engulfed the other members. Within a few months, the band’s music became stronger and increasingly more complex. After adding a “temporary” vocalist and playing out a couple of times using the name “Shattered Dreams”, the band quickly became a favorite among the local youth.     As the spring of 1987 approached, the band invited a friend of Peter’s, guitarist Kevin Warren, to rehearse with them just for fun. As they ripped through songs such as Metallica’s “Creeping Death” and Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast”, the band very quickly realized the benefits of adding another talented guitarist to the lineup. After just one session, it became apparent that Kevin would be there to stay.    For the next three months, the band rehearsed until finally making their debut at a local “Battle of the Bands”. After taking first place, the band decided it was time to find a more permanent vocalist who could expand their music even further. With the band now influenced by bands such as Queensryche, Testament, Death Angel, Metallica and Fates Warning, ASD, still known then as “Shattered Dreams”, spent over a year seeking a vocalist with the right blend of range and power. The search came to an end in August, 1988, when the band stumbled upon vocalist Jeff Crocker.    Still using a temporary vocalist, the band had played a local summer festival that Jeff attended as a spectator. In Jeff’s own words, he was impressed with how “energetic” and “tight” the band was musically. Within a few days, Jeff came to audition as the band’s new vocalist. It only took one song for the band to decide he had the job. Jeff immediately nailed the opening note of Queensryche’s “Queen of the Ryche”, then tore through the rest of the song with an impressive vocal display. After the song, his audition was summed up by Cameron, who said to the group, “Do we even need to discuss this?” It was quite evident; Jeff was now the permanent vocalist of “Shattered Dreams”.     The next several months was spent writing and rehearsing new material until the band finally made their debut on the club circuit at a small nightclub in Dracut, Massachusetts. Although discussions were ongoing for a new name and identity, they performed under “Shattered Dreams”, figuring it could be changed later without much trouble. However, the band’s first performance that night became somewhat “legendary”, when their music, which apparently energized the club into frenzy, had to be temporarily halted until the crowd could be brought back under control.    The attention and notoriety the band gained from that performance went well beyond their expectations. After playing a few more shows, the band’s popularity continued to grow. This unforeseen rise in their fan base caused the band to scrap their original plans for a complete separation from the name “Shattered Dreams”. Instead, the band decided to only “tweak” the name, and in the late winter of 1988, they officially became “A Shattered Dream”.    ASD eventually recorded a five song demo in the early months of 1989. Titled “4-D Society”, it was released in April of that same year and showcased the first songs written by the band. As it circulated through the local club circuit, promoters and club owners began expressing interest in having ASD perform for them. Although many were skeptical due to the band’s young age (the band ranged in age from 15-17 years old), ASD was quick to prove their critics wrong, often packing in large crowds and giving energy-packed performances. By January of 1990, ASD was being booked by top promoters and could be found headlining shows at some of New England’s largest nightclubs, including “The Channel” (arguably the most famous venue in Boston, Massachusetts for live music at that time). Even when booked as an opening act, some promoters decided to elevate the band up to the night’s headliner after they were captivated by the band’s sound check performance, while others did so after realizing the crowd was dominated by ASD fans.    By April of 1991, ASD had been performing relentlessly at nightclubs for over two years. With plenty of new material, they decided to re-enter the studio with the intention of recording a 7-9 song demo. However, after laying down some preliminary tracks, the project was put on hold due to financial constraints and the band returned to playing the nightclub circuit.    Three months later, in the fall of 1991, ASD decided to take a break from performing. During this time, Jeff informed the band that he would be moving to Atlanta, Georgia, and would no longer be the front man for ASD. The band gave their fans one final performance at a nightclub in Beverly, Massachusetts, before going their separate ways. Although ASD would attempt a brief comeback with a new vocalist in 1992, the project was short lived and the original members never collaborated on any material again.    Fast forward 17 years, to October, 2008, when all five original members of ASD stood in the same room once again for the first time since that final performance in 1991. After much reminiscing and laughter, ASD decided to record one final song specifically for this release. The former members of the band would like to express their thanks to Kostas Athanasoglou and Arkeyn Steel Records for rekindling old friendships and allowing the music of ASD to come to life once again.
A Shattered Dream


