Wild Rose - Desperate Heart

ENDOMAIN - Rebecca's Trip

Agnosia - A Blessing In Disguise

FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE ft. Hannibal - Don't Let Go

Fatal Attraction - Stargazer

False Coda - Code Of Kindness

Star.gate - Just Like A Flame

Wardrum - Parental

Until Rain - Pandemic

Until Rain - Departure

Kosta Vreto - A New Tomorrow

Final Answer - Voyager In Red

Uthull - Eternal Sword Pt. II

Geyser - Sweet Death

Uthull - Lions Is Free

Horizons End - Sacred Lover

Mutiny - Guilty As Charged

Metally Insane - Rock Until We Fall

Persona Non Grata - Confirm Your Humanity

Armageddon Rev. 16:16 - Heartless soul

Jailcat - Addicted to Lies

Fortress Under Siege ft. Hannibal - Phoenix Rising

Agnosia - Noetic Healing

Psycrence - Forced Evolution

Circle's Line - A Heroic Tune

Thelemite - Days and Nights

Everflow - A Piece to Destroy

Innosense - On and On

Equal Vector - Forever In A Day

Rex Mundi - Figure In A Dream

Implosion - Mind Control

Sakis Zachariades - New Stuff

Arryan Path - Piri Reis

Pandemonium - Red Alert

Imaginery - Fortune Teller

Mystery - Broken Sword

Scorcher - Steal The Throne

Bandemonic - Burn the Witch

BanDemoniC - The Awakening

Doomocracy - Sadness & Hesitation

Rage Of Romance - Holy Serenade

Wardrum - Travel Far Away

Scorcher - Double Soul

Kosta Vreto - Pictures Of A Broken Heart

Anthimos Manti - Grey

Wardrum - Crest Of The Wave

Fatal Morgana - Close At Hand

Agnosia - Piccadilly Circus Nights

Blade Of Spirit - Serpents Of Decay

Stargate - You And Me

Dream Devoid - Dreams In Void

Windfall - Adamantia

Theodore Ziras - Dash