August was formed in 1988 by Houston Thad Cranford and Mike Moore, former students of Musicians Institute of Hollywood California.

The pair met and played together a few times and decided to form a band. “We wanted to be heavier and a bit more technical than the rest of the bands that were on the scene at the time, and we wanted to look different too” We had just graduated from music school and we wanted to destroy the competition!

The band rehearsed for almost six months after adding drummer Andy Shea and did a lot of auditions before we found our singer Tony. He moved to Hollywood and was living in his van, August was his first audition after moving to town and he joined the band that night. “We would come up with the music and Tony would take a tape home and the next day, he would have the lyrics done” The band went on to play many shows in the Southern California area and built a following through great live performances and hard work. August lead vocalist Tony Russo passed away after an auto accident.