Reignstorm actually start prior to 1988. Not quite sure of the exact year, maybe somewhere around 1985 or 1986. Some guy that works at a local record store knows that Jarrett Lembach is looking for musicians & he introduces him to Robb Peterson and John Barr. They get together & start writing songs such as “Blood On The White Robe”, “Cat’s Eye” and “Fall To The Blade”. Soon after they start getting together with various musicians and try to get a line-up for live shows. Nothing really materialized, until early ‘88 when with Jarrett’s Fostex 4-track recorder they record “Cat’s Eye”. At this point Reignstorm have a 2nd guitarist named Chris Bober. So they record the guitars and vocals for “Cat’s Eye” & then pass it to Jarrett’s brother known from Mystic Force, Chris Lembach, who along with Keith Menser (Mystic Force too), records the drum tracks using a drum machine. Time and the fact that they are only using a 4-track recorder make it impossible to record with live drums. They use that recording a day or so, after Chris and Keith finish with it as an audition tape to get onto a compilation album being put together by 97 Underground. Really kind of funny actually, the album is being put together to focus on the local thrash music that is happening. The very next morning, after they drop the tape off at the station, the song is being played on the radio. That tape however enables them to audition drummers. First guy is Nor Eldridge, who later becomes the drummer of Nemesys. Reignstorm have their first line-up. This line-up lasts for a short time, but they start making some changes. Nor takes off to join Nemesys and Chris Bober leaves for something else. That leaves Robb, John and Jarrett. At this moment (1990) they decide to go into Drew’s studio (Falling Sound) and record two tracks. Those are “Cat’s Eye” and “Blood On The White Robe”. Chris Lembach helps out and records the drums for Reignstorm. However, Jarrett (as in the first 1-song demo) is once again dissatisfied with the vocals. Chris has Mystic Force so he is just helping them out in the studio although he does play a few fill in gigs for them along the way. The band uses this two song demo to get a new drummer, Dwayne Adams, who is now the drummer for Great Train Robbery. This tape also allows them to start getting some live shows. They headline a benefit concert in front of 500 to 600 people as their first show. The following week Reignstorm play in a talent showcase winning that with a cover of Queensryche’s “Eyes Of A Stranger”. After a long series of shows the last two years, now in 1991-92 Reignstorm are recording “Democracy…A Child’s Game” which is to be their first full length. They have already recorded guitar/drums/keys/piano parts for 4 or 5 more songs (in bonus tracks of this CD you will find the three songs that go out of Reignstorm’s basement for the first time) but Robb starts having some health issues. They agree to take time off and let Robb recover. John finds another band and then Dwayne follows suit. So at this time, Robb and Jarrett are the only two keeping in touch. This goes on for almost two years and Robb still cannot play at the point that he is satisfied with. His health is really slowing him down physically and he is not ready to put the band back together yet. At this point, Jarrett starts getting a lot of offers to sing for bands. Robb encourages him to go ahead and look for another band with the understanding that Reignstorm would eventually continue in some form. So Jarrett goes on for a while, trying different bands and nothing is happening. Finally, he and Dwayne Adams get back together in 1995 and put a new line-up out there. Reignstorm, write two new songs Supremecy and Black Water Refuge and go into the studio. The guitarist never shows up in the studio, so they teach Drew Mazurek (producer at first Reignstorm demo and many other Maryland’s bands like Manifest, Omega Point etc) the guitar parts. Mike Davis is the bass player at the time. Nothing else is happening for the band after this point and Reignstorm is pretty much out. Jarrett goes on to join up with Corporate Killing. That lasts for a little while and then the resurgence of Reignstorm is about to happen. In 1997, Keith Menser is talking about doing a festival and putting together a compilation CD for promotional use to go along with the festival. Jarrett is talking with Robb and they decide why not trying to record one song. They hit the studio and recorded “Tomorrow’s Past” and an instrumental called “Suspended Animation” (a song that has never been released to the audience and everyone can listen to for the first time here). Reignstorm give Keith “Tomorrow’s Past” and it is on the Powermad ‘97 disc. That starts a lot of interest in the band and with the internet people are contacting them asking for more music. Robb, John and Jarrett, the original line up decide to record a few more tracks and give Reignstorm another go. At last, in 1998 they enter again Falling Sound Studios and record this time 4 new songs, the three of which constitute “Demo ‘98” (maybe the only demo that is officially released to the audience). First response they are getting is encouraging. That leads to them being on the next two Powermad compilations (1998 with “Exhaustion” and 1999 with “Ruler Of Today”, which is the fourth track written together with “Demo 98”) and performing at Powermad ‘98. That, now put the group in line for inclusion on “Through Different Eyes”, the Fates Warning tribute. Unfortunately, that is the last recording that Reignstorm ever finished. At this point John is looking for something different and Robb’s health status starts to creep back into play. Robb never recovers and neither do Reignstorm.
Kostas Athanasoglou


From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada False Witness started their journey into the paths of Speed / Power Metal in 1989. Their music is a powerful mixture of Exciter and Agent Steel enforced by storm taking riffing, power screaming vocals by the one and only Michael Rieger -who unfortunately murder by gunshot in 2006- and magnificent lead guitar themes. The band has recorded a lot of stuff but only four tracks were officially released on their 1991 one and only demo tape simply entitled “False Witness”. Well it is a fact that many of you have been searching for this tape like maniacs but now your agony is over. After many discussions with the band Arkeyn Steel Records managed to create a grand plan of a release including their 1991 four track demo plus lots of bonus material: a brand unreleased track from 1993, their unreleased 3 track demo from 1995 plus a demo from 1989 kept unreleased in the bands personal files for almost 20 years! Of course everything is re-mastered from the scratch at Infinity Studio by Kostas Scandalis and the final package comes with lots of photos, in depth biography and brand new artwork by Kostas Athanasoglou. CD is out from fall of 2008 so be prepared for another Metal Storm by Arkeyn Steel Records!


After the success of the re-release “Meadows Of Maseilya”, here is the second album of the band “An Angel’s Tale”. This album was released in 1994 in 500 tapes and 500 CDs and today is considered to be one of the rarest epic metal gems, for many collectors. Together with “M.O.M” release, comes also the leaving of Jerrad Miller (Drums) and Jon Sayles (Bass), who actually have never felt Longing’s Past as a band to be devoted to. As a result, the tiring recordings of “M.O.M”, make them move on to another direction before the next record. So, right away it comes to Jimmy’s mind an old friend –from Enchanter- named Rich Copeland (Drums). Bass’ place takes on Kevin Rynes, who is found through a mutual friend. Longing’s Past’s music has now become dreamy and lyrical and a bit less heavy. This happens because Jimmy except for the vocals (which in “M.O.M” are his exclusive activity because of a tendonitis problem) does most of the guitar work. Lyrics are dreamier now, so it comes up the need for the music to have a different rhythm in order to follow the lyrics. Generally, Jimmy tries to be cinematic and paint pictures with sound like a classical composer! In fact, the “An Angel’s Tale” is the second part of “M.O.M”, with two extra songs, the two bonus tracks that are irrelevant to the concept. For these two tracks a second guitarist named Brennan Baylis is brought to light, who later tours also with Longing’s Past. The fact that “An Angel’s Tale” recordings go on for so long, make all the members be so tired that after the release of the album, no one has the zest to continue in the band. The only thing that Jimmy manages to do is to send 50 copies to various indie labels. Unluckily, all the answers are negative under the pretence of Longing’s Past not being right for them. The stunning thing is that, although all these labels are surprised with the capabilities of the musicians and make positive remarks, they are not quite sure if the band could sell as they have strange music! Since 1994, Jimmy has been working as a producer in his own studio named Sonic Landscapes and he does recordings for some bands. Moreover, in 2000 he releases an album titled Jimmy Shellberg’s Groove with funky and experimental sounds. Since 2002, he has formed The Love Gypsies, who have released three jazz albums. Arkeyn Steel Records with this release completes Jimmy Shellberg’s and Enchanter/ Longing’s Past’s chapter and wants to thank the metalheads all over the world for supporting every reissue of the company and for making them almost sold-out!
Kostas Athanasoglou


The original plan of James Shellberg was for Arkeyn Steel Records to release the demos of Enchanter and for him to create an independent label in order to release the two albums of Longings Past. Nevertheless, after the really professional and amazing result of Arkeyn Steel Records with Enchanter’s CD, there was no other choice but entrust once again to our label the releases of Longings Past. In the age of 12 James found himself very attracted by music, as he was listening to bands like Rush, Black Sabbath and Foghat. Initially, he started as a guitarist and then he was involved with vocals and lyrics. His first group was a cover band of AC/DC and other hard rock bands, named Abraxas and was consisted of young guys. The second one was a cover band mainly of Black Sabbath and its name was Atomic Sunrise. His third band was Enchanter and when he joined them there were already 40 completed original tracks. That gave him the bug to write original material for the first time. Enchanter’s split up rang the curtain up for the beginning of Longings Past. So, in the summer of 1992 James met with Jon, who together with Jarred and Keith (the guitar player from first line up) were playing in a college band. James had in mind a concept about the internal battle between Good and Evil, which by the way was written somewhere in 1991. In other words, in a few months they started recording the first album “Meadows Of Maseilya”, which was actually the first part of the concept. Unfortunately, Keith leaves the band just before the recording and his decision to play only some tracks, left them high and dry and made them take Aaron Riddle to finish some of the guitar parts. They also enlisted some more guests in order to have a great album. However, some serious problems with tendonitis allowed James to play no guitar at all but this did not stop him from doing his best, as all the vocal parts and the lyrics are his. “Meadows Of Maseilya” was pressed in only 500 tapes and this is why it remains an invaluable item for every collector. “Infinite Productions”, which was James’ company, was established with the intention of promoting better the album. Unhappily, except for some ‘zines in Detroit, Michigan that made a reference to it, there was no other interest. Besides, there was no reaction from Europe or anywhere else. At last, for the first time this real gem of US epic/prog metal is released in CD, with a total digital mastering by James. The story will be continued in the second release of Longings Past “An Angel’s Tale” that is coming soon! Be there…
Kostas Athanasoglou


In the late 1988 somewhere in Baltimore, Maryland Jeff Grove, Troy, Dale and Mike form Immortal Reign. From the first moment appears the need for a second guitarist, so in no time Michael Donahoo becomes a member. Three months later having no official composition Mike, Troy and Dale decide to leave the band in February of 1989. Jeff and Michael continue searching for a new band. They both meet Mark Champlin, the original singer and guitarist of a group that do not have a name yet. The first song that they write as a new band is called Immortal Reign (To Reign…). Soon comes the first loss for the band when Chet leaves them in April of 1991. The same time they pick up Rodney McGlothlin (Bass).  Finally, they decide to leave the name Immortal Reign just before the battle of the bands competition in July of 1991. Without losing their guts, they choose the name Omega Point. In October of 1991 Omega Point enter the Falling Sound Studios in Baltimore, Maryland with producer a young man called Drew Mazurek (at the same studio and the same producer three years later Manifest would write their one and only work “Find A New Place”, another release of Arkeyn Steel Records) and they record the 5 tracks of the demo/EP. The demo tape “Infinite Rhyme” releases in 1500 copies in December of 1991. Lastly, in the late 1993 they enter again the studio to record their first album with 13 tracks, titled the same as their demo “Infinite Rhyme”. Omega Point are in the midst of recording a full length album when the bass player they have at this time, Rodney McGlothlin, leaves. With all they have they try to audition people for almost a year but cannot fill his position properly. The sad is that when the work is completed, someone enters the band’s studio and steals. The worst of all is that who committed the theft was a friend of the band that had access to the band’s account. He takes all the money kept for the recordings of the full album and he disappears! Unfortunately, nothing is found, the thief leaves the state. So, with a ‘no found’ bassist and with a whole Omega Point album being missed, they split up in September of 1994.
We searched through land, fire and ice to discover the forever lost signs of this band and finally we are able to offer you an official and legal re-release of this anthem re-mastered from the scratch at Infinity Studio by Kostas Scandalis and packed with a bunch of first time seen photos and an in depth biography and as usual the artwork is brand new made by Kostas Athanasoglou. We got five tracks in total playing time of 25 minutes, no bonus tracks as the band had never recorded anything else apart from this demo tape, so this will be the first Mini CD by Arkeyn Steel Records. Well, leave to dust the cheap and illegal bootlegs and enjoy the dreamy music of this band finally released the way it deserves.


Dead Calm from Ottawa, Canada released back in 1991 a limited -in 1000 copies only- LP tape called “No Way Out” including 9 tracks of magnificent Power / Prog Metal in the vein of old Queensryche / Lethal / Hittman. The musical trademarks of Dead Calm are with no doubt the unbelievable vocals (ala Tate / Malicoat), the powerful riffing and the brilliant guitar leads that are enforcing their music with a special touch of strange and beautiful steel.
The original multi-track master tapes have been lost forever as they were destroyed by a fire on the band’s studio. Fortunately the one and ONLY stereo master tape that was used by the band back in 1991 to duplicate the album was saved and was digitally transferred into CD on one of Canada’s finest studios. The digital product was re-mastered from the scratch by Arkeyn Steel Records mastering main man Mr. Kostas Scandalis at Infinity Studios.
44 minutes of complex, catchy and melodic steel touch by the magic Canadian Metal spirit. Presented under completely new artwork -by Kostas Athanasoglou-, full lyrics and inner notes. Finally this album is released the way it deserved. Here we got an unbelievable musical experience for sure not to be missed.


Bobby Hicks joined this Baltimore, Maryland, US based band on 1994, one year after his leaving from the Gods Mystic Force. In 1995 they originally released the tape “Yes Or No” in 1000 copies with CD edition to follow in another 1000 copies some months later. Both editions sold out very quickly and this treasure remained buried into dust until today. Moreover the band split in 1999 and their signs were completely lost until Arkeyn Steel brings them back in the light of the day. Do not miss the chance to grab this anthem that will be re pressed for last time on 1000 hand numbered CDs. As bonus on the 6 tracks included in the original there are 2 pre-production rehearsal tracks from 1998, so we got 8 tracks in total and more than 45 minutes of melodic, Power / Prog Steel in the vein of Mystic Force / Queensryche / Lethal / Sacred Warrior. It comes digitally mastered from the original master tapes, in completely new artwork by Kostas Athanasoglou plus booklet with lyrics, unreleased photo and info as well. This is THE must for all the fans of the bands mentioned and everyone into high quality, shinning US Steel.


From Jackson, Michigan, USA, Enchanter released back in 1988 one jewel of US Epic / Power Metal. Defenders Of The Realm was the beginning of their saga that consisted of two more releases: Time Gone Past Nevermore (1989) and Ethereal Quarter (1990). From Power Metal pounding attacks to Epic Metal mysterious anthems this band carried a unique spirit. This release is a compendium of every piece of music ever released by Enchanter. Completely re mixed in USA by the main man / guitarist James Shellberg himself (former of the glorious Longings Past). Available in strictly limited CD edition of 1000 featuring unreleased photos and complete biography. This is your first -and last- chance to grab this mystic treasure of Steel. NO re–pressings!


From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Scarlet Rayne has released a magnificent private piece of Power / Prog Metal -ala early Queensryche-. Focused in melody and enforced with apocalyptic but still catchy guitar themes and crystal clear vocals this is for sure NOT to be missed. Brilliant compositions, Christian lyrics. In its original form this is one of the rarest private pressings of the 90s. Available again on CD & LP fully re-mastered, new artwork, complete lyrics, unreleased photo plus an in depth biography and feature four never released before bonus tracks.


Tramontane began many moons ago in the year 1986. I was still in high school playing with drummer Dan DeMeo. As fate would have t my mother met Michael Morris at his work and immediately saw an opportunity and got his number for her aspiring musician son and Dan and I called Michael. We ended up meeting and jamming (Michael brought along long time friend and bassist Kurt Tholken) and Tramontane was born (after an exhaustive search for a name with Certain Fury and Another Life being discussed we settled on Tramontane after Kurt jokingly mentioned the song from Foreigner’s “Double Vision” album). Our search for a vocalist took quite some time until we finally acquired the vocal services of Wolf some years later.

In 1989 we recorded what became our second demo (our first demo was horrific and best forgotten). Jeff Strahle had replaced Dan DeMeo on drums and we had written a bunch of new songs. We were really excited about the project, especially with the prospect of getting “The Passage” and “Eve Of Destruction” on tape (“The Passage” was completed just prior to recording). The recording was fairly uneventful. I remember all of us being thrilled with the sound of Wolf’s spoken word intro for “Eve” and how cool we thought it sounded. The growth between the first and second demo were quite significant and we finally started to come together as a band. Unfortunately it was short lived as Jeff Strahle would leave the band shortly after his recording was finished and the ever revolving drum slot would need to be filled again.

Many shows followed and after we replaced Scott Brooks (drummer number 3 for those keeping score at home) with Brian Hutchison we recorded our 1992 demo and the “Cast In Glass” demo a year later. Brian had to be the most amazing drummer I’ve ever seen record as he typically did all his tracks in one or two takes. Too bad I couldn’t say the same for the rest of us. Peter Stanley did a great job with the production and once again we felt the band was really growing. We would go on to get great write ups in such magazines as Burrn!, Metal Forces, Rock Hard and perform shows with such acts as Savatage, WASP, Armored Saint and White Zombie which significantly increased our fan base. Unfortunately the onset of grunge would kill all of our momentum and eventually tear the band apart as we would lose both Wolf and Brian Hutchison in the following years when it became apparent that we were severely out of style and all the clubs we had played began to close down.

Michael Morris and I soldiered on, eventually recruiting the last version of Tramontane with drummer Walter Massenkoff, singer Norman Skinner and bassist John Naas and recording our first (and last) CD “December Dark” We would remain together even performing at the Los Angeles date of the (in) famous Metal Fest, until 2000 when we finally decided to call it a day and end the group.

I hope you will enjoy this record. It brings back a lot of memories for me and I’m glad they are seeing the light of day in another format. We always seemed like the band that didn’t fit in. In our early years we were too melodic for the thrash fans of the Bay Area and too heavy for the hard rock fans that dominated the club scene. Later on we would become even more odd while we continued to stick to our guns and play heavy metal instead of jumping on all of the trends that would come and go. Hopefully we’ll be remembered (if we’re remembered at all) as a band that was honest and true to what they played.
John Antonioli -Tramontane